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  1. Stannis is the man....nis

    Character arc ranto (SPOILERS)

    Speaking of Varys can we talk about the elephant in the room? With FAegon cut and Varys motivations changed to legitimately caring for the realm then the question must be asked how the hell did show Varys think he was serving the realm any good back in S1 when he was planning on helping Dany’s mentally unstable brother attack Westeros with a Dothraki horde?
  2. Stannis is the man....nis

    Worst Line Ever

    There is only one line that rules above all.....”You want a good girl but you need the bad pussy”
  3. Stannis is the man....nis

    Rewriting Season 5...or How You Can Make Two Good Seasons out of Feast AND Dance

    Yeah I didn’t include Lady Dustin because I’m trying to be realistic with the budget retrains the show has. Also for the same reason and I probably didn’t make this clear but the Battle of Ice wasn’t included because the Hardhome battle was to serve as the battle for the season.
  4. Stannis is the man....nis

    Rewriting Season 5...or How You Can Make Two Good Seasons out of Feast AND Dance

    Oh wait I think I got an idea for the WF S5 plot: first let’s just erase Sansa from this altogether have have her in the Vale. So after Jon turns down Stannis offer and Davos gives him that speech Jon decides to take a third way and give Stannis the advice of sending Mance’s bones to the Umbers as an act of goodwill. Smalljon then shows at Castle Black and hands Rickon over to Stannis as a thank you (Rickon and Jon get a heart warming reunion). Roose upon hearing this is freaked out at a Northern revolt but Ramsay is all like “Karstark is with us so all we need is the Manderlys and the three of us can match any army Stannis brings”. Roose agrees and to bring Wyman to his side has Cersei release Wylis and has Ramsay arranged to marry “Arya” who is actually Myranda with dyed black hair. At first Myranda is mocking Theon and being “I’m going to be the lady of Winterfell” but then after infamous wedding night Theon comes to the realization that like him she is actually a victim who is putting on an act to survive Ramsay. Meanwhile, Stannis along with Rickon are stuck in snow and are all like “We need to get the Boltons out of WF and the only way to do that is getting ‘Arya’ out of there” to which Osha (who is with because of Rickon) volunteers to save “Arya” due to the fact that as a wildling she can through the snow better then anyone also she knows how to get in and out of WF to which Stannis agrees. Back in Winterfell, Roose and Walda have informed everyone they are expecting a child and that it is likely to be a son. Seeing how it upsets Ramsay Wyman starts hinting toward Ramsay that the child will be a threat but that he and other Northern lords would support Ramsay over someone with Frey blood. Theon has that moment at the Tree when he is confronted by Wyman for his treason to which Theon shots back about Wyman being here to support Roose which sets off a version of the “Mummers farce” speech. Osha takes on a hooded man/spear wife role and sneaks into WF, kills a Karstark which sets off a riot, and tries to save Myranda but is captured at which point Theon mans up and saves her as they leap over the wall together and run through the forests until they are captured by Stannis’ scouts. Back in WF, Roose is irate about Myranda escaping until he is informed Walda has given birth. The scene plays out like it did in S6 with Ramsay stabbing, “he was poisoned by our enemies”, with the major change of Wyman not Karstark being in the room and backing up Ramsay. Ramsay then orders Wyman to lead a vanguard with Karstark and get “Arya” back. Then like S6 he feeds Walda and the newborn to his dogs. Back at CB, Jon story plays out exactly as it did in S5 until he returns from Hardhome where he is informed about everything that happened and is given the Pink Letter from Ramsay and like the books informs the Nights Watch he’ll march on WF which sets up the last scene of “For the Watch”. Thoughts? (The battle of Ice between Stannis and the Karstark/Manderlys couldn’t realistically happen in S5 due to budget so like the books S5 ends with the PL cliffhanger until the battle is told in S6 E1 via flashback)
  5. Stannis is the man....nis

    Rewriting Season 5...or How You Can Make Two Good Seasons out of Feast AND Dance

    The problem I keep running into with Sansa in WF is that the only way from character development standpoint it would work would be if Sansa legit used LF techniques to make Ramsay hers but a) that would mean Theon has no one to save so he has no redemption arch and b) that would mean Sansa and Ramsay would have to have consensual sex with Sansa being more nuts in bed then Myranda. Which quite frankly is gross
  6. Stannis is the man....nis

    Rewriting Season 5...or How You Can Make Two Good Seasons out of Feast AND Dance

    Good stuff if I might add a suggestion for the upcoming Stannis/Davos/Bolton. We go back to S4 and cut the iron bank subplot. So with the scene with Davos and Shireen that had him reading some fairytale about Braavos that got Davos thinking of the IB is instead a “history of the great houses of Westeros” book. They are on the Manderly chapter which promotes Davos to think of recruiting pissed of Northerns for Stannis’ army. So Davos goes to White Harbor but Wyman has him taken away to be killed. Start of S5 and after Tywin’s funeral Cersei is informed Davos head has been mounted on the Sealgate and Wyman demands Wylis be freed as a reward which Cersei grants. Cut to E2 or 3 and Davos is greeted by Robett who leads him to a secret room with Wyman and we get the “North Remembers” speech. But in a twist from the book because Rickon is with the Umbers (and I have an idea for that) it’s actually Arya that Wyman sends Davos after because he found out (maybe the sailor who took Arya made his way to WH?) that Arya is in Braavos and thanks to Davos history in the region Wyman figures he’s the man to send for the job with the promise of swearing loyalty to Stannis if “Ned’s little girl” is brought home safe.
  7. Oh damn I seemed to have missed a hot Stannis discussion earlier today. I would just like to add though the biggest problem I had with his ending arch is that his book arch at the time is directly tied to the red wedding fallout and to change it the way they did undermined foreshadowing in earlier seasons. Case in point the “great battle in the snow” he saw in the flames at the end of S2. His fight with Ramsay was a 10 minute route, the BOTB had no snow, and it makes no sense for it to be the WF battle last season because why the hell would Melisandre be getting or showing Stannis visions of a battle he has no role in? Also the politics of Northern lords makes no sense. In S5 none of them (unlike the books) help Stannis because they are too proud to help a Southern which results in Ramsay beating him because Ramsay knows the terrain. But then in S6 they give Jon and Sansa the cold shoulder because they are too cynical to beat on a losing fight. But back in S5 the first half of the season saw LF, Stannis, and even Roose himself build up Stannis as the favorite to win. So why doesn’t Smalljon or Glover think to jump onto the side everyone says is the favorite to beat Bolton in order to have influence in a Stannis controlled North? Also if Smalljon hates the wildlings so much why didn’t hand Rickon over to Stannis you know the guy who just stopped a wildling invasion of the Wall that would of threatened LH? Oh and he had Mance executed. You’d think that would earn Stannis some good will with the Umbers but no. They didn’t help D&D need Stannis on his own so “20 good men” could work and then they reject the Starks so they would be the underdogs in the BOTB. So the lords are ultimately too proud to help Stannis but too cynical to help the Starks. Rant over
  8. Stannis is the man....nis

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    There have been a lot of thoughts given on why Bran becoming king in the way he did was utterly ridiculous and felt unearned. I myself have shared a lot pf the same feelings but it wasn't until rewatching the last council scene that it dawned on what the real problem is. He leaves the small council to go find Drogon and let them run the country. So he doesn't have any real interest in ruling and instead leaves it to the council to do it. You know who that sounds similar to...….Robert Baratheon! It hit me like a lighting bolt but the story has gone back to square one with a king who doesn't have any real interest in running the country which is how this whole mess got started in the first place. So after all the misery Westeros has gone through they get stuck right back were everything was in season 1 and nothing has truly changed. Which is horrible storytelling and why it causes such a problem narrative wise
  9. Stannis is the man....nis

    Ask D&D

    If you guys knew George was going to have Bran win the game why didn’t you guys give him some more important things to do?
  10. Stannis is the man....nis

    Who got the most screwed over

    I’m sorry but Daenerys always had a very clear moral code about being gentle and fair to peasantry. Nothing throughout the show hint or showed she would was somehow faking this position nor did anything that happen to her in S8 justify going from “blood of my enemies not of the innocent” or locking up her dragons because Drogon killed a kid to straight up nuking a surrendering city and burning little kids alive
  11. Stannis is the man....nis

    Who got the most screwed over

    I was never a Dany fan but I don’t know how anyone with straight face can argue that her heel turn in the last two episodes wasn’t one of the most horrendously botch events in tv history. I’m sorry but what she did to the Tarlys or her general harshness is execution style is not “foreshadowing” for her going pure mass murdering insane.
  12. Stannis is the man....nis

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I can see Bran winning with the idea he uses his powers to manipulate things which the show kinda vaguely hinted at
  13. Stannis is the man....nis

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    The problem is as the show showed back in S5 with Sansa as Jenye that D&D have no problem giving side characters quests to the main cast so this raises the questions what is a spoiler and what is just D&D checking off boxes. Like Arya killing the Freys. Is that a George thing or is that say LSH endgame and they just shoved Arya in. An if so what is Arya’s training building to? Is there a battle of the bastards or does Stannis beat the Boltons and they just gave it to Jon? Also how much of Faegon’s plot did Cersei steal? Same with Yara and Victorian. So quite frankly we don’t know how much the books got spoiled until we get the books
  14. Stannis is the man....nis


    So remind me again why Dany dying is causing a succession crisis when she legitimized Gendry as a Baratheon? He is now Robert’s heir and has a legitimate claim to the throne. Why wasn’t this addressed?
  15. Am I alone in getting a bit of a Rian Johnson "we subverted your expectations" Last Jedi vibe from this episode? Oh you thought a bunch of the characters were gonna die? Surprise only a handful of side characters did! Think the WW are gonna be the big baddies? Surprise! They lose at WF and it's actual Cersei that's the big bad guy