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  1. Exactly how long did they have? The wall to Winterfell is what, 600 miles? So a non-stop walk would be around a week? So much time to prepare a better defence. They literally only put trenches right outside the walls of waterfall. They knew the area more than anyone and knew exactly where the army of dead were coming from, yet didn't make any plans, traps or anything. Literally just waited for them to be right outside their doors to attack. Usually when you are up against too many numbers, the best thing to do is to try to block them off, so a smaller amount can come at you instead of all at once. Like a trickle of people rather the whole wave. Hell they could have at least put up some string across from one side to the other or ropes course to slow them down a bit lol. Something, Anything! Daenerys had over 100,000 men alone and a week for preparations. No the walls weren't manned, they retreated and sort of just stood around and watched the undead through the fire at the trench. When the dead start sacrificing themselves to make a bridge only then did they yell to man the wall. What was the next step of the plan there? Just wait for the fire to go out? We're supposed to have some of the most intelligent people around to advise them (as they keep reminding us). But there was hardly any siege tactics used at all. I mean Ramsey did a better job at the Battle of the Bastards to positioning his enemies then killing them and his own men to create a wall with there dead bodies, to trap the survivor's in a corner then cut them off with multiple rows of armoured men with shields and spears to close in on them. That was a Brilliant idea! I just expected something of that standard being used in this battle, you know because it being of such importance.
  2. Yeah, like keep those catapults going! Have multiple walls of fire to get through before even being near the castle. Hell set the whole damn forest alight, at least you could see them coming. Dothraki shouldn't have been the first wave, they're on horse that can easily be taken down by the dead. It also annoyed me that the wall was not manned. Not much organization at all besides 1 trench. I expected some surprise tactics (like Ramseys plans with Battle of the Bastards). Especially with Tyrion and Sansa being there, supposedly being the brains of the operation.
  3. Died while they were in the underground right before Hodor.
  4. Exactly. Watching it again and it's making me even more annoyed of Bran and Night Kings interaction, well lack of interaction. I expected there to be a deeper meaning, some time warp/super natural aspect to play out. Bran had better have a deeper meaning after all this 3 eyed raven stuff if it wasn't for the Night King/dead storyline.
  5. Ok it's settling in now.. as they're playing it again on tv. 4 or 5 out of 10. Honestly I feel a bit let down by it all.. It lost it right after the dothraki charged and instantly got wiped out in seconds. But everyone else can survive for so long against a literal swarm of dead people. I'm also disappointed that Bran and the Night King had no interaction, no moving words, no meaning.. nothing. The dead has been looming and building for the entire show and left us with no deeper meaning at all. Dragon battle meh, again fell short, it was also very choppy. Not sure what the purpose of Bran "going away" warging into the crows, but didn't help at all was. John wondering around and also did nothing (how the hell did he manage to survive out there surrounded by newly resurrected zombies?) I could go on, many things were off. Very unrealistic, even for a zombie episode. A lot of the fan theory had much better ideas than the actual episode. But I'm happy that's over and they're all gone now and can continue with the story. I don't like zombie shows/movies. So looking forward to the more political side of the show.
  6. Oh I know, it wasn't really a question. Just replying to someone that said Drogon was dead.
  7. I agree with this as well. Jon annoyed me through this episode as he did barely anything. Learnt nothing about the Night King, what those symbols were, nothing. Arya wasn't even wearing a face when killing him, which I at least expected her to do. Would have been a little bit more realistic if a couple of white walkers died in battle, thinning out the herd of zombies somewhat so it would be believable that so many survived.
  8. That's exactly how I feel.. I don't know how I feel about it all.. But Drogon is alive no?
  9. It's a random wilding, you can see a group of them leaving with the magnificent seven. The magnificent seven are: Gendry (run Gendry Run!) The Hound Jorah Mormont Thoros of Myr Beric Dondarrion Tormund Jon Snow Only Thoros dies.
  10. I'll rate it a 7. For those talking about the "big chains" obviously it would have been from the giants. Reference back to the mammoth chains trying to take down the entrance of the wall. I didn't like the Arya/Sansa scenes, why is Arya even wasting her time stirring sh!t up? Hasn't she got better things to be doing.. umm like killing people on her list? I'm hoping there's something happening here like Arya is setting up Little finger? But does she even have to do that? Just kill him and be done with it. I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue between the magnificent seven. Tormund and the Hound are always good for a laugh. Not so thrilled at Dany and Jon wanting to both compromised now. I mean she already said she'd help him, he didn't have to suddenly bend the knee, the Northerners will be pissed. Maybe he thought he'd get to at least to first base if he did? He held on to that hand pretty tightly..
  11. There is a women bloodied in bed and midwife comes and hands Ned a new born baby. Why would Lyanna care about some random baby that they would have had to kidnap from Elia Martell and ran away together with it. Why? Rhaegar left his wife and children behind and started a war because of Lyanna, putting their lives at risk, why would he take his newborn baby from his previous marriage with him on a running away together whirlwind love affair? And if it was Elia's baby in your theory I'm pretty sure everyone would have seen that Elia was pregnant, she was married to Rhaegar had no reason to hide it for 9 months "just in case something would happen once it was born". Someone came in stabbed her and ran off? For what reason? Left the baby, left the midwife, mind you who was calm not as of someone just came through to murder everyone, if she was stabbed why is no one helping her? Why is she still in bed in the middle of the day? Wouldn't Ned have seen someone run off if someone had just stabbed her? Wouldn't the midwife be frantic and tell him she'd just been stabbed? It's Lyanna's baby they made it so obvious without showing the head crowning. She just had a baby and there was complications and she was hemorrhaging (losing massive amounts of blood), something that is quite common during childbirth especially in a time without the technology it was the leading causes of maternal death. I didn't think it was possible to interpret that scene any differently.
  12. A 9 for sure! It was a great episode, jam packed and had a bit of everything! A flashback, I'm loving the flashbacks! A bit of Bran's story that I honestly hated watching before but it will get far more interesting with great flashbacks. Bringing the Greyjoys back into the fold, I do like their grittiness. Jamie and high sparrow banter was great to watch, Jamie has his balls back. Tommen owning being weak and seeking his mothers help to "be strong" should start setting up some pretty violent stuff. Arya going back into training. Dragons have been unchained and will be set free, excited to see this! UnGregor showing absolute loyalty for Cercei and thinking absolutely nothing of smushing someones head against a wall because he besmirched her name. I think this is a lead up to much more of that. Nice scene with Sansa and Theon going there own ways and Brianne telling Sansa about Arya, but obviously didn't want to worry her telling her it was the hound as she was happy.. we don't get to see her smile much. Roose death was shocking, didn't expect it. But now a complete mad man is in power, again interesting set up. A mother and baby death, honestly held my hand up at the tv to block my view but they were kind enough not to show too much. And of course Jon Snow resurrection! It was great I thought, no over the top BS voodoo crap. Was awesome. - Only thing that's bothering me is Davos! Not One mention of Stannis or Shereen! Not one jab at Melisandre! Not even a little nod to it like "now I'll never forgive you for what you did to Stannis and Shereen but I know you have powers I've never seen before so at least try and resurrect him" Come on give us Something! & - Tyrion dick jokes are getting tiresome. Overall this episode did an Excellent job of setting everything up for this season. A job well done!
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