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  1. I've stayed away from the last few seasons (5, 6, 7) for such a long time now, and it's been such a huge effort to avoid the hype and spoilers. It is absolute torture. I'm now contemplating if I should watch the series and ruin TWOW for me (getting to know things first by reading the books was a MASSIVE part of my reading experience). Just want to know if there are others like me.
  2. I just noticed. One more thing to add to why Tyrion is of Aerys' blood is that
  3. Good catch with the dates. This definitely seems to rule out the twins being children of Aerys. I somehow thought the tourney was held for Viserys' birth. Weird.
  4. Good point about Oberyn. It's still possible that he somehow missed it, though, but it's unlikely. However, I strongly feel that incest is still a genetic trait of Valyrian birth. Craster took his children for wives, but not his own sister. They're both equally incestuous, sure, but biologically speaking, a brother and sister growing in the same house and having sexual feelings for each other is extremely rare. There is something called the Westermarck Effect, which makes siblings repelled by each other's sexuality. I still think it's possible, though unlikely.. Let's wait and see.
  5. First off, I haven't watched the TV series since Season 4, so please, no spoilers from the series. So, I just finished reading the history of the Targaryens and noticed that: 1. Aerys II lusted forJoanna Lannister. 2. He took some liberties during Tywin's bedding. 3. Months later, Joanna gives birth to twins. 4. Years later, Aerys II goes to Casterly Rock where Tywin holds a celebration for the birth of Viserys. 5. Later, Joanna gets pregnant again, and gives birth to a deformed dwarf, rumoured to have a tail that was later cut off. What if Aeryes took a lot of liberty with Joanna? Tywin would obviously have known of this, but kept silent for many reasons, some being: 1. Tywin was the Hand of the King and his close friend (for a time, before he got mad). This gave him the power to rule, which he would lose if he called on Aerys' crimes. There is no guarantee that Rhaegar would let him rule as he did. 2. Tywin might never have known for sure whether Jaime and Cersei were his own or Aerys', and would never have wanted to. For many years after, he did not have a child, so it would mean he is left heirless. 3. Tywin did not want dishonor to taint House Lannister or his wife, whom he loved. Presumably, she was forced into it, or at least he was convinced she was. All this would make him more and more frustrated and angry at the king. When he comes with his wife to King's Landing and Aerys publicly comments about Joanna's "teats", that would have been the last straw, setting into motion his plan to eventually betray the king. (I'm guessing he even had a role to play in the abduction of Lyanna Stark, which would cause the Starks, Baratheons, Tyrells and almost all the realm to rebel). This falls in place with his general character; his blood isn't hot, and his vengeance always comes with a slow, hard patience. This explains: 1. Why Jaime and Cersei have incestuous feelings for each other; they have Targaryen blood in them. There is evidence that this characteristic is part of their genes; when Aegon V the Unlikely wanted no more incest in the Targaryen dynasty, he still couldn't stop his son falling in love with his own sister, since they were children. 2. Why Tyrion was born a dwarf, "deformed", with a tail; this has long been a feature in the Targaryen inheritance. Rhaenyra Targaryen was confirmed to have a deformed child, as did many other ancestors of Aerys II. Aerys himself had had many, many deformed and stillborn children with Rhaella. It might be that the typical Lannister features of golden hair and green eyes might have trumped the Targaryen genetics of violet eyes and silver-golden hair. Thoughts?
  6. DragonBlood

    Arya's three deaths

    Jaqen tells her, clearly, that she may name anyone, even Joffrey, but he shall take his time to bring forth the death. A week, a month, or a year even. Killing Gregor before he left to Riverrun would have been hard, but not impossible. But Tywin would be another matter. Jaqen would have probably marched with him to war and killed him at an opportune moment. Or maybe in the battle of the Blackwater, or maybe in King's Landing, where he would be less expectant of an assassination. It would have taken time, is my guess.