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  1. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    Substitute "subjective opinion of mine" every place where you say "truth" or "fact" above and you'll be a bit closer to the mark. The very concept of a "forum" implies discussion of opinion, laughable that anyone believes themselves to be in personal ownership of the "truth"
  2. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    Theory about true heroes & villains

    are there screen shots of cave drawings anywhere ? Its an interesting theory.
  3. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    Varys predicted death....

    +1 i think he may have a role in being the sceptic of the lord of light and his followers.
  4. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    What is the role of Gendry?

    he is the smith of the 7. i expect to see a representation of the 7 fighting the white walkers. the father : jon snow the mother: danaerys the smith: genry the warrior: sandor the maiden: brienne the crone: melissandre the stranger: 3ER
  5. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    What if Jon didn't charge the boltons alone?

    Show Jon is a brave man but a terrible tactician.
  6. you will be stoked if one of the spin off shows is on the Targs then
  7. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    Will Killing NK Really Kill All WW?

    they've also shown that the walkers aren't unbeatable swordsmen if you have a valyrian sword. Jon has killed a couple now
  8. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    Will Killing NK Really Kill All WW?

    i think we will see a battle between the walkers and the key warriors while the wights are kept busy by dragons. All the walkers will be killed individually. the only sense in which killing the NK will end the war is in the conventional decapitation strategy of war.
  9. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    So who will be the final villain? The Night King or Cersei?

    its true that the night king and the white walkers are not ideal antagonists for drama, they don't have a personality as such. it certainly looks like the great battle will come in episode 3 or 4 and then the aftermath of dealing with cersei and euron and the resolution for the surviving characters will be in the last 2 episodes.
  10. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    Bran is going to warg into one of the dragons and be useful for once

    there is going to be some mindbowl element in the grand finale, thats for sure.
  11. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    S07E01 smashes ratings records

    A great achievement
  12. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    Benioff & Weiss Create CONFEDERATE

    give the times we are in, it might be better for them to do a miniseries about the actual confederacy as it applied.... in any case a bit too on the nose for my taste and can't see Asian or European audiences being terribly interested.
  13. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    HBO Exec on Prequels, Final Season

  14. God-Emperor of Yi Ti

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 609?

    10/10, Its rare to be able to sit down to an hours entertainment like this. And i have a deep appreciation for the writers commitment to bring this story to a conclusion.