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  1. AMAZING!!! Episode! I think they are going to give the LSH role to Jon and Thoros to Red Lady! REVENGE!
  2. Jon is to LSH as Red Lady is to Thoros! Oh yea! If Jon wasn't coming back it wouldnt have been the final scene.
  3. Best episode of the series. Leaving us insight of what will unfold in Season 6!! Perfection! Anyone scoring this lower than a 8 should just stop watching!! Incredible!!
  4. Poor Stannis lol Walking up to WF it looked like a scene from Gang of New York with his pack of heathens strolling from the tavern trying to pick a fight.
  5. How do you know it was minutes? Who knows how much time passed between the events in KL and that day at CB? This is TV people, stop nit picking.
  6. 9 I fucking knew they would leave jon dead at the end then roll credits.. fucking unsullied are prob losing their minds lol
  7. This show has me confused and lost. I mean, will we ever see backlash from what happened at the Red Wedding? The shit Sansa has to live with will she ever get any type of vindication? The thing I hate most about this story is the lack of vindication. So much has happened, so much fucked up shit. They sewed the damn dire wolves head on Robb Stark and marched him around after everything else that was done.. They say the "north remembers" or will never forget.. but does that really mean anything? LOL I guess the only people left to see punished are Roose and Ramsay right? What happened to the Freys?
  8. I think it's hilarious how people vote according to "who got burned" or "who didn't do this or who did that".
  9. Episode was fucking epic! Full of intensity, emotion and animosity! Going into the finale all I can say is that I'm looking forward to Cersei finally getting what's coming to her! That's all I want to see and after that I don't even need to watch this show anymore haha. Can't wait to see what Stannis get's in return from the Lord of light. It better be good, Shireen was a sweet girl!
  10. Yea since season 1 he was willing to risk anything to get that damned throne. Even after his crew got hit with wild fire he was still like, "c'mon" let's go!" his crew was like , uh? really? I'm looking forward to seeing how his life pans out.
  11. Yea who burns their kid for the call of duty? lol Stannis RIP
  12. Ah ok. But how does that explain what killed Renly if there is no magic?
  13. Maybe they were spooked by white walkers and needed the wall in case they were followed? I have no idea where they are, which direction this place is or that place.. all I know is when I'm watching the show it doesn't really matter to me as long as they got there somehow.
  14. I don't read the books so I don't know what side of the wall he was supposed to be on? What side were they supposed to arrive at?