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  1. But he's apparently seen Prometheus. And as for Sansa, I never got the sense she wanted Jon dead or didn't care about Rickon. She understood completely what they were up against with Ramsey and she was actually right: Ramsey laid out a trap and Jon fell for it. And people grieve in different ways, if Sansa had bawled her eyes out or whatnot I would have thought it was over the top, her subdued reaction to his death worked for me. And I knew Vale ex machina was going to happen, but I was so satisfied when it did...sometimes I don't mind that kind of plot device if it's done properly and imo, it was done properly in this case. And was anyone else thinking when Jon said to bury Rickon beside our father that 'no Jon...he's not your father.'?
  2. I was wondering that too...I'm going to watch it again to see where or if he dies.
  3. He went to the Prometheus School of Running Away from Arrows. But seriously, even though Rickon didn't appear that much I was on the edge of my seat; I actually thought for a second that he would make it and Jon's reaction sold it.
  4. POETIC JUSTICE ON THIS SHOW AT LAST!!! THAT ENDING WAS THE BEST EVAAAAHHHH!!! Okay, now that I mostly got that out of my system. The battle was the most intense I've seen. A lot of action and hard to follow it all but damn, Jon was a beast! I knew the Vale knights would swoop in and save the day but it was still an excellent battle sequence. At least Tormund was alive and that last moment with Jon and Wun Wun. And of course, Ramsey got exactly what I hoped for which is rare for this show. And I liked Sansa in that scene, telling him he would completely disappear. The Meereen 'battle' was good too, I wanted to see the Dothraki more but I knew it was about the dragons burning shit and Grey Worm taking out those masters was pretty cool. But damn, Theon and Yara got there quick, I was expecting them to mop up the rest of the Harpy fleet(well, maybe they did offscreen, who knows). And Viserion and Rhaegal were still in that pit the whole time? Wtf..I would have expected them to escape and fly off for awhile and come back when they realized Drogon was back.
  5. He certainly foreshadowed it with his Cat and Cersei would do anything for their babies speech when mentioning burning cities to ash. Damn, they keep pushing it at us I almost don't want it to happen just for a twist, lol.
  6. I imagine the last scene of the series with Tyrion off somewhere, drinking wine, starting to tell the joke and it fades to black then the credits...and we'll never hear the end of the joke. Now THAT would be sheer torture! I liked the episode overall, but I think they could have cut down the whole Missendei/Greyworm/Tyrion joke thing...but at least he was making a little progress and they laughed. And Varys is leaving, I wonder what his expidition is. And Dany at the end, felt a little deus ex machina but we'll see, at least now hopefully shit in Meereen will finally go down. The Hound, holy shit, chopping heads off with an ax(I wonder if is was made of Valyrian steel, lol). And he prefers chicken of course. Nice to see Beric and Thoros back(although the man-bun must be becoming all the rage in the Seven Kingdoms). 'Arya Stark of winterfell and I'm going home'. I liked Jaqen's smile of approval at the end, I hope she kicks some Frey ass with Nym next season. But I wish they would have shown Waif get stuck with the pointy end but I do like how they did it though with the blood and the reveal of the Waif's face in the hall. And I still have a miniscule shred of hope for Jaime's arc, he still respects Brienne..it was nice he let her keep the sword and the music played when they waved to each other set the tone for that scene. And the Blackfish is still alive, we didn't see the body! He'll fight another day! Jk... Loking forward to Bastardbowl next week.
  7. Tyrion gave Theon a coin to have a tumble with Ros, right after Tyrion met with Robb and gave Bran a design for a saddle. From 'Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things'. Should be an interesting conversation between Varys and Greyworm though, lol.
  8. I assumed she's writing the Cerwyns, but it could be Littlefinger. The Hound is Back! AWOOOOOOO!!! a-erm, sorry.... Fuck...Arya. I hope she gets help Asap. The Waif needs to fucking die. Jaime and Blackfish was right from the books, I loved the 'bored from the siege' line. Blackfish is so badass. Ian Mcshane was good as Meribald/Elder Brother...they hanged him for the spoilers, methinks. Jon And Sansa, I knew they would have some hard sells, Lyanna Mormont was awesome and Bear Island was beautiful. Better than last week episode, still stoked over the Hound returning, I wonder if he's going to go midieval on some rogue Brotherhood ass.
  9. Well, he has Bronn which could even the odds in Jaime's favor.
  10. Yeah, I eyerolled at Daario's comment as well and internally made a Daario=Euron joke. Yeah, that would be laughable to the extreme, but I'm sure they're the ships Yara and Theon made off with after the kingsmoot and Yara is perhaps taking it upon herself to help or try to kidnap Dany and her dragons(good luck with that one, girl). But if Euron makes it there right afterwards it will be the biggest case of LF teleportation this show has ever done, lol.
  11. IDK, His father made it quite clear he wasn't entitled to it; it's Sam's birthright, but his father has said he's not worthy of it and he'll be quite pissed when he discovers it stolen.
  12. Oh, you're right! I wonder, will Jon be able to do that too?
  13. Not as emotionally engaging as last week's episode but still good. Benjen Coldhands(did anyone else notice how his hands became progressively darker in that second scene). I like how they described what happened to him. And I'm curious as to how he sets the mace on fire. Did he get some sort of ability to do that when the CotF saved him? And Bran's flashbacks, I need to see stills too, my mouth was agape when I saw the wildfire and the Mad King yelling 'Burn them all!" No Jon and Tyrion this week although I thought we might have seen Davos find Shireen's pyre during their travels...maybe next episode. Sam and Gilly was better than I thought, tense at the right moments and it was touching to see that his mom and sister still love him. His father was a total dick though, but his brother didn't sound too bad, some of his expressions during the dinner when Randyll was laying into Sam looked like he was sympathetic. And stealing Heartsbane at the end was badass, his father is not going to be happy. Jaime and Cersei...the Tyrells. The HS played them all, the cunning bastard. I can't wait to see that smug smile get wiped off his face. And I can't decide if Marg is serious about her conversion or she's also playing. Course I know one thing she playing...poor Tommen, like a fiddle. That kid's waaay over his head and now he'll probably become an enemy to his mom. And boy did Jaime look pissed after he came out of the Sept. It was nice to see Dany on Drogon again although I couldn't help but think of that scene in Avatar when Jake comes riding in on that huge creature(name escapes me right now) and rallies the Navi. Great speech, now she needs to back up her words with action. And Daario is Euron confirmed when he told her how many ships she'd need...jk.
  14. I didn't know that, makes sense. But I bet he'll have his 1000 ships within two episodes which, even with this show's propensity for timeline compression, is laughable.
  15. I was like 'Wha, wha, WHAAAA.." at the Euron scene. How could anyone follow his orders after a woman and a eunuch slip from his sight after the moot and make off with the entire fleet. And that scene showed that Yara still has alot of support from the Ironborn. And I'd like to know where Euron expects people to find enough wood on the Iron Islands to build 1000 ships. I think Balon was right, he did lose his senses, lol. It wasn't that I couldn't take 'Hold the door' seriously, it was just so mind blowing. I had to watch the episode twice to get some sense from it and still really couldn't. And this has opened the door(pun unintended) to so many possibilities with Bran's character. How many other events in the past has he inadvertently influenced or is about to influence without actually changing anything in the present. It's well...mind blowing. As for the CotF, I was more shocked that they used First Men to make them instead of changing themselves into WW. And now the significance of the dragonglass makes sense so now I wonder if Sam will find out this information at the Citadel or are we just going to get tense Tarly family drama and that's it. And I think the Benjen hype is going to reach an apex next episode, interesting to see how living North of the Wall for the last several years has changed him.
  16. Yeah, but imagine Bran's shock when he realized that he caused it; he didn't know what had happened to Hodor until the end. Had to be heartbreaking for him. And it must of been weird for everyone in real time at the time to be seeing Ned off to the Eyrie and suddenly the stableboy collapses into seizures and keeps repeating "Hold the door!"
  17. Holy hell, don't give them any ideas, lol. Warty dick was enough for me.
  18. It's this season's running gag. They've had a cock joke every episode thus far. Hell, I even wondered what cock joke they were going to use this episode, I never thought they would show a close up of an actual cock for the joke.
  19. We'll still get more visions, all he needs is weirwood trees to link to. I think Hodor somehow got connected to the weirwood net through Bran warging into him? I assumed Meera trying to wake Bran may have stirred him a bit or the 3ER allowed Bran to come out of it a little. IDK, it was a very confusing scene; watched it twice and I'm still trying to make sense of it.
  20. Oh c'mon! That was the episode 5 dick joke. Hell, every episode so far has had one.
  21. Well, it would just be another way for the show to show us how bad Ramsey really is. Hell, maybe the Boltons have Thenn blood, who knows.
  22. Yeah, he knew from the outset that she wasn't to be trusted. But she thought she could pull the same moves on Ramsey that she pulled on Theon.
  23. I guess they're playing off when she got in that scalding hot bath and picked up her hot dragon eggs in season 1. As much as I loved that scene, I was also asking the question 'I thought this was a one off thing after walking out of that pyre in season one'.
  24. I agree with most of this and I think Brienne may finally find true love, Tormund was absolutely smitten, lol. And I was surprised Ramsey killed her this quickly, I thought he'd play with her a little but I guess she was too obvious for him. Disregard the last post, I couldn't get rid of this one quote I didn't want to use(from another thread, which is weird.)
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