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    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    So far I couldn't muster the strength to write anything here about the individual episodes, I was just so underwhelmed by them, but this one broke me a little. I must write this out of myself even if nobody responds to it. Before this season started, I was 100% sure that this series couldn't dissapoint me any further. I was sure that I have seen the depths of the stupidity and the empty, empty speactacle that this show has become over the years. I really thought that this season was going to be maybe a little bit better even than the previous few, beacuse really, how can you screw this up? You have all your players, the battlefield and the stakes have all been set up, the season practically writes itself, right? WRONG. In the name of, I don't know what, maybe shocking the audience, the infinitely incompetent makers of this show (in the screenwriting department mostly) decided to go against their own plot, their own character arcs, their own shit that they had made and set up and just do WHATEVER THE HELL THEY FEEL LIKE DOING. The ONLY, and I mean ONLY, consistent thing in this show is that NOTHING IS CONSISTENT. NOTHING happens for any reason, there is no consideration for the plot, the drama, the character motivations and arcs, for ANYTHING. Random shit happens in (sometimes very badly lit) scenes with expensive CGI dragons. That's it! That's the whole show! The rest is nonsensical nonversations between people(?) who used to be characters in a TV drama. I'm sure that everything that can be said has already been said about the utter shite that was the first four episodes, but this newest one I haven't read anything about yet, so these are my thoughts about an hour after watching it. Varys, the Great Schemer, decides to tell all his schemes to everybody now (btw, what was up with that little girl at the beginning?). Fantastic. And btw, why exactly did he burn the incriminating evidence before they came for him? He KNEW they were coming for him, he heard it and he knew that they knew. Whatever, like I said, nothing happens for a reason. Then Dany just burns him. What was the ultimate point of this character in this show? Was he an avatar of the little man who suffers under the lords who opress him? And of course he is vindicated later in the episode, but more on that later. Now, if he was a champion of the commonfolk, who tried to serve them, maybe he should have tried harder? Like there were a thousand more clever ways of dethroning, assasinating or removing Dany to protect The People. But he chose the stupidest one: just telling everyone (except Dany, but that doesn't go without saying in this show) that he turned on her. Nevermind, he's dead, no one will mention him again, it's like he never existed. Now on to Jon and Dany, and they are perhaps the stupidest people on this show, and that's saying a lot. I mean, it's fine that Varys didn't like the ides of them getting married (actually, it's not fine, his reasons for doing so didn't make any sense but whatever), but how come they don't even think of it?!! It's really THE most obvoius solution to an already contrived problem and it would literally solve all conflicts around who should sit on the iron throne. And if they happen to have a baby or two despite Dany believing it to be impossible (btw, in the show, the witch NEVER told her that she wouldn't have any more children, that was only in the books, but D&D didn't even bother to properly rewatch their own goddamn show before making season 7), all the better, right? WRONG! We need some drama, some conflict guys, so let's make Dany stupid and mad, and Jon even dumber (if that was possible). Tyrion saving Jaime was stupid, not in the idea maybe, but in execution. First of all, Jaime being there and then getting captured in the first place nullifies any semblance of a character arc that he had left. I thought we've been through this guys! He's over Cersei, he redefined, even maybe redeemed himself. Nope, he's just "addicted" to Cersei apparently, so he goes back to his season 6 (and 1 and 2 and 7) persona, he just wants to be with Cersei, to hell with everything else, it's them against the world! Right. And he cares for his unborn child too I suppose, because he was so devastated about Tommen and Joffrey, I mean Myrcella before. Well 1 out of 3 incest children ain't too bad, am I right? Anyway so Tyrion frees him so he can talk Cersei into giving up and then they can escape and sail into the sunset together or whatever. And he does all this because he is CONVINCED that Dany will win, and we know now that she does eventually, but how does Tyrion? I'm sorry, but "he defended the city once" doesn't cut it for me, mostly because Dany doesn't win in the end because of some secret route into the city or anything like that, she just blows shit up. More than that, at this point we, the audience don't really know how many troops does Dany have left (really lot apparently) and what little we HAVE seen of the dragons in battle, has been rather underwhelming and she only has one. So this confidence on the part of Tyrion is really unearned. Moving on, after a supposedly touching farewell between the brothers (I can't really feel it despite the actors' best efforts, I wonder why), the battle begins. And at this point we really have to start appreciating the utter madness that is about to unfold. I guess they were successful in communicating THAT. Madness I mean. Madness and stupidity (I miss you, Tywin). I mean, where to even begin? The dragons, I suppose. So now I think it's official that D&D had never had any idea what to do with Rhaegal or Viserion. That's why they made them completely useless and inconsequential. All the countless therories about the three heads of the dragon, or about who are going to be the other two dragon riders were completely wrong, The three dragons (except Drogon) never had any purpose, or depth, they were just very expensive props. Viserion and then Rhaegal lived and died like they never existed. Dany didn't mourn for them, didn't really acknowledge them except one time maybe in season 4. But not Drogon of course. He IS the star of the show (and this episode especially) after all. While the other two went down like flies, he is practically indestructable, and he spits exploding fire like he has an atomic bomb launcher in his lungs. Really, it was ridiculous. I mean, they had like a million scorpions, and not one, I mean NOT ONE hit him??! All the while last episode Euron hit Rhaegal twice! TWICE! So what the actual hell? And while dragonfire didn't do much against the ice zombies or the white walkers (I thought that was their WEAKNESS) it apparently can explode now and it can cut through and blow up stone like it is hot butter. What is the actual power level of a dragon in this show, really? Whatever they need it to be for the curent plot, that's the answer. There is no rhyme or reason to it, a dragon in this show is now an unstoppable force of nature because they need it to be one. Creatively it made sense to them to do this, because they wanted it to happen. OK what else? Honestly, we don't really have much beyond all the fluff. Arya and the Hound arrive at some kind of a conclusion in their respective character arcs(?), that being revenge isn't really worth it and it consumes you? But the Hound is too far gone to turn back, and Arya isn't? And he helps her in realizing that? I mean I'm guessing that is what they were going for. To be fair (and it is very hard to be that at this point), their goodbye scene was probably the best part of the episode, if there is such a thing. But back to the craziness, and we have more than enough of that. So Dany wins, because Drogon is unstoppable and all of Cersei's soldiers forgot how to aim. The Lannister soldiers surrender, they ring the bells. It seems like everything is fine, until Dany officially becomes the Mad Queen and burns the whole city. OK. So, I know almost everyone with half a brain saw this coming (or read the leaks) because this show can't foreshadow anything subtly. But it was still stupid. If this was the direction they were going in, they should have seeded it much better a long time ago. But they didn't, despite what some fanboys of the show would say (seriously, I dare anyone to substantially defend this episode or this season in general). Dany burned people before for no reason, but she also freed slaves and up until last episode she acted normally (or as normal as one can in this show). Her characterization was inconsistent maybe, but it wasn't at all a slow sinking into madness like with Aerys. The madness issue literally came out of nowhere last episode! And by the way, what Varys and others considered madness, weren't really mad things. I mean Dany did have a point in wanting to end the Cersei threat once and for all, even if it cost some innocent lives (she didn't give any indication that she meant burning down the whole city to the ground, the fact that it happened doesn't justify Tyrion and Varys believing that in advance, it just means D&D write their plots backwards). OK, so Jon doesn't like the slaughter, so he tries to stop his men from joining in, but all of a sudden, his men don't listen to him? Like what happened to the famous Stark, northern loyalty? I guess he replenished his army on the the way to KL with rapists and murderers. I literally laughed out loud when the would-be rapist Stark soldier TURNED ON HIS GODDAMN KING (or Lord or whatever) just because he cockblocked him. What the actual hell? Was he THAT horny? Arya escaping with the multiple death fakeouts was really boring mostly, and the white horse in the end was supposed to be some beautiful symbolism, or some shit, but I couldn't care less. Finally the long awaited Cleganebowl was mostly what I expected but zombie Gregor looked RIDICULOUS! I mean, what the hell? He didn't look menacing at all, he looked like an overburnt marshmallow! He was kind of cute actually. Oh and I like the way Qyburn died, it was so rushed and inconsequential, a good metaphor for the show as a whole. Oh and Jaime and Euron, I almost forgot. OK, I lied earlier. This was the highlight of the episode. I mean, Euron. What WAS this character? He wasn't book Euron at all, so what? He was crazy. He wanted to bed a queen. Any queen really, but preferably Cersei, beacuse he is into blonde MILFS? And he killed a dragon. Seriously, that was all show Euron. And in the end, all I could do was just laugh at him. This guy was such a nothing character, what he said made no sense, what he did made no sense, And his final moments were just as nonsensical. He killed Jaime Lannister (btw he didn't, falling rocks did, like in a bad D&D campaign, wait a minute...) . That was his big accomplishment? He and Jaime talked twice I believe. He had the hots for Cersei, but after scoring, I don't really think he felt anything for her, he really wasn't the fall in love kinda guy. So why did he say that? Nevermind, I've ranted enough. All in all, I can say this: this episode affected me more than I thought it would. I thought I had no illusions left. I was wrong. This episode and season made me realize just how much D&D, these two clown hack conmen, duped everyone. GRRM, HBO, the viewers. They never had any talent, any worthwhile ideas of their own, they liked the ASOIAF books, but understood almost non of the deeper layers of the story and they succeeded nonetheless, because they are good used car salesmen. That's what they are. And if anyone says otherwise, just think. Think of what you're seeing on your TV or Laptop or whatever and have good long chat with yourself.
  2. The Boastful Knight

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Well, with the whole "we wanted it to happen" comment, which I mentioned above, I think they pretty much admitted that they don't have a "grand plan", or they just do things because "wouldn't it be cool?". Most people didn't care or even know about it (it was like two years ago at this point that they gave that interview). The still think it's genius television, it's still regarded as such in the general consciousness and mentioned besides Breaking Bad or The Sopranos or The Wire (which is an insult to all three of those shows). It's still getting Emmy nominations (and wins), so I guess that answers your question. Yeah, sure I agree that sometimes an adaptation is better than the book (a clockwork orange for example in my opinion), but I think it's in the minority. But a few pages back I made a post detailing that GoT is long past the point of being bad just because it doesn't follow the books (there are no more books to follow at this point as well). It's bad, even worse on its own, without bringing the books into the discussion. It doesn't matter it has a big budget and good production values for a TV show or a mostly good cast of actors (too bad the main ones aren't). It has one of the worst writing in TV right now in my opinion, with various CW shows being better (The 100 comes to mind which is not perfect but entertains me far more than GoT), which would have been a joke a few years back.
  3. The Boastful Knight

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Of course there are tons of questions I would like to ask them as well, and like you, I wouldn't expect to get a real answer at SDCC. It would be fun of course nonetheless. Too bad I'll never get the chance, because even if in the future somehow I'll make it to SDCC (it's kinda on my bucket list mostly because it's the single most nerdiest thing ever and well, I am one - the only problem it's an ocean and one and a half continent away from me ), the series then is going to be long over. Oh and don't get me started on headcannoning in the GoT fandom. Just read any other fan forum besides this one (or even here, other threads), reddit threads, youtube comment sections etc. There are literally legions of GoT fans who are ready to defend the show to their last breath. They invent character motivations, deeper messages or meanings where there are none to be found, they analyse the tiniest details and find clever plotting and masterful storytelling. Delusional, is the word, I would describe them with. Even with my favourite series (Breaking Bad - yeah, I know, boring choice ) of all time I wouldn't do that. In fact, I would probably be able to write detailed criticisms about it if I really wanted to. I guess I've never really understood the mentality of fanboyism, where you defend something to the end without question, because nothing is perfect, and even the best things in life have many flaws. So of course there are no in-universe explanations for most stupid things in the show besides "creatively it made sense for us because we wanted it to happen" , which has got to be the single best quote from D&D (I don't know which one said it, it doesn't matter, they are like a single entity at this point). And by best, I mean the one that reveals the most about their attitude towards writing this show. The Jaime/Cersei sept thing is a tricky one, because I firmly believe there was some miscommunication between the various people who made that scene happen. So ironically, that one I wouldn't pin on D&D in its entirety, because the director, the actors and D&D all said different things about it, so I don't know what's the truth. But it doesn't matter, at the very least, in editing they should have noticed the scene wasn't conveying what they thought it was conveying. So at the end of the day, after it aired, I think D&D knew that they fucked up, but at that point they couldn't just say "mea culpa", because their egos wouldn't let them or the studio, or I don't know. I think GRRM said his favourite character was Tyrion in the past, so I guess he got bored being asked that over and over again, and then he told reporters not to ask it. As for Jon's mother, with the show depicting the most subscribed fan theory, I don't think there are many people who still habe doubts about that. George of course can still pull a fast one on us and then we find out that Jon's mother was just some random tavern girl, but I highly doubt it. I think his biggest enemy are fan theories and more importantly, the fact that these theories can be shared on the internet. Don't forget he started writing ASOIAF before the internet became a thing, and for many years, his fandom was much-much smaller than it is now. So he spends years crafting the story and dropping hints which only the smartest readers can notice, and when he reveals the secret, then it surprises most of his readers. But the internet changed everything, because now those smart readers can share their theories with all the other readers, and when something is finally revealed, it's not a surprise anymore, because now everyone knows about it because they read the theories on the internet.
  4. The Boastful Knight

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Indeed, John Bradley (Sam) adressed this in an interview (obviously I don't agree with his praise of the show, but with the main point that he makes when talking about fans asking what happens next).
  5. The Boastful Knight

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    All of them are boring in my opinion. The members of the audience, which mostly consists of fanboys, always ask the same 3 to 6 questions ( kinda like Tyrion always gets the same dwarf jokes haha ). "Tell me a funny story from set!" "Who is the biggest prankster on set?" "What is it like working with xyz?" "Did you like your costumes?" "Did you get to keep something from set?" "Did you like the location shoots? " And so on and so forth. To be fair, "professional" (although in the age of youtube that word should be used carefully) interviewers tend to ask similarly deep questions, so I'm not just picking on the show fans. Look, I have seen all the GoT SDCC panels and some others as well (mostly from England, with lesser known cast members like the guy who played The Mountain The Second or as someone so eloquently named him on the internets, the Tree That Rides - what could you possibly ask him about btw?). Throughout all these panels, there were maybe five-ish questions, that even scraped the surface of being intelligent, interesting or in any way shape or form worthwhile. Most of them were outright ignored (like some guy who asked about Lady Stoneheart - yeah good luck with that buddy) or were bullshitted away with some non sequitur nonsense. Some of the moderators were a little bit better or at least serviceable (like Craig Ferguson, who was quite good at being...himself and that was more than the others could say, who didn't have an ounce of personality) and of course when GRRM himself moderated (for the first two years, I think, I guess when he still believed his books got a good TV adaptation - if you look carefully, he has been gradually distancing himself from the show for the last few years) that was fine, but even he didn't say or ask that interesting things. So all in all, like I said in an earlier post, these Comic Con events are mainly for the hardcore fans, who don't really have major problems with the subject of their admiration. And at the end of the day I think it's fine. But I don't expect to learn any insight from them. If you manage to get to the microphone, and ask your non-stupid question, expect to be ignored or shut down, but never expect you'll get a real answer.
  6. The Boastful Knight

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    If you're referring to Maisie Williams, then that is factually incorrect. She's turning 20 this month (which is weird, because in my mind, she's still the "kid" who plays Arya in GoT, but then again, 2011 was six years ago, it's crazy how time flies, innit?). She's still quite young (I'm turning 25 this year and even I like to think of myself as "young", though it's getting harder every year - I suppose it's a matter of perspective ), of course, but not a child anymore. Anyway, even if what you say is true, I doubt any of the cast members see the show in the same light as we do. Most of them never read the books, and it's a job for them more than anything else, so even if they see them, I doubt they'll give an honest answer if they are asked about the problems with the show. I know I wouldn't. Those who spoke up (Barristan actor) did so after they were axed from the show, and even then, I think it was more of a little personal vendetta against D&D for writing him out. I really doubt he would have said the same (very benign btw) critical things if he hadn't been fired. So in my opinion, anyone who goes to these Comic Con events (for a lot of money, mind you) to get a meaningful answer out of any of them, is naive at best and stupid at worst. They'll never get it, because that's not the function of these events. Even for better shows, they are basically fanboy circlejerk events, where they stroke the egos of the showrunners and cheer whenever a cast member's name is mentioned, also every time they open their mouth, and I suppose that makes them very happy. It's no wonder you never get any worthwhile audience questions either, because most of those who go to these events are devoted fans, and even if a sane person manages to get to the microphone and ask a normal, or god forbid a hard question, the usually ignore him or just like you said, bullshit their way through the answer.
  7. The Boastful Knight

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Like the others have said, I think it's not about the show not following the books anymore. It hasn't been for a long time (although it probably should try to do that, since it was best when it did i.e. season 1 ). I mean I am sorry that I didn't get to see all the cool scenes from the books the way they were written there, or that I only got to see a butchered version of them (Kingsmoot for example), but that's my personal problem, although one that I voiced a few times in threads like this. But the series should stand on its own, and it should be criticized on its own. Sadly, I think that paints the show in an even worse light. Especially in seasons 5-6, when they started making up their own stuff. Boy, it really showed there. Not just because they mostly didn't follow the books, but more importantly because their own writing stinks. These people (D&D) are giant hacks, con-men who somehow managed to land an HBO show. How well connected and/or lucky do you have to be for that to happen with these writing skills? It baffles me that so many doesn't seem to notice that the emperors have no clothes. Okay, so here is just a compressed list of what is wrong with the show in terms of writing, without the fact that it differs from the books. Corny, anachronistic-sounding dialogue. Everyone talks like it's XXI. century Earth or something. They don't even make an effort to have the characters sound just a little different than what you would hear on any other show (Vikings is also guilty of this). Plotlines that make no sense even in the context of the show. Have Sansa marry Ramsey? Have Stannis burn his daughter? Have Arya be blinded for not being "no-one", then have her rewarded when she kills someone beacuse she is not "no-one"? Why did Jaquen punish her in the first place then? Have rulers of various factions killed, then have the someone who killed them take their place instantly? Seriously, it was a running theme last season. It does not work like that. None of it works like that. Remember when even in the show, acquiring power required careful plotting, backstabbing and conspiring? No, not anymore. Dany, Cersei, Ellaria and Euron can just straight up murder a ruler or rulers and take their place and nobody questions that fact. I can't stress enough how idiotic that is. it completely breaks immersion for me, it's like a particularly violent child's idea of how politics work. I could probably go on forever, but I think you get the idea. Characters have completely inconsistent motivations and personalities that change on the whim of the plot. The worst offenders are Jaime, Sansa and Cersei. Does Jaime care about his family's position and power and does he want to preserve it or does he careonly about Cersei and damn everyone else? It seemed like the latter was season 1 Jaime, but he was back in full force last year. Jaime's character development as a whole has been butchered by the way as well, because he doesn't seem to make up his mind on anything. His attitude towards Cersei, his kids, his father, Tyrion and in a broader sense, his family or his place in his family. He talks about Tywin's legacy in one episode, then in the next, it's "Cersei and me and to hell with everyone else". Then we have Sansa, who is sometimes a confident "player" of the game, then in next season, she lets herself be talked into a political marriage that doesn't benefit her in any way. It's almost like she reverts back to her former self for the sake of stupid, idiotic plot. Oh, and good old Cersei, she is a power hungry crazyperson, but for her children she is willing to burn the Lannister house to the ground. So she loves her children more than power. Okay, get it. But wait, then she blows up everyone to get power, screwing up everything his son worked for, which it then leads him to suicide, after which she is like, whatevs. Then there are some more subjective complaints that I have. In my opinion, there is a lack of dramatic tension in the show. Scenes that are supposed to be awesome (in the very literal sense of the word), well, they kinda just happen. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but CGI, even if it's very good CGI by TV standards just doesn't impress me. Case in point, the dragons burning the slavers' ships. I understand that many Unsullied fanboys of the show jizz in their pants whenever there is a "badass' Dany scene, but it's just not enough. She didn't earn that badass scene. And by the way, although the dragons looked nice, the scene itself was slow and devoid of any tension. Or for exapmle, take a scene like crowning Jon the king in the north. Apart from not making any sense (Ned's legitimate, and to everyone's knowledge, only heir, Sansa is sitting right next to Jon, the bastard watchman, and they crown him king), it is supposed to be uplifting, we are supposed to feel a mix of bittersweet joy and hopefulness that all the Stark children's struggles are finally coming to and end. Or something like that. But it falls completely flat on its face, because of the context. The northern lords are convinced by a ten year old girl to elect Jon to help him fight against the white walkers (whose existence they just accept), when previously they couldn't be convinced to fight against the Boltons. Other beefs I have with the show. Characters do very important things off screen (but don't worry, on screen we have a seven minute Tyrion is wise and funny scene with Missandei and Grey Worm). For example Arya getting back to Westeros, infiltrating the Frey castle, killing the Frey boys, baking them into a pie, and serving it to Walder. You know, the usual stuff. No need to show any of it. The budget. They have the most expensive TV show under their belt, and what do they spend the money on? Face maks, misplaced CGI budget (Wun Wun and dragons but no Ghost), Expensive, but ultimately pointless location shoots (Alcázar of Seville) around the world, hiring celebs because of star power (Ed Sheeran, really?), or misusing high profile actors (Max von Sydow, Ian McShane). And so on and so forth. GoT, the series in my opinionhasbecome a giant spectacle for the masses. I guess you could see it coming with the level of success it has gathered over the years, with it becoming so mainstream. But I can't hel but feel a little dissapointed, because it started so well(season 1 in my opinion still is the best of the six) and I was a show apologist until season 5, so I understand someone wanting to like it. You asked if I hadn't read the books would I think it still sucks. Yes, i think I would. Let me ask you in reverse! If you hadn't read the books and wouldn't have that knowledge in your head, would you still like the show? Would you even understand it (not because you're stupid or anything, the show literally does a poor job of explaining things to unsullied viewers)? I think fans like you(who read the books but still like the show) have a case of headcannoning things in the show from their knowledge of the books. I'm not saying you necessarily do that, but I tended to do that in the past to handwave away the show's faults.
  8. The Boastful Knight

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Well, that was some major league bs they were trying to feed us. So, I guess besides St. Tyrion, D&D's favourite character is indeed Ramsay Sue. He is a genius, who outwits his cold, ruthless, calculating father. And how? By managing to get the northern lords on his side, Well, Karstark at least. And with the power of his charm I guess, because he has nothing else. A used-to-be bastard highborn son openly kills his father and no one bats an eye, now that's an accomplishment right there. Not only that, he's also a master tactician and strategist. But I suppose the Roose is not loose anymore, huh? And what was up with that awkward-as-hell hug? They seriously couldn't come up with a better way for Ramsay to off him? I bet they were thinking what geniouses they were because it mirrored how Roose killed Robb. Well that alone doesn't make it good, I'm sorry. And why would Roose let his guard down like that? It's even out of character for TV Roose to do so. And now that Ramsay killed his newborn brother, who will be his heir? I guess he plans on getting Sansa back to produce one, but just in case he should have let the baby live. Anyway, just like with every death on GoT nowadays, I feel sorry for the actor who did a great job with the piss poor material he was given. R.I.P. TV Roose. On other fronts, we have Balon finally dying, killed by Euron, as suspected. What's up with relatives killing each other in the last two episodes? Does kinslaying bother no one anymore? Arya was fine, whatever, I liked her storyline last season, but now it seems to be going nowhere. We'll see. Jon was resurrected, now that's a giant freaking surprise. All that hype, speculation and secrecy around his death, only to be resurrected 2 episodes in. D&D are visionaries, I'm telling you. That's quality stuff right there. To be honest, I kinda felt like Bran, in the sense that I didn't want the flashback to stop because it looked more interesting than anything happening on the show right now. Oh and one more thing. Am I the only one who's bothered by all the freaking recastings all the time? It just takes me out of the story completely. For exapmle, what was the point of recasting the three-eyed Raven other than having Max von Sydow to play him. The same thing happened last year with Myrcella.
  9. The Boastful Knight

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    It is possible that they have been mentioned already (as I myself have done so in other threads) but Charles Dance and Indira Varma have great video game voice work, the first for both of them I believe. She's in Dragon Age Inquisition and he's in The Withcer 3. Both performances are great, especially Dance's, who's playing quite a similar character to Tywin (maybe a little too similar, it's apparent that the developers were more than inspired by his part in GoT, I'd wager they had him in mind for the role from the beginning).
  10. The Boastful Knight

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Interesting thoughts, I haven't looked at it that way. I just don't get why this scene was too much for some people, when it was really tame compared to what happens to Jeyne in the books. I didn't particularly like the scene but it didn't really shock me. There have been many horrific things depicted in this show right from the get go. This is simply the nature of the story. And if something meaningful comes out of it in Sansa's storyline in future episodes (which at this point I highly doubt), then maybe it wasn't pointless.
  11. The Boastful Knight

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 506

    5/10 just because I think it was worse than last week's episode a little bit. At this point, I only care about the Arya storyline.
  12. The Boastful Knight

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    6/10 . Nothing really happened. And sadly it is actually one of the better episodes in season 5 so far. Most of the actors are still good, the production values are high, but I think the writing is competent at best and terrible at worst this year. And this is coming from someone who has a very high tolerance for D&D's creative choices overall (I'm a book reader, btw) . I mean I liked the first 4 seasons, but this season just seems off, and for the first time, some things actually made me angry. Suffice to say, I don't have high hopes for the rest of the season.