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  1. The show is reducing characters to stupidity. For everything that she was and has been, whether she is going to be the mad queen or not, Dany has been reduced to a caricature. Her marching on KL with a handful of Unsullied is stupid and not in keeping with her character arc. And then we have Cersei, known to not give a [email protected]&k, has just a few unsullied to destroy and the oppertunity to now blow them apart from higher ground - and she doesnt? Nothing in this show makes any sense.
  2. I think I saw Ghost in the preview for episode 4
  3. Read through it. I agree with how you interpreted that scene, I also intepreted it that way. I actually applauded the writers for including that scene, like you said " a touch of non existant racism." Was thoroughly disappointed in this battle scene though, when the Dothraki and Unsullied were wiped out. Two of the greatest armies in this universe and they were used as fodder. I always perceieved this show as a global show that spoke to audiences from all parts of the world, mostly because of the inclusivity of the people of Essos and Dorne etc. This episode kind of did an injustice to all those characters.
  4. Is nobody else bothered that the two groups of people of colour were killed off immediately? Tone deaf writers? No? Just me then..
  5. Gave it a 4. Basically this episode added nothing to the plot line. Nor was it action packed. For me, a slow-ish episode can be forgiven if it moves the story forward - this didnt. And an episode that doesnt add to the plot can be forgiven if its got some badass action scenes, which this didnt either. Basically a waste of screen time.
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