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  1. Ser Pip

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Hopefully a lot
  2. Ser Pip

    Arya will die at the hands of...

    The Faceless have a much bigger part to play in the books, their influence on the show has become negligible ( other than Arya's training). So I don't expect them to make a reappearance.
  3. Ser Pip

    Jon's biggest error?

    When Danny asked Jon if she was just his queen he cold have replied that they were also family ( she also has family by marriage in the Stark kids). This may have been enough to let her know that she was not alone and prevented her from going overkill.
  4. Ser Pip

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    That's some hell of a protest you're making there considering that there are only 3 episodes left in the entire series.