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  1. Lerxst

    Daenerys will die in episode 7.

    I think that would fall too much in line with the old GoT we knew and loved. This new version of the show will probably see some divine intervention save them all so they can live happily ever after.
  2. At this point in the show, I'm feeling like he's the only character left that makes any sense and hasn't committed any major acts of betrayal of my disbelief or insulted my intelligence. Just about every other character is hailed as a hero one moment, and acts like a total imbecile the next, or has taken a 360 character arc and ended back as the same loathsome person they initially started as. I actually want to see the White Walkers win and convert all of Westeros... hell, the entire damned world, at this rate!
  3. I want to know what stopped the wights from simply walking across the bottom of the lake bed and crawling up that island. Not like they can suffer frostobite or even need to breathe. So what if the ice breaks, just means they have to talk a little harder.
  4. Lerxst

    Jamie's dead

    I might be getting my episodes confused, but wasn't this the one where we start with Jamie and Bronn lying by the side of a lake? Sorry, but anyone who's gone involuntarily diving in a lake will tell you, you don't just *swim* out of a lake that easily. Even with clothes on, it's tough to tread water and one of the first things they teach you in Boy Scouts, even is to kick off your shoes and take off your clothes. Jamie did a body slam into some very deep water, apparently. When the show starts, he's laying on the opposite side of the lake from where the battle was fought. Either A) he swam... which is impossible to do when weighted down with that much armor. Or B) Bronn rescued him... which is equally impossible to do to another person wearing that much weight, plus the weight of his own armor. Anyhow, Jamie is dead. There is no reasonable way to assume he would have survived that plunge he took at the end of the episode. If they wanted to show a situation he could survive, they shouldn't have angled the camera 10+ feet below the waterline, looking up at him sinking. His survival is just another "jump the shark" moment this series has taken since season 5, imo.
  5. Lerxst

    Littlefinger's Game

    "Could" be dangerous? Remind me who betrayed Ned and held a knife to his throat in the throne room, again?
  6. Sansa should have died long ago... my opinion at least. She has to be the least likable character, who brings the least with her to any plot of the story. The one and only thing she has is her surname, and that's the only thing Littlefinger likes about her as well. The fact that she's now throwing a potential wrench in Jon's plans is adding insult.
  7. Lerxst

    A Wight for Cersei? Seriously?

    It's funny reading these after I just watched the "leaked" episode 6 last night. Some will be happy to know that what you think should happen, does. Others will be happy to know that what you think is stupid, continues to be just as stupid The way I view it, though, is that Tyrion is trying to do anything and everything possible to save his friends on one side and his family on the other. He hates his sister, but she's still his sister. However, he loves his brother still and knows that Jamie won't leave Cersei's side and will be stubborn about conceding anything, as he witnessed on the battlefield. Focusing them on the WW, which he doesn't fully believe in anyhow (remember?) is his way of distracting them from killing each other a bit longer.
  8. Lerxst

    Jon will never be king.

    I was wondering the same thing over the past year or so. But... Gilly read the passage from the book she was looking through that described a secret annulment performed alongside a marriage of that same person. We can safely surmise that the annulment was that of Rhaegar and Elia Martell and the marriage was to him and Lyanna Stark. This would make Jon a fully legitimate Targaryen and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, in every way, shape and form. The question is, how would they prove this to the rest of Westeros?
  9. Lerxst


    So what does it mean that the last couple pages of the "intro" thread are filled with posters who have 500+ posts? So what level falls below "newbie" in that event? Sub-human-particle-of-dog-feces perhaps? :D