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  1. I know this kids takes all the fu out of it but like we surely know that the living don't lose this battle. Like it's not going to end with humanity being wiped out. So essentially it's just a guessing game of who's going to die and the show runners trying to make it look as much like the living are going to lose before they make some crazy come back. Don't know if it's a cynical way of looking at it or not but it just occurred to me.
  2. JonSleet

    I am the Queen

    "Anyone who says 'I am the king' is no true king" - Tywin Lannister Danaerys says to Jon at one point in the episode "I am the Queen" Is this a hint/ foreshadowing by the writers or just bad writing?
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    Rant and Rave Thread

    One small thing that really shows the difference between the thought that goes into the book compared to the show is the flaming sword Thoros (then beric) has. In the book its explained that its a cheap trick used by Thoros before going into battle. He spreads something flammable on it and it makes the steel brittle and can only be done once maybe twice. But the show is just like "Thoros (and now beric) are magic and can make the sword go 'flame on/flame off' whenever they want for an unlimited number of times.