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    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    Τhis episode winner was Jon Snow with 496 words.Ramsey Bolton was second with 491 words.Theon said his first words for season 5 and boltons wife said her first words generaly.Top ten so far are 1.Tyrion Lannister 16849 words 2.Cersei Lannister 9402 words 3.Jaime Lannister 7166 words 4.Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish 6669 words 5.Daenerys Targaryen 6496 words 6.Jon Snow 6283 words 7.Tywin Lannister 6119 words 8.Lord Varys 5078 words 9.Theon Greyjoy 4396 words 10.Sansa Stark 4315 words