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  1. Shireen would've been a great Queen/Ruler. She's young but not as ignorant and naive as Sansa was(knows the world isn't all unicorns and rainbows), not as warfreak as Arya is, is nice and has potential to be a great leader like Jon/Dany. As wise as Bran. As honorable as Ned(I imagine she won't do stupid things growing up) Only thing missing is she's not a master manipulator. But she doesn't need to be one to be a great ruler. Imagine if she's in Sansa's position and was the one who got to "learn" and "experience" all the things you need in Kings Landing(but not dying in the process of course like Sansa). She would've done great with all the things she's learned in person + all the stuff she reads. But of course ASOIAF isn't perfect so it's only fitting that the ones who will live by the end of this all are the ones who aren't perfect either.
  2. So in the very first shot of the preview, who was that person high up in the mountains?
  3. 10/10 My favorite episode of the season so far(I'm biased because I like Dany/Drogon scene better than Jon/Wunwun). Still love it so much! I don't get why people rate it a 1 just cause someone they love died. I do agree with other reasons such as Stannis loving Shireen in early eps and then suddenly having a change of heart is weird though and I didn't like that. But the good just outweighs the bad for me. Those final drogon scene was soooo goood! One thing though, I hate about the flying scene was Dany's hair. It was very stiff and it made it obvious that she's not high up in the ground flying in very fast speed. They could've just CGI'd her hair to make it look realistic!!!!!
  4. This was what came to my mind aswell! God this episode is soo titanic-y in a very good way! Karsi + Girls leaving on boat = Rose + Jack leaving on boat I also liked how they kept showing zoomout shots of Hardhome. It adds to the violence and craziness cause of what's happening. That's something the 2014 Godzilla didn't show, they kept only showing the buildings crashing which is annoying because in a catastrophic event like that, most of us would've wanted to see the people's reactions(like Titanic). And this episode delivered when it comes to that. 10/10
  5. Yela

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    But then how is Lancel his gift to Olenna? He didn't do anything. Lancel already confessed WAY before about him and Cersei to the High Sparrow. Unless it was LF that urged Lancel to join the FM I doubt Lancel is his gift. I think the show made it seem like it, but maybe he actually has a different gift.
  6. Yela

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    That scene made me 'think' aswell.
  7. One thing I would've loved though is for Cersei to have had guards before she gets taken down. Would've loved to see her try to resist first and be in the middle of a mini fight scene with her guards and the faith militant looking all frightened BEFORE she gets taken down, finally. It would've made her capture more satisfying for the viewers. I mean she ALWAYS has guards with her even when she's just going to Margaery and her handmaidens. And the time she gets to be imprisoned is the time she forgets to bring her guards with her? EDIT: Unless they weren't allowed to be in the great sept. which is a shame
  8. 9/10 was amazing. One thing I kind of didn't like was Olenna looking not as smart as she should be. She's still amazing though. And the biggest issue ever. How did Gilly carry Sam to his bed from the floor? LOL Everything else was amazing! EDIT: Sansa though! I thought she was amazing this ep except for when she was crying in bed. That scene with Theon though and the next EPISODE where she says she can do to Theon what Ramsay did to him. What I didn't like was her line "rescue me." We all know by now she's gonna rescue herself. Yes Theon will have a part in it but not without Sansa.
  9. Yela

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    That's what I'm thinking too. That scene where Sansa's crying in the next episode. Doesn't it look like the scene where Sansa first met Myranda(tower Bran fell, where the candle is)? Except it's snowing like crazy. Also, why else would Sansa cry? I know she was a crybaby but not anymore. Of course she cried during her rape scene, but only because it was her first time and she didn't exactly like the guy that'll deflower her. Also, when Sansa said "My family still has friends in the North." to Theon. It felt like she still has ALOT of hope left in her. But Ramsay crushed it on the scene where she's crying.
  10. She IS in revenge mode. I'm not 100% sure but I think Sansa will act more 'adventurous' in bed with Ramsay after that and will make Ramsay like her more than Myranda. Cersei did say her other weapon is in between her legs and now she's using it. EDIT: I mean, Sansa slapping Ramsay in the face for trying to consummate the marriage would be a bad decision if I was her.
  11. 9/10 Really good episode. My favorite parts were Kings Landing and the Tyrells kind of losing to Cersei was amazing. They climbed so high, now they finally fell. It was fun to see Margaery screaming as if all her plans has been foiled. If that was amazing, I can't wait to see Littlefinger(who is more amazing and calculated than Marg) fall too. And Cersei! My favorite character winning is so fun to watch. I know that might be her last victory tho, after that she's gonna fall, seems like Lady Olenna will be the one to defeat her. Winterfell was amazing aswell. Don't get all the hate D&D and HBO is getting. That will prolly happen in the books anyway(maybe with a different male character). So them cutting Fake Arya out to avoid a pointless rape scene is good thinking. Sansa getting raped is more understandable since she will prolly get her revenge anyway and her shedding that final coat of innocence before she does it makes the scene, not "pointless" at the least. EDIT: Also, did Sansa really get raped? She never really said "STOP!" did she? They consummated the marriage and Sansa agreed to it, but there were threats and fear and not to mention, crying though. I don't get why people are angry over this but is fine with seeing death of characters, children etc... Some of the book readers who hate the show are silly though, saying Sansa getting raped is way too much when Fake Arya obviously had it worse.