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    The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold

    oh my god it's another a civil campaign sign me the fuck up
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    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    Vorkosigan Saga, Lois McMaster Bujold: These absurdly multifaceted books are fast-paced space opera or similar on the surface, but hold a remarkable amount of social commentary and scientific speculation in the background - right where it should be. Character and action are foremost, and what characters! Miles Vorkosigan is one of the best characters in speculative fiction, barely edging out a certain other vertically-challenged snark. The series structure should be the model for all other episodic series, with each book complete, each book vastly different from the last, and each book dramatically changing the situations of the characters for the next. The series has won enough awards to fill a small spaceship. Magister Trilogy, C. S. Friedman: This is flying under the radar somehow; I can't imagine why. Maybe because it's really hard to put my finger on what makes it so good. Friedman is a great author with a talent for putting her characters in bizarre situations - they're just fun to read, as well as producing all the empathy and pathos you could want. The central idea of the series is the high cost of magic, and what happens when we find a way for someone else to pay it. Newsflesh Trilogy, Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire): Here be zombies. But these are not really zombie books: they are books with zombies, like A Game of Thrones is a book with swords. They are fast-paced thrillers that sometimes reminded me of Snow Crash, with a focus on what happens when society lives in constant fear. Perhaps unlike many other zombie books, with their horror roots, this is very sci-fi, firmly rooted in "what if?" - what is life like twenty-six years after 'zombie infection' becomes a thing that can happen to you and your family? The first book, Feed, is nominated for a Hugo this year. Realm of the Elderlings books by Robin Hobb: Farseer trilogy, Liveship Traders trilogy, Tawny Man trilogy, and the Rain Wilds Chronicles Robin Hobb is the gold standard for character in fantasy, as long as you don't mind a bit of excessive moping. Not much else to say.