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  1. ErasmusF

    Lyanna casting appreciation

    I thought we were talking about Lyanna Mormont, who I love, but she always looks like she's going to say this
  2. ErasmusF

    Whats the point of the dire wolves?

    Yeah, it might have been smart to have him outflank the Bolton forces and just take Ramsay down. That seems to be what Robb did with Grey Wind at the Whispering Woods. But then no showdown at Winterfell.
  3. Props to HBO for vastly improving the dragon scenes from last season. Yeah, it still looks a little stupid with Dany on Drogon's back, but at least it looks 2016 bad and not 1994 bad.
  4. ErasmusF

    TWOW humble opinion discussion

    1. Did Myrcella or Rosamund get their ear chopped off? Myrcella. It is known. Doubtful Arys is so willing to die for Rosamund. 2. Will Euron take old town or high garden? All signs point to Old Town. Euron seems to me to be an investor. He wants the knowledge contained in Old Town's walls. And we already have the port defenses of Old Town being described, so put that in the Checkov's Gun category. If he does attack Highgarden, it will be taken quickly and off stage, using a Winterfell type tactic (e.g., he's had men there for years). 3. Will theon be sacrificed or called to a kings moot? Kingsmoot. 4. How will Mel resurrect Jon? Will the wildings take castle black when they find out that their boy Jon is "dead"? Will the wildings fear Mel. I am not sure she will. I think she will try to breath life back into him, but it will only keep him from totally dying. In the show they set this up by her visiting the BWoB, but in the book they will use exposition. Still I think Jon needs to be asleep for a long time to go on a VisionQuest where he discovers his true identity, Aemon Targaryan. The Wildlings will take Castle Black with the help of some of the NW still loyal to Jon. Many of the Wildlings will fear Mel. Except maybe Val, who looks to be the logical end of Mel. 5. Who wrote the Pink Letter? Mel. It has to be someone who knows everything and wants Jon to move, and I don't think Ramsey knows about Mance. Nor do I think he really wants Jon to come south. 6. Whose side is Barbrey Dustin on? The GNC. She might be pissed about the bones, but she's more worried about the prospect of a Bolton Wardenship. 7. Will littlefinger be killed off? I think Nestor Royce found Sansas shoe. Certainly not by Nestor Royce. And not over a shoe. If he is killed, it will be because Sansa convinces someone like Lyn Corbray that she will make him Lord of Winterfell for offing him, and excuse his other dalliances. But I think Littlefinger survives some encounter where Sansa pretty much relieves him of his seat with the help of some of the Lords Declarant. 8. Tycho Bravossi guy, what in the heck is he gonna do next? Head back to Braavos, where he will tell his tales of goings on in the North. Arya will overhear what's going on and decide it's time to go back, most likely with Justin Massey. 9. Will Tyrion like Dany? Will Dany like Tyrion if so to what degree 1-10? 1 i s dragon food 10 being hand of the queen. 10. Neither will like each other too much but Dany will see that he is very valuable to her, especially given that Faegon is already heading toward KL. Dany will be enamored by her beauty and her dragons and then go down all the stupid things Dany has done as if her were a Forum poster at Westeros.org. He will immediately get her working on alliances with Houses he deems friendly to her cause in Westeros. Now when Marwyn shows up... I have this odd theory that Marwyn will offer to tell Tyrion where Tysha is in exchange for betraying Dany, 10. What will Sam do at old town (he doesn't have time to become a maester imo) Nothing. He'll head off to Horn Hill, possibly taking some essential material to study on the way. He'll try to come back but OT will be chaos, so he'll head back to the wall not knowing what's happened to Jon. 11. Speaking of old town what is faceless pate trying to get his hands on. Information and information about information. He wants to know what the Maesters did to combat dragons, and he wants to know what they know about Dany. 12. Will the sand snakes in KL make it out alive (I'm worried about ms tyene lady nim should do very well.) Also who from Dorne make it all the way alive? They are sand snakes. The wily ones will make it out like Arya did, but no one will know where they are. At least one will be a hostage. 13. Who will Faegon marry? Who will Sansa marry? No one, but he will be betrothed to Arianne. He will put it off in hopes of marrying Dany, though. In the end I think he ends up being outed as a Blackfyre and will not marry either. 14. Aegon or Faegon Faegon. It's just implausible that Rhaegar would have had an impostor for Aegon but not for the other child. And then there's the visions of the HotUndying. 15. Who is riding the other 2 dragons Brown Ben Plumm on Viserion. No one will ride Rhaegal, but he will be warged by Bloodraven and then Bran. 16. Which Valyrian weapons end up in different hands? (Caggo? I think, the corpse killer will not have that VS arakh by the end of the series). Widows Wail and Oathkeeper will almost certainly end up in other people's hands. I am relatively sure Rickon ends up with WW or Heartsbane. Sansa will get Lady Forlorn somehow. Dickon Tarly will almost certainly end up as fodder for the Golden Company, and Sam will go north with Heartsbane once Randyll is dispatched by one of Varys' little birds. Somehow the gravedigger will end up with a Valyrian Steel blade, I think maybe one of those lost in battle, likely Vigilance or Orphan-Maker lost at Tumbleton. If anyone found those in the ashes it would be the Begging Brothers. Red Rain obviously , will be taken from House Drumm. I don't think anyone is taking Nightfall away from Harras Harlaw, but he might use it for something other than Euron's bidding. Of course Dark Sister and Blackfyre will show up.
  5. ErasmusF

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

      Not to forget that according to the show, Jon Snow is dead. He's not coming back. Which leads me to believe when he does come back, it will be as a different person with a different name.  
  6. ErasmusF

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

      A couple of you seem to have a different definition of "fan fiction" than is generally accepted, def:  fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc. Per Google.    So for example, it would be fan fiction if I said, "wouldn't it be great if Jon Snow got resurrected by Melissandre and renamed himself Ned Blackfyre! And then he bought a pony that could fly and killed an ice dragon! Then there was some sex!" and so on...   It's not fan fiction to speculate that the seeming importance of the crypts and references to Jon suggests there's something in there relating to Jon's parentage, possibly giving his name. Figuring out what that name could be is deduction. Still not fan fiction.   
  7. ErasmusF

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

      You are wrong on every level. If you don't have something positive to say, why bother dumping all over a thread? I just don't follow what you're doing here. 
  8. ErasmusF

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

      Well that settles that I suppose. So what is his real name? 
  9. ErasmusF

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

      -1 for me for feeding a troll, but oh well.    " It's about discussing characters, plots, ideas and opinions. That's not fan fiction"  l'd say that thinking that Jon is not his real name is a lot less fan fiction than it is discussing characters, plots, and ideas. If you don't like speculation, what are you doing on a subforum about a book that hasn't been finished yet? Unless you're just a troll or something.    "He (as dany said) was missing a visenya"  What Rhaegar said to Dany in the past doesn't tie him down for the future. Maybe he did say it was going to be a girl and it should be called Visenya. Or maybe after some thinking he said "oh, they weren't half sisters. Maybe I've got this all wrong." It's not like the conversation with Dany happened right before the battle at the Trident.    And maybe you're right and he was convinced it was going to be a girl. And there is some stuff in Lyanna's tomb about how awesome she is going to be and how she should rule alongside Aegon as a legitimate queen. That would be a great topic for another thread. Why don't you start it?    "Actual confirmation. " Yeah, well, looks like we don't get that until Spring of 2016 at best... so until then I guess we're free to speculate.    Your taking quite big jumps here I think you mean "you're" and there are some jumps. Whether they are big or not is certainly a matter of perspective. Not jumps many others haven't put forth. They clearly disappeared after the Harrenhal tourney. The Isle of Faces is one of the few rock solid hiding places in Westeros for a Prince and a highborn lady.  Mystery Knights are often revealed one way or another. The "jumps" fit into one of the coherent narratives of what transpired prior to Robert's Rebellion and the one that seems to make the most sense to me.    "Yes but while on these forums, people don't tend to talk about their opinions as facts."  I wasn't aware anyone was talking about opinions as facts. I certainly wasn't.     "And welcome to ASoIaF forums! This is a discussion forum. If you present your opinion, be prepared to be called up on it." I think you mean called out. And I think I just did. 
  10. ErasmusF

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

      Being a parent myself, you discuss names just about as soon as you find out you're pregnant. Probably even more so when you think your kid is going to be important.    My guess is consistent with what a lot of other people think - there is a scroll and proof in Lyanna's tomb that shows Jon's birth and probably his real name.    As the kitten pointed out there was a Jon Stark, who was the last KITN before Aegon, so maybe it is Jon! Still... boring.  
  11. ErasmusF

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

      "Sounds like fanfiction"... welcome to the whole purpose for this site.    "He was most likely under the impression Jon was going to be a girl" ... I am lost as to where there is evidence for that. Dany says he was looking for a Visenya. That doesn't mean he was convinced he was going to get a Visenya, and if so, then why with a Stark and not with Elia?   IMO, he realized Elia was not going to bear him TPWWP and started thinking more about the wording "his is the song of ICE and FIRE." Hence, wooing Lyanna... but all that is speculative. It means the Dany's vision at the House of the Undying was a Shaggydog, but with a clue. Rhaegar was looking for TPWWP but he was wrong about the child. In the same series of visions we have a mummers dragon and a blue rose growing out of a wall of ice.    "We don't know that Rhaegar loved Lyanna"... well he left his wife and started a war for her. So it's sort of speculative I guess but Occam's Razor says it makes more sense than stealing her to provoke a war and then dying on the losing side without dethroning the guy, presumably, you wanted to dethrone by provoking the war in the first place. What am I missing here?    "And frankly there is no reason for them to be married." ... unless of course Rhaegar, who was a studious fellow obsessed with prophecy, figured out the ICE and FIRE part of the TPWWP prophecy (or thought he figured it out), wooed Lyanna after seeing her compete as the Mystery Knight, and aimed to conceive TPWWP with her. He would want him to be legitimate in the eyes of the Targ tradition (basically, take whatever wife you want, you're a targ!) and the Northern traditions (in front of a weirwood).    "And 2) we don't know if they were married." ... let me just go back to this one again. Welcome to the ASOIAF Forums! You have a lot of posts for someone who doesn't seem to get the point of the forums (i.e., reasonable speculation, discussion of unknowns, predictions, discussions of interesting bits of writing).  
  12. ErasmusF

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

      I agree. I'll also say that it's pretty rare for people to be named for friends rather than descendants in the lordly and royal houses. Do we have any examples of this? Not with the Targaryans, unless you look at the great bastards and then only the later ones. 
  13. ErasmusF

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

      I am of the mind that Rhaegar married Lyanna on the Isle of Faces in the tradition of the Old Gods, so whether he is legitimate or not would be a matter of debate. Jon would certainly be recognized in the North, much of the Vale, and much of the Riverlands, possibly some of the Stormlands. Safe to say the Reach, Westerlands, and Dorne would not accept him.     It was very clear Rhaegar never loved Elia. Who knows what lengths he went to in order to marry the woman he did love.  
  14. (R+L=J Spoilers below, I suppose)       So it occurs to me that if R+L=J is true, then Jon Snow isn't a real name. Posting this under WoW because I am 95% sure we will get the reveal in WoW whether Jon (if that's his real name!) is dead or alive.    Of course, the "Snow" part is wrong, since he was most likely born in Dorne anyway.    I am also thinking "Jon" isn't real. Jon isn't a typical Stark or Targaryan name. It's almost a tip of the hat by GRRM that Ned didn't pick a typical Stark name... Torrhen, Cregan, Beron, Ed, or Artos being traditional Stark names not taken or later assigned to another child. If he were truly Ned's son, he would not have picked a generic name - Jon Snow = John Doe.   More than likely, Rhaegar and Lyanna picked a Targaryan name. Options not already assigned to his other kids or siblings... Aenar, Aemon, Maegor, Baelor, Jaehaerys, Daeron, Maekar. Aenys, Aerys. Cooler if he names him after a dragon, like Balerion or Vhagar. Unlikley that he picked a name of one of the great bastards, Aegor or Daemon. Those are all in order of likelihood, in my eyes.        Maybe not, and Rhaegar picked a traditional Stark name, in which case my money is on Torrhen who had the wisdom to bend the knee rather than see the North burn. This seems to be the case with Brynden Rivers, but that might have had more to do with his father's growing disinterest in naming his bastards. I think this only happens if the marriage was on the Isle of Faces and Jon is a legitimate Targ. Torrhen Targaryan has an alliterative ring to it.   So last name possibilities, in order of likelihood, IMO: Targaryan, Sand (born), Rivers (conceived), Snow (mom).   My best guess at Jon Snow's true name is: Aenar Targaryan - named for the founder of the house, since he is TPTWP (I think Rhaegar realized his error in naming Aegon that) and he is hoped to refound House Targaryan. Torrhen Targaryan - Ice and Fire Aemon Targaryan - I just find it funny that two people with the same name would talk and not even know it.      Name your top 3.  
  15. In order 1. Melisandre 2. Manderly 3. Jon Con - although he's dead he has some interesting stuff in his head 4. Varys 5. UnJon      I differ with most folks in that I think Euron represents scope creep on the part of GRRM. He is trying to solve the Merreneese knot it through a deus ex machina type thing... "and then this mystery pirate's brother shows up to sack Mereen and take Dany to Westeros." The only way I find Euron interesting is if he is somehow an Ironborn version of a greenseer - another three eyed crow.    At some point you just want GRRM to wrap it up.