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  1. That is probably the biggest argument that George R.R. Martin failed in his depiction there. Because I believe he was trying to do a critique of the Iraq War. And...well, slavery apologia leaked all over it because those were the arguments of the Confederates. My ancestors. Assholes.
  2. In my Game of Thrones tabletop RPG, I had the revelation the Others were invading Westeros because an ancient pact that ceded the North above the Wall to them had been broken by letting the Wildlings live there.
  3. I have. It's like, "Westeros sucks so much, have the zombies eat it."
  4. I mean, that's part of the appeal of the show that this is a conflict that consumes much of Westeros and destroys the dynasty. It's not Daenyers vs. slavery or "I don't want it" vs. The White Walkers.
  5. I think that's part of the point that Alicent wants her children to be on the throne despite the fact they're manifestly unsuited. Because it's not about their actual suitability, only the fact they're her children. They're going to follow Martin's writing on the subject.
  6. I mean it makes perfect sense if you think that enforcing duty and expectation actually are horrible things for children.
  7. I mean we already have Daemon murdering his wife. I don't think the "Greens bad, Blacks good" argument is anymore likely here than it is in the books. It's just the majority of things Rhaenyra does that are bad are minor compared to what we believe about sexuality in the modern era. They have confirmed quite a lot of the rumors about Rhaenyra ranging from Daemon and the brothels to the bastardry.
  8. I think it kind of has to because there's not three seasons worth of characterization in the Dance.
  9. I don't think Daemon abandons Rhaenyra unless you take "suicide by taking out her strongest opponent" to be abandonment. He doesn't turn cloak, he just chooses a route that prevents him from being party to killing Nettles and betraying Rhaenyra. He was put in an impossible choice and chose the one that allowed him to die with dignity as well as avoid betraying either woman. I always felt it was possible that Laenor was the sire of the bastards as it was a weird decision to try to pass off Cory's children as Laenors since there's no reason not to say they're his bastards save as a bizarre post-mortem attempt at saving face. Book Renly, for example, unlike Show Renly says that he's quite capable of siring an heir even if it's not his preference. But I suspect we'll find out that Show Laenor is sterile to give him something of an out.
  10. Oh yes, a lot of female fans go, "Yeah, I know a guy like Criston. Great villain. Utterly detestable now."
  11. Which relates to the larger point that there's no concept of genetics so what exactly is the argument here? A culture that has no knowledge of genetics is going to point at the fact the children don't look like Laenor and take that as evidence? Viserys story is actually accurate to RL genetics and recessive genes. And for 99.99 of all nobles, they're never going to see Laenor or Harwin (even less now) let alone their ancestors. So it's a exceptionally weak argument.
  12. They're black Valyrians. Which you can argue means there were Summer Island immigrants who intermarried with the Valyrian nobility thousands of years ago if you need an origin. But the point is that they're Valyrian and excessively proud of such fact. This isn't that strange of a concept either unless you find it an odd idea that a country might have multiple ethnic but related branches in its nobility. The Starks are First Men, the Lannisters Andals, and the Martells are Rhoynar.
  13. Because they look nothing like her and yet somehow she's not accused of their mother being someone else.
  14. I mean, Rhaenyra's hair is absolutely out of canon as is Aemma's. But there's no reason that Alicent's children should look the way they do. They're proof positive her argument is nonsense. He could have actually made several arguments. He chose not to because he didn't care. He was following Robert's example.
  15. None of which matters either because they are his legitimate children in the eyes of the law. Which is part of why I like Renly because it's Martin underscoring that these questions of legitimacy are very often moot. The irony of the Anarchy parallel to Stephen is that Aegon has a far greater claim to the throne than Stephen ever did as he jumped many other people (including siblings) and only has a very weak claim to it through his mother but it worked out for him because, like Renly, he was a great general with lots of charisma. Also lied repeatedly to people about what they'd get from it. And as we find out, not that many people rally to Aegon's side. The Stormlands only do it because of promises that Aemond never fulfills. Is there ever a reason given why the Lannisters side with the Usurper?
  16. Really? Because I absolutely took it as Renly doesn't believe it. And doesn't care either way. He's a usurper so it would be ABSOLUTELY in his best interests to call Joffrey and his siblings bastards. If Renly cared about legitimacy, which he doesn't, he'd just say that they're bastards and Stannis is illegitimate because he's abandoned the faith of the Seven. But he only cares about his armies. The show invented the idea he envisioned himself as some great liberator.
  17. Yes, without Laenor on record, it is just gossip and treasonous gossip at that. And again, I think the fact that Alicent knows this would get the children KILLED makes her a massive hypocrite. She's drawn first blood in attempting to kill children.
  18. Yeah, we needed an episode where Criston Cole's shift to evil/murder was dealt with and Ser Harwin starting his relationship with Rhaenyra.
  19. You're not wrong. But we get to the point of the matter's crux that they are not bastards. There's nothing but the Queen's accusation with no evidence to it. "They don't look like their father" wouldn't fly today let alone in the Medieval era where genetics was believed to plant seeds in the soil of women and not mix their blood. It's going to and was treated as a spurious accusation by someone trying to forward their own claim, just like Stannis' claim of incest was with Renly. Remember Renly CONGRATULATED Stannis on what he assumed was a lie that worked well because it was so outrageous that it got tongues wagging even if no one believed it. It was treated the same way the accusations that Henry VIII threw at Anne to get her executed. People are applying modern standards of forsenics basically to suss out a crime as if adultery, illegitimacy, law, and guilt mattered here beyond the king's decree. Which is quite clear on its decision. Really, ALLICENT should have been banished to a sept or confined the moment she started making those accusations.
  20. In fact, speaking in Medieval terms, it's actually NOT the issue that people think because bastards have been making claims on the throne of England since time memorial and people keep trying to act like they've never risen against true born sons with popular support. There's a reason John of Gaunt's children are some of the most important people of English history and that's because a King's legitimized bastards are usually some of the most important people in the country. We also know that in Westeros a good half of the nobility was willing to rise in the name of a legitimized bastard. Catelyn Stark also thinks that a good chunk of the Northerners would support Jon Snow against his brother Rob if there was a problem, which is probably paranoia but they're following Jon over Bran by the time he's made King in the North.
  21. Which gets back to the point Alicent is only doing this shit stirring to advance the cause of her children.
  22. I mean as we see there's already issues with Rhaenyra and her attempts to deal with this issue. We also see how some people, cough Criston Cole, did to her attempts to find a suitable lover. Mind you, if I was Rhaenyra, I'd be cursing the Seven. "Oh, ALICENT'S children have white-blond hair but mine don't?"
  23. At this point, I think with the Dance of the Dragons having no real personal drama, they now HAVE to do flashbacks next season and onward.
  24. Mind you, we're handling this with a modern perspective. Accusations of bastardry are very common in RL but it's not until now that they've had any substance to them whatsoever. There was a fascinating story about testing blood types in schools that was introduced in England that ended up a complete disaster in multiple schools across the country. Why? Because MANY children found out that they were not biologically their parents' child (or at least one of their parent's children). Here, there's just, "It doesn't look like your son!" Alicent would need the father, the king, Harwin, or mother to make a confession or some sort of evidence. She doesn't have ANY of these so it would never get any traction. There's not even a Mendelian understanding of genetics. "Her kids all have brown hair." "Yes, that happens when you leave them out in the sun too long." "...what?" "How do you think children get brown hair?"
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