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  1. If the outcome of the books is the same as the outcome of the show, I won't personally waste my time reading them. It's not likely to happen though as I doubt we'll ever see the last 2 books completed. It's not like these books are 300 page easy reads, each volume is its own 'bible' in length. It's not a small time investment to read them. I've read all of the books to date and watched every thrones episode. If Bran ends up King, Jon exiled, and Sansa 'queen of the north' I really don't care how GRRM arrives at those endings. They suck period! It's all putting lipstick on a pig. It's the equivalent of Return of the Jedi ending with the emperor calling off the attack on the rebel fleet, meeting the rebels on endor and making one of the Ewoks ruler of the galaxy. There is no way you can sell or spin that shit to me to make it a satisfying and proper ending to this story. I've enjoyed the 'fan fiction' endings I've seen floating around so much more than the shit sandwich that was the ending of the show. Hopefully GRRM takes a hint and realizes the ending we saw is not the ending this amazing saga deserves.
  2. The real disappointment will be that if GRRM finishes the books and they end exactly like the show which I suspect they ultimately will. Right now though he's stuck somewhere in the Riverlands blogging about sports and working on other projects.
  3. I gave it a one only because fractions and negative numbers weren't a choice. This episode was utter dogshit and one of the worst finales of all time of any show. This whole season has been the equivalent of bringing a hot girl home to your apartment, getting all wound up to go, and finding out she's actually a he...
  4. After 25 years since the books were started, 8 seasons of the show and a ridiculous amount of time spent on conjecture on this story, death of characters we loved, death of characters we hated, and all the hype if this is indeed the ending George R R Martin really intended then just wow... What a complete waste of time! As an avid viewer and book reader I feel more than a little bit cheated. The ending we deserved was an epic overthrow by Jon and the Northmen and Greyworm and the Unsullied put to death and Jon as the rightful king and last Targaryen mounting Drogon and claiming the Irone Throne after killing the Mad Queen. Or we even deserved the ending that she realizes what horrible thing she's just done in a moment of madness, begs Jon's forgiveness they vow to rule the 7 Kingdoms together wisely and live happily ever after. BTW, I'm sure the Unsullied and Dothraki are both some type of rapidly multiplying microorganisms that if you kill one 2 appear in its place otherwise how can there be so many of them after being completely decimated at Winterfell and taking further losses at Kings Landing? Bran as king? REALLY? Why didn't we choose someone more worthy like Hotpie or Sweet Robin of the Vale or one of the direwolfs? smfh I am in mourning that this is the ending of what was shaping up to be my all time favorite TV/book series. It's like Return of the Jedi ending with the Emporer calling off the attack on the rebel fleet, meeting with the rebel leaders on Endor, restoring the Republic and making one of the fucking EWOKS chancellor! Speaking of StarWars Dumb and Dumber are committing the next set of atrocities to it next and must be stopped!
  5. I think the Unsullied and Dothraki are like bacteria, they just keep multiplying out of control moreso after they get completely wiped out at Winterfell... It is known....
  6. Well at least Jon finally acknowledged Ghost, otherwise this was possibly the worst finale of anything I've ever seen on TV that was not ultra low budget. I hope Disney is paying attention to the utter dogshit ending devised by Dumb and Dumber and pulls Star Wars away from them. Not that this latest Trilogy hadn't already finished it off for real fans....
  7. A Feast for Crows was mind-numbingly shit... sorry it was... I finished that book with the sense that 'oh well there's a month of my life I'll never get back.' I'm not defending D&D, they suck and I agree for the budget they could have done much better, but they are trying to piece together someone else's story while that someone else is off doing other things. Hell he's even writing other books and will NEVER finish the source material because people just might find it to be mind-numbingly shit and instead it puts him in an untouchable place because 'D&D were so bad, I can't believe GRRM would have done it that way' because we never get to ACTUALLY know how GRRM wrote it. And I'm sorry, he's a novelist thats his ENTIRE job at this point of his life. It's not like he writes on the side when he's not doing brain surgery. He has time to write other books, why can't it be reasonably expected to at least finish Winds of Winter by now?
  8. I focus my disappointment and dismay where it belongs.... on GRRM. D&D are Hollywood guys, it's all about shock and awe and they did their best to bring to a conclusion a bunch of seemingly unconnected storylines left hanging in the wind for over 7 years with limited guidance from the author. Saint George needed to focus his ass on finishing his 'masterpiece' instead of campaigning for Hillary, blogging about football, writing other side novels and the mountain of bullshit excuses he's had for not finishing the last 2 books. Winds was scheduled to come out, what, 3 years ago? Part of me thinks he had no plan to tie the story together and wanted to leave us hanging in the wind for fear his 'epic' work would be judged as lacking. His last 2 books were the worst of the series with A Feast for Crows being virtually unreadable and full of seemingly unconnected story lines that don't advance the story at all. I did enjoy the imagery and special effects this season, it was one thing they didn't screw up with the exception of the Winterfell black out. That being said we've arrived after 20 years to what appears to be a pointless ending, but at least it's an ending which will never actually get from GRRM.
  9. So is next week the episode we finally put Sweet Robin on the iron throne?
  10. Biggest surprise.... There were no surprises except maybe Qyburn getting destroyed the way he did... Methinks Arya just updated her list... Glad to see Urine dead, now we're left with one final villian the mad queen. I expect she'll order the death of the Starks including Jon next...
  11. A Game of Starbucks??? https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/game-of-thrones-starbucks-cup-winterfell (I apologize if this is posted elsewhere on site, I haven't read all the thread. Thought it was pretty funny especially to share with this hardcore group!)
  12. Tough crowd in here tonight! Gave it a 10, though it was the best episode in at least 4 seasons...
  13. Gave it a 7, it was a great set up episode most of all that tied up some loose ends in preparation for the main event. As Gandalf said in the Return of the Kings, it's the deep breath before the plunge! Very well done, certainly better than the season premiere but not in my top 10 either..
  14. Was reading elsewhere some speculation that the 'battle of Winterfell' is actually a false front and the Night King left only a small portion of his army to fight it while the main body is on its way to Kings Landing in a surprise attack... Gotta say would love that twist as it would turn the show completely on its head but I doubt there is anything to it as it seems we are headed in a straight linear path from battle with the dead to battle between the remaining forces of the living... Although we see Dany's vision of the throne room destroyed when she arrives which gives some hope of a major twist, but we haven't seen one of those since the show passed the books and GRRM is no longer directly writing the story...
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