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  1. Props to HBO for vastly improving the dragon scenes from last season. Yeah, it still looks a little stupid with Dany on Drogon's back, but at least it looks 2016 bad and not 1994 bad.
  2. ErasmusF

    TWOW humble opinion discussion

    1. Did Myrcella or Rosamund get their ear chopped off? Myrcella. It is known. Doubtful Arys is so willing to die for Rosamund. 2. Will Euron take old town or high garden? All signs point to Old Town. Euron seems to me to be an investor. He wants the knowledge contained in Old Town's walls. And we already have the port defenses of Old Town being described, so put that in the Checkov's Gun category. If he does attack Highgarden, it will be taken quickly and off stage, using a Winterfell type tactic (e.g., he's had men there for years). 3. Will theon be sacrificed or called to a kings moot? Kingsmoot. 4. How will Mel resurrect Jon? Will the wildings take castle black when they find out that their boy Jon is "dead"? Will the wildings fear Mel. I am not sure she will. I think she will try to breath life back into him, but it will only keep him from totally dying. In the show they set this up by her visiting the BWoB, but in the book they will use exposition. Still I think Jon needs to be asleep for a long time to go on a VisionQuest where he discovers his true identity, Aemon Targaryan. The Wildlings will take Castle Black with the help of some of the NW still loyal to Jon. Many of the Wildlings will fear Mel. Except maybe Val, who looks to be the logical end of Mel. 5. Who wrote the Pink Letter? Mel. It has to be someone who knows everything and wants Jon to move, and I don't think Ramsey knows about Mance. Nor do I think he really wants Jon to come south. 6. Whose side is Barbrey Dustin on? The GNC. She might be pissed about the bones, but she's more worried about the prospect of a Bolton Wardenship. 7. Will littlefinger be killed off? I think Nestor Royce found Sansas shoe. Certainly not by Nestor Royce. And not over a shoe. If he is killed, it will be because Sansa convinces someone like Lyn Corbray that she will make him Lord of Winterfell for offing him, and excuse his other dalliances. But I think Littlefinger survives some encounter where Sansa pretty much relieves him of his seat with the help of some of the Lords Declarant. 8. Tycho Bravossi guy, what in the heck is he gonna do next? Head back to Braavos, where he will tell his tales of goings on in the North. Arya will overhear what's going on and decide it's time to go back, most likely with Justin Massey. 9. Will Tyrion like Dany? Will Dany like Tyrion if so to what degree 1-10? 1 i s dragon food 10 being hand of the queen. 10. Neither will like each other too much but Dany will see that he is very valuable to her, especially given that Faegon is already heading toward KL. Dany will be enamored by her beauty and her dragons and then go down all the stupid things Dany has done as if her were a Forum poster at Westeros.org. He will immediately get her working on alliances with Houses he deems friendly to her cause in Westeros. Now when Marwyn shows up... I have this odd theory that Marwyn will offer to tell Tyrion where Tysha is in exchange for betraying Dany, 10. What will Sam do at old town (he doesn't have time to become a maester imo) Nothing. He'll head off to Horn Hill, possibly taking some essential material to study on the way. He'll try to come back but OT will be chaos, so he'll head back to the wall not knowing what's happened to Jon. 11. Speaking of old town what is faceless pate trying to get his hands on. Information and information about information. He wants to know what the Maesters did to combat dragons, and he wants to know what they know about Dany. 12. Will the sand snakes in KL make it out alive (I'm worried about ms tyene lady nim should do very well.) Also who from Dorne make it all the way alive? They are sand snakes. The wily ones will make it out like Arya did, but no one will know where they are. At least one will be a hostage. 13. Who will Faegon marry? Who will Sansa marry? No one, but he will be betrothed to Arianne. He will put it off in hopes of marrying Dany, though. In the end I think he ends up being outed as a Blackfyre and will not marry either. 14. Aegon or Faegon Faegon. It's just implausible that Rhaegar would have had an impostor for Aegon but not for the other child. And then there's the visions of the HotUndying. 15. Who is riding the other 2 dragons Brown Ben Plumm on Viserion. No one will ride Rhaegal, but he will be warged by Bloodraven and then Bran. 16. Which Valyrian weapons end up in different hands? (Caggo? I think, the corpse killer will not have that VS arakh by the end of the series). Widows Wail and Oathkeeper will almost certainly end up in other people's hands. I am relatively sure Rickon ends up with WW or Heartsbane. Sansa will get Lady Forlorn somehow. Dickon Tarly will almost certainly end up as fodder for the Golden Company, and Sam will go north with Heartsbane once Randyll is dispatched by one of Varys' little birds. Somehow the gravedigger will end up with a Valyrian Steel blade, I think maybe one of those lost in battle, likely Vigilance or Orphan-Maker lost at Tumbleton. If anyone found those in the ashes it would be the Begging Brothers. Red Rain obviously , will be taken from House Drumm. I don't think anyone is taking Nightfall away from Harras Harlaw, but he might use it for something other than Euron's bidding. Of course Dark Sister and Blackfyre will show up.
  3. In order 1. Melisandre 2. Manderly 3. Jon Con - although he's dead he has some interesting stuff in his head 4. Varys 5. UnJon      I differ with most folks in that I think Euron represents scope creep on the part of GRRM. He is trying to solve the Merreneese knot it through a deus ex machina type thing... "and then this mystery pirate's brother shows up to sack Mereen and take Dany to Westeros." The only way I find Euron interesting is if he is somehow an Ironborn version of a greenseer - another three eyed crow.    At some point you just want GRRM to wrap it up. 
  4. ErasmusF

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    But does he know everything he would need to know? About Mance Rayder, for example.