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  1. I think a better question is why is Davos still not a true follower of R'hllor after everything he has seem. By now he should be as devoted as anyone, that shit changes people.
  2. I agree. I'm actually shocked how many summer children expecting a good-feel story still exist in this place 5 books and seasons in. I'm calling it now, Ramsay on the Iron Throne at the end. Get used to it.
  3. Beric and LSH being brought back from the other side. I do believe. LOL.
  4. 9/10. This is just off the top of my head: What I liked: -Shireen burning. Had to happened, it's been foreshadow since last season and is perfectly consistent with Stannis' character. He is a man that already burned a bunch of family members, was willing to burn Edric/Gendry, killed his brother, and knows the power of R'hllor is real. "But he kept himself and his troops alive eating cats and rats in Dragonstone!" you say? Well there are no cats and rats where he is at now, nor is he in a defensive position. He is about to attack and need to use his forces while they still have some strength left. There is one thing I disliked about this scene (see bellow). -Pit scene, good stuff, considering how much of the budget must have been used at Hardhome Im surprised this scene still had the number of effects it had. Was it better in my imagination as I read it? yes, but there are no budgetary/temporal limits there. -Arya, not the best scene, but necessary, particularly as a reminder to TV audiences that Trant is an asshole. Mostly a set-up for next week. -Dorne, this one because it was not as awful as most weeks, also a set-up for next week most likely. here's to hoping Myrcella gets disfigured on her way to KL (setting up conflict for next season). -The wall - another necessary scene, yes more foreshadowing FTW, but it would be weird if we did not get a scene of the wildlings arriving at the wall, and the reaction of the night's watch as they do. What I did not like: -D&D being wimpy with the burning scene, we only got Shireen's screams, I was expecting at least 1 second of the body slump over while on fire, probably a corpse by then. -Danny abandoning all her team in the middle of the pit. Drogon should have flown around the arena burning Dany's enemies before taking off. Or show the arrival of the unsullied in mass as she left.
  5. If Stannis was not emotionally close to Shireen then him sacrificing her would not be a real conflict. For the sacrifice to mean something (in the eyes of R'hllor and the viewers) Stannis had to love his daughter, the earlier scene was needed to demonstrate that. Good job D&D!
  6. Did you give the red wedding a 5?
  7. SerDoublePost

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Could be a red herring. My guess is she is sent on her first assasination assignment, encounters Trant in the process and rather than doing what she is told she kills Trant instead. Jaquen then punishes Arya by making her drink the milk, /end of her season.
  8. SerDoublePost

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    I was thinking that too, and years from now they take each other V cards
  9. SerDoublePost

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    That was episode 9 level quality. 10/10.
  10. SerDoublePost

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    Yes, best episode so far. Even the sands snakes were awesome (at least one of them), even if the scene didn't make the most of sense.
  11. SerDoublePost

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    If you can't tell, then there's nothing to say.
  12. SerDoublePost

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    He participated in Jeyne's escape, risking further torture from Ramsay. They are clearly going with this in the show.
  13. SerDoublePost

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    The closing scence makes Theon's eventual redemption more powerful than it is in the books with Jeyne. At least that's my opinion.
  14. SerDoublePost

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    First I was going to say that I dont think you can negotiate a lighter sentence with the faith. But then I agreed with the rest of your post, he might more afraid of LF than the septon.