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  1. OP claims that this wouldn't have been offensive at the time that George was planting his seeds, but that now a shift in the political climate (and the extremist groups that change brought about) would make him a target. I can only assume he's referring to the Social Justice Warmongers, as I can't see George caring about offending Antifa, the alt-right (i.e ethnonationalists) and such groups. Is Azor Ahai related to gender, relations between men and women (that's my guess - look to Nissa Nissa being stabbed through the heart), globalism, Islamism, illegal immigration (walls and wildlings?), gun control and shootings, or some other hot button issue of today? Perhaps OP thinks this bombshell is even what's stopping George from finishing the story. Or, OP, is this revelation something that you think won't be figured out with the completion of the story, and is more of a bonus that only book nerds would gleam either way? I hope this group votes to allow the theory to be posted. I really can't see any viable reason for it not to be. George can defend himself from the extemists.
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    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    EurSei (CerOn?) would be a cool pairing, and I hope it does happen, since I think Cersei will level King's Landing but I don't want her out of the great game just yet. What I'd like to see happen is Cersei is denied trial by combat, admits that Tommen is her incest baby and can't be king, then burns the city, flees with Tommen and joins Euron. This puts her in direct conflict with Tyrion who will be joining Dany, and I'm guessing Euron and Dany will be enemies as well. Euron will eventually be responsible for Tommen's death. And Cersei's JOY will turn to ASHES in her mouth (Greyjoy!) before Euron kills her. He's the younger brother of Balon, after all. Tinfoil or fanfic, but it sounds nice to me! This chapter was amazing.