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  1. Since you just saw the episode, it's already spoiled. What are you complaining about? You want no spoilers at all? Don't watch the show from the now on, as they're way ahead in most story arcs. And it's even more inane that you would bash them for revealing this in a segment called "Inside the Episode". Not only do you watch the episode, you watch a discussion about it by the writers. Then you complain about spoilers...
  2. Please don't hold your breath for that. The book will never come out. The only conclusion we'll have for the series is this show.
  3. Simple. Jon IS dead. But not permanently. He will be revived. :)
  4. Is Stannis impotent? Not having an heir now does not preclude him from conceiving an heir in the future. If his wife is barren he can always get another one. He'll do anything for the Iron Throne including killing his own brother and daughter. I'm pretty sure his wife is dispensable to him, too.
  5. That makes it any better? It's still a child being burned for some cause. What people are furious is not that Shireen was burned, but that Stannis was responsible. They are crying over Stannis.
  6. He did kill his own brother back in season 2, for no other than reason than because Mel said so and it would win him the Iron Throne. I'm pretty sure the whole kill-family-for-sheer-ambition was already well established for his character.
  7. Some people's reactions are so funny. Stannis was never a good guy to begin with. He killed his own brother for no other reason than to win the Iron Throne. Why was that OK for his character, but this burning his own daughter was somehow morally different?
  8. Not only that, he said Varys may actually be the reason she wasn't killed in her "crib."
  9. No way. A hat would mess up Jon's pretty hair.
  10. One of the inconsistencies of the show is the timelines, since the plots take place in so many locations, but apparently not at the same time. Tyrion's meeting with Dany is probably further out in the timeline in comparison to Aemon's death. This they can get away with (somewhat) because Meereen and the Wall are so far separated in space.
  11. She didn't believe or trust him. She only give him a chance to speak---and that was her mistake. Once Tyrion's mouth is open and free there's no hope. :)
  12. Not easy at all. Even 3 dragons belting fire from their mouths can't cover all that terrain the wights will be crawling all over. It would take a lot of work even for 3 dragons, assuming they don't get killed by White Walkers with long-range bows and arrows.
  13. The oath+testimony might be invalid if done under duress. If he can convince them he lied only because Cersei threatened him, then it's not really "perjury".
  14. First order is he's got to make sure she doesn't kill him, and then get her to trust him. That might happen more quickly than it seems though. He's great at thinking on his feet in these scenarios (surrounded by enemies who want to kill/kidnap him) and a few conversations with her may be enough to convince her he's worth keeping around and alive.
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