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  1. Watching this just made me sad. Reminds me of what the show used to be.
  2. MoonKnight21

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    All the signs point to Dany becoming the mad queen, and honestly I dont blame her. I have never been a fan of hers but she literally sacrificed everything to save Westeros and they are still ungrates. That scene in the dining hall I felt for her because she was truly alone in a foreign land - everyone else had their families and friends. Now shes lost another child and her best friend... Burn them all I say!
  3. The show is reducing characters to stupidity. For everything that she was and has been, whether she is going to be the mad queen or not, Dany has been reduced to a caricature. Her marching on KL with a handful of Unsullied is stupid and not in keeping with her character arc. And then we have Cersei, known to not give a [email protected]&k, has just a few unsullied to destroy and the oppertunity to now blow them apart from higher ground - and she doesnt? Nothing in this show makes any sense.
  4. MoonKnight21

    Those kids?

    Again, I apologise that you are offended/upset. I am trying to understand some of your thoughts. And since I cant see this conversation propelling forward this will be the last I comment on it. From my perspective, theres no "ad hominem attack" on anyones character in that scene. The only observation from that scene was discrimination. We both agree on that, discrimination of Grey worm and Missandei - which is the issue being discussed. A discussion involves a forum between different parties involving different opinions. At no time did I discredit your observations or opinions on that scene. However you have continued to insist that your opinion is correct and that nobody should interpret racism in that scene. Hmm, so by your standards it is ok to interpret that scene and discuss Xenophobia (Dany and co being foreigners, Lannisters etc) on this forum but not racism? You say: "Firstly, you comment was racist, because you supposed that my reply correlates with my race" Its ok for you to dictate what is racism But its not okay for others to perceive the GreyWorm/Missandei scene as subtle racism, and we are not allowed to share our opinion on the same topic? Thank you. I see no problem in acknowlegding that theres both an element of xenophobia and racism in that scene, the core issue being discrimination
  5. MoonKnight21

    Those kids?

    This comment is not racist. I am sorry that you are easily offended. Let me explain my comment. Someone commented that they interpreted the portrayal of that scene as subtle racism in Westeros. That was how they interpreted that scene, and you shot it down. By my comment I simply meant that since that scene didnt stir certain emotions for you perhaps you cant understand why someone else interpreted that scene as a portrayal of racism. Just FYI, this show and any other show is open for interpretation. The manner in which you reacted had nothing to do with the show, I specifically mean these comments of yours: Nowadays we talk much too much about racism and too less about emotions My goodness, how could our society degrade so much?
  6. MoonKnight21

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I think I saw Ghost in the preview for episode 4
  7. MoonKnight21

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Read through it. I agree with how you interpreted that scene, I also intepreted it that way. I actually applauded the writers for including that scene, like you said " a touch of non existant racism." Was thoroughly disappointed in this battle scene though, when the Dothraki and Unsullied were wiped out. Two of the greatest armies in this universe and they were used as fodder. I always perceieved this show as a global show that spoke to audiences from all parts of the world, mostly because of the inclusivity of the people of Essos and Dorne etc. This episode kind of did an injustice to all those characters.
  8. MoonKnight21

    Those kids?

    You are clearly not a person of colour.
  9. MoonKnight21

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Is nobody else bothered that the two groups of people of colour were killed off immediately? Tone deaf writers? No? Just me then..
  10. Couldnt have said it better. This prophecy has been playing out since season2. Why all that for nothing? Why was Jon able to be brought back from the dead? I still maintain GRRMs version (whether we get one or not) will play out differently. D&D wanted to make it unpredicable - and as always ended up badly written
  11. MoonKnight21

    What was Bran doing the whole time?

    He was streaming Avengers Endgame
  12. I honestly believe that they realised that some readers & viewers sensed who TPTWP was and decided to change the story line half way - and its showing that its not well thought out.
  13. Heres my list of grieviences: 1) the Dothraki and Unsullied essentially wiped out - used a fodder to protect Westerosi folk? 2) I expected something more poetic and I expected a fight sequence with atleast 1 WW a la Hardome. I mean we are led to believe that these guys are so badass but not 1 lifted a sword. 3) Im not too bummed about Arya finishing the NK but kinda feel like what was the point of Jons storyline: Lyanna Stark-Rhaegar union, Azor ahai and tptwp - it all seems for nothing 4) the suddeness and unexpected way in which the NK got taken out leads us to believe that the endgame (haha, see what I did there?) Is infact the IT and Cercei - when the storytelling has been to push that the NK & co was the bigger threat 5) For a show & book that kills off major characters without hesitation, too many of the main characters survived this. 6) the whole NKs aim is wanting Bran was too rushed for me. In the last episode we were just told that this is his aim instead of been shown it. It feels a little superficial and audiences arent stupid.
  14. I mean literally dark, not figuritively. I understand that we need to get that the "long night is here" but I felt like I missed half the battle and the screen was mostly black.