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  1. “You didn’t mention in your tinder profile that you’re a hardcore Botox user, Jennifer.” “Oh no, that’s just my terrible cgi …” I really hope they’re going to work on that.
  2. Nice. Like the fact he got it on the strength of his audition which is described as ‘blistering.’
  3. I don’t care about bad, or predictable fight scenes but I’d certainly rather see good fight scenes than not see them at all. Cutting them for storytelling reasons is an understandable choice though.
  4. No, I thought the accent was pretty good, weird but believable and certainly an interesting departure from standard British accents on screen. Personally I find Cumberbatch’s American accent quite grating but i don’t think I’ve seen an American complain about that. I thought the ep was very good, especially since it deliberately cut most of the action scenes, which is normally one of my main areas of interest. I wonder if they’ll replay the same scenes from Spector’s perspective, that would be an interesting way to do it, have the second episode cover the same few days. I’m not sure I love how they’ve changed up the Moon Knight mythos, I’d rather it was a more disturbed version of Batman fighting street criminals than magic Egyptian themed monsters. The Moon Knight seeming to have its own personality, having hardcore powers and a place in the Egyptian pantheon, and possessing this guy, maybe fracturing his mind as a consequence, seems to be leaning into a more mystical version of the character than you usually see in the comic books.
  5. The idea of a German military build up did seem absurd until it wasn’t. You have to admire them for sticking with their policy for so long while the world refused to change around them. Turns out Zelensky is incredibly impressive as a diplomat too. The whole ‘NATO close the sky’ thing, although I’m sure he would’ve preferred if it actually happened, now looks like a gambit to eventually back off NATO and secure a deal.
  6. Rudd Gullit Chelsea was a lot cooler than ‘we’ve won it all’ Chelsea. As a casual Arsenal fan who grew up in the 90s I have to say I’m a lot fonder of Bergkamp than Henry too. Henry might have had more impact over his time at the club but Bergkamp in that 97/98 season (surely the best season to be an Gooner, even better than the Invincibles) was immense.
  7. Some kind of northern superstate. They’d have barcodes on their warships so you could scan the navy in.
  8. William’s got three kids, it’d have to be a real King Ralph moment for Andrew to get a go. Then again, he’s probably not welcome in family photos these days.
  9. Family WhatsApp is going off. Really not good for my uncle Gerry’s health.
  10. Clearly Bodø/Glimt are one of the great sides of Europe, dominating the team that dominated the team that dominated one of the Bundesliga’s best teams. The logic is impeccable. That or Ryan Jack is really good (true).
  11. Murderville on Netflix - quite enjoyed it. It’s odd comparing it to the British version because it feels much closer to a regular sitcom, the laughs are usually coming from the actual improvisations rather than the detective baiting the guests. Ken Jeong was the only one corpsing, which iirc would happen much more in the British version (Arnett was also more straight faced than Tom Davis, who plays the detective in the British version). Conan is so good at improvising you couldn’t even tell it wasn’t a script, although Annie Murphy seemed like she had never played a game in her life. They also changed the premise, the British show is Murder in Successville and they had non comic celebrities trying to crack the case while comedians played weird versions of themselves or other famous people in this alternative crime world. Not including that pretty much robs it of the satire element but I suppose it’s not much use to a global Netflix.
  12. I thought it definitely improved on the story, which is ultimately just a cheeky little tale about a couple of tricksters. The film made it much more about actual honour and sacrifice. And we don’t really know what happened in the end, I like to think the Knight sent him on his way and he went home and married his girlfriend.
  13. I feel like it’s right some of the settlement should come from public money, the British people should shoulder a little of the responsibility for the obnoxious result of this absurd institution we’ve been celebrating for hundreds of years after it became absurd.
  14. Well, I’m definitely outvoted on this. I’d go 3,4,1,5,2 probably. I don’t care about those port workers when I’m not actually watching them, which is just as well since we never see them again. Can’t put 5 at the bottom, that’s where you get the resolution, even if some of it’s lacking. Three is clearly the best though, that’s the ultimate collision of cops, criminals and bureaucracy.
  15. Nah, five has the newspaper stuff, plus Omar’s story. And who wants to see McNulty on a boat?
  16. Still better than most tv shows but I’d say it’s the weakest season of The Wire, what’s your pick?
  17. Yeah same, I recall being affected by how sad it was but also a sort of incredulity, like this isn’t supposed to happen in films.
  18. Reacher - enjoyable but daft. The absurdity of the plotting is a lot more noticeable as you watch than it is as you read because the thriller element carries you along better in the book. The logic of Reacher’s deductions is insane. Succession - so impressive how they have kept up the high quality of this show. Even the Wire had a season 2 slump. At the same time, it is a little successiony, with all the characters speaking in a similar way. Boba Fett - I really have very little opinion, it was fine. I can see the fan service complaint but I don’t mind that. It all seemed somehow more fake than the Mandalorian though, kind of like the difference between Iron Fist and the other Marvel Netflix shows. Cobra Kai - somehow manages to be very entertaining, and keep it up for multiple seasons, without being very good. The Power of the Dog - I’ve seen reviews saying it’s Campion’s best film which I definitely don’t agree with. I thought the Lost Daughter was better Netflix Oscar fare, although PotD was less boring.
  19. I’m pretty easy to get in schmaltzy scenes that don’t really deserve it. That bit in Super 8 where Elle Fanning has to cry in their homemade movie, then she cries for real cause the other kid’s mum is dead. Actually, now I come to think of it, kids films are a big culprit. Other things that come to mind - Inside Out, already mentioned but that is my go to answer. Absolute gut punch. Of course Pixar made a film about depression. Ah, Bing Bong. A.I, the mum abandons her son who is programmed to love her, to just wander about until he rusts I guess. My Girl, also a film for children, fucking hell. Also tv shows, Buffy’s mum dying, Will Smith’s dad finding him and then abandoning him again, Jen dying on Dawson’s Creek and her Gram whispering to her that she’ll see her soon. Apparently this stuff you watch as a kid really stays with you. And one I watched as an adult, Bojack Horseman, I mean there’s several moments from this show, but the bit where he’s having a revelation in the planetarium about how he should live his life, and that it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks of him, and he finds Sarah Lynn has died in the seat beside him, and of course he immediately lies about what happened.
  20. Not really, just watch episode 5 and 6 if you want. There’s some spice smugglers who are enemies of Boba Fett on Tatooine, that’s literally all you have to know of the overall plot to understand everything that happens in those episodes, and it’s pretty obvious from context anyway.
  21. So an MP in a civil servant’s role and a director of communications who seems to hate him almost as much as Cummings … ok.
  22. It does leave a bit of a sour taste that the boss lying about another politician is the apparently the only breach of integrity worth resigning over. Not bothered about all those other failures of governance then? I guess if you’re being investigated by the police and/or going to be fired or reassigned in a scapegoating clean up, you might as well make some kind of principled stand while you’ve still got the chance.
  23. Bah, our latest ageing superstar will surely make all the difference.
  24. On the other hand, we’ve done great work with Polish cities - a wicked implement for battle woodworking WAR-SAW and a bovine drug fiend CRACK-COW. You’re welcome.
  25. I had a somewhat similar experience during a venesection procedure (draining a pint of blood into a bag). A nurse jerked the tube out my arm, spraying blood up the wall and into my face. A little clumsy but I wouldn’t complain since he was rushing to help with a guy in the next bed having some kind of terrifying fit. Yes, I have had some bad experiences under NHS care but almost all of them happened despite the medics doing the best they could in the circumstances. I was once on a ward with an old man, I was in my early 20s, he was in his early 80s. It was a six man ward but only the two of us were there. We had a great time together, watching tv, doing crosswords, ordering bacon rolls for our breakfast (a great hospital hack that all long term patients will know, just put a line through the list of generic muesli and toast options and write ‘roll and bacon’ instead, or if you’re really feeling lucky, ‘roll and sausage.’ A friendly canteen staffer will give you one around 40-50 percent of the time). During the night there were only two nurses on station, which was understaffed for what usually needed to be done. This old guy was bed bound and rang several times for a nurse to bring him a bedpan. They were too busy and didn’t answer the bell straight away. He finally tried to walk to the toilet by himself, fell over and broke his leg. All I knew about it was suddenly a lot of noise, the light going on and the old man being wheeled into another room. Anyway, he died a couple of days later, a broken leg not being something easy to deal with in his condition.
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