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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    10/10 Couldn't find anything wrong with it. Great episode, only topped by Hardhome. The cliffhangers were much expected, but I was actually surprised they resolved the Winterfell battle. I most enjoyed the events that I couldn't predict, like Mel abandonning Stannis and Myrcella's death. I suppose Arya assassinating Meryn Trant was predictable, but wow, awesome! Great stuff.
  2. Good criticisms. Still can't see it being a 1 of 10, but I agree with several of those "why"s.
  3. You might be an exception, there are always a few, but I'm pretty sure it's the same people voting 1s on these episodes. This type a person votes based on how they feel about what happens to characters that they like and whether those characters do things that disappoint them or make them happy. Overwhelmingly, 1 out of 10 on this forum is an emotional, retaliatory protest vote. For this episode, maybe add in some additional book purists that don't realize a Shireen sacrifice is very likely to occur there as well. In any case, not very objective voting coming from this group, if we were to consider the actual quality of the episodes.
  4. Well said. This episode really did combine some of the best we've seen, possibly in the entire series, with some of the worst. It's pretty telling that so many are unwilling to acknowledge any of the things done well. I'm pretty sure this group is so dogged in their desire that the show mimic the books in every aspect, and that none of their precious storylines get tarnished, they have rendered themselves blind. The Hall of Faces was awe-inspiring . All of House and Black scenes were superb. There were great dialogue exchanges in this episode. Arya and the Waif, Arya and Jaqen, Tyrion and Jorah, Sansa and Theon, Sansa and Myranda, Cersei and Littlefinger, Cersei and Olenna, Littlefinger and Lancel; all extremely well scripted. I almost feel bad for viewers deaf to it. The Grey Wedding - masterfully done. The attention to detail was most impressive. More than the bedding, it gave me chills to see Sansa married to Ramsey under the weirwood tree where her father, Ned, once sat sharpening Ice. Now, the pond is turned to ice, snow falls, and winter has come for summer child Sansa. The acting and script for the wedding was also quite good. Never mind all that though, I didn't want Sansa to lose empowerment. I also had to laugh at a bad scene in Dorne, or I'd cry. This must be the worst show on TV! Clearly, I was mistaken and the episode is a 1 on a scale of 10. Yes, what was I thinking clicking buttons on a poll while still rational? :dunce:
  5. Everyone that voted 1/10 should move to Missouri and watch the Hallmark Channel with Claire McCaskill. The rest of us are good, thanks. :cheers:
  6. All this bitching about the Sansa scene is uncalled for. It really wasn't that bad. It wasn't for shock value. There is no way they'd have time to do Henry the Heir and fArya in the TV show, and it appears both roles were somewhat critical. It is not about Sansa being used as a plot device for Theon. There are also the Bolton's that need a Stark in Winterfell. It is a smart adaption straight out of source material in the books that streamlines, and ties the Winterfell/Vale story-lines together nicely, and makes absolute sense. The scenes in Winterfell were masterfully done. The wedding was beautiful. Sophie Turner, Iwan Rheon, and Alfie Allen's acting all superb. For the love of GRRM's universe, do yourself a favor and step off the "D&D are sexist pervs" bandwagon that's been built here. Put your pitchforks away. What's funny to me is that almost everyone here who voted 1/10 was probably prepared to do so before they ever seen the episode.
  7. Why take others opinion above your own impression and feeling? Most of the critics are emotionally compromised and/or just ranting. I think they're the ones that will re-evaluate, or just forget, once they've sobered up. This episode rocked! Arkash hits on our reasons why quite well.
  8. 8/10 I wanted to go higher as I thought it was a great episode that entertained throughout, but I couldn't get over the poor acting and cheesy lines of the Sandsnakes. It was amusing to watch, but they certainly could have done better. Almost everything else was well executed.