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  1. Which book should i start with for this series? I've heard there are a few prequel books so im not sure where to begin.
  2. Tyrion will never ride Viserion...I am so happy to say that
  3. I actually think Drogon seemed to be more effected than Emilia.
  4. Yeah it is dragonglass! They didn't mention it at any point in my defence. lol
  5. I just rewatched that bit and it does look like it tbh
  6. I do prefere the magic flaming swords in the show over the ihem just being covered with wildfire.
  7. Imo the Suicide Squad not taking dradonglass North with them is some of the sloppiest writing I've seen in the show so far.
  8. I posted this in another thread but did anyone notice the astrolabe from the intro in the Citadel library? It was soo cool to see it in the show after seeing it in the title sequence every episode for six years!
  9. Anyone notice the astrolabe from the title sequence in the Citidel library? That was seriously cool to just see it there after seeing it in the intro to every episode for six years. Anyway ive drank quite a big of wine so im sure im not seeing as many plot holes as i should. Im giving it a 9, its the best season finale in a while for me.
  10. Oh I figured it out not long after I posted. I don't know how to delete my replies and gave up trying at about 5am. Lol
  11. 10! This had more of a powerful ending than Baelor or even the red wedding for me because my heart will break every time I hear/read Hodor say "Hodor" during any re-watch of a season or re-read of a book.
  12. So how did Hodor hear Meera? I thought at first Bran War...skin changed into (past) Hodor but Brans eyes didn't go white when Hodor's did. Did (past) Hodor do that by himself? It's not clear to me what happened.
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