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  1. Stannis is the man....nis

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    Sidenote there is this annoying overreaction right now that Joe Manchin is in trouble because Blankenship lost. While Morrisey is not Blankenship bad he's an carpetbagger, former DC lobbyist, and in a recent ad misspelled West Virginia. I think Joe can take him
  2. Stannis is the man....nis

    US Politics: Mueller Monday

    Manafort and Flynn are going down baby
  3. Stannis is the man....nis

    U.S. Politics: We're Saying Merry Christmas, Again

    Seriously can Trump do anything right?
  4. Stannis is the man....nis

    U.S. Politics: Can't Stand It, I Know Ya Planned It, Gotta Set It Straight this Morongate

    The sad part is I think impeachment is the only way we rid ourselves of him. I just don't see the any 2020 contender that can do it: Bernie and Biden will both be pushing 80 in 2020, Warren while loved by the base is a rw redmeat machine, Booker is hated by Bernie's side worse than Hillary, Cuomo same as Booker and with corruption scandals to boot, Jerry Brown like Bernie and Biden is going to be 80 and Newsom has no interest, Terry McAuliffe is a Clinton buddy and not that charismatic, Steve Bullock on paper looks good but is only known by politcal junkies like me, and Kambla Harris on paper like Bullock looks good but is going to have primary problems building a base with Warren and Bernie both likely running.
  5. Stannis is the man....nis

    This one line would have improved the scene phenomenally

    Stannis: "Kneel before me, swear your loyalty and you'll rise as Jon Stark Lord of Winterfell" Jon: "Okay sounds good"
  6. Stannis is the man....nis

    U.S. Politics: The Jeff Sessions: The Killing of a Keebler Elf

    Believe me folks I'm not a crook https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-dictated-sons-misleading-statement-on-meeting-with-russian-lawyer/2017/07/31/04c94f96-73ae-11e7-8f39-eeb7d3a2d304_story.html?utm_term=.2a7b0f7b9b08
  7. Stannis is the man....nis

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I must admit that Euron is entering Ramsay territory but he doesn't bother me mainly because Ramsay was messing with characters I had an emtional investment in (Sansa, Stannis, Rickon, Osha) while Euron is messing with Carol and Larry so I say go for it
  8. Stannis is the man....nis

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I must admit to liking this episode more than any episode in S6. The Hound stuff was really good and I can see a similar scene happening in the books
  9. Yep " I didn't commit my men to your cause because I didn't want more Manderlys dying for nothing" http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Wyman_Manderly
  10. Talk about characters who are the exact opposites how about Robett Glover and Wyman? Seriously we are talking about the two biggest post RW Stark supporters who are the doing the most behind the scenes trying to find and bring Rickon home but in the show Glover says to Sansa's face "the Starks are all dead" abd Wyman called them "a lost cause"
  11. Stannis is the man....nis

    Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

  12. Stannis is the man....nis

    Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    This year Star Wars: Episode VIII is slated to come out so in honor of that I thought for a thread were we make predictions for this movie and come back in December and see who got some or even all predictions right. Ok for me: Luke is Rey's dad will be revealed We will find out Snoke's backstory Kylo killed Rey's mom when he betrayed Luke and Luke left Rey on that desert planet also erased her mind to save her from Ren Kylo Ren will be given Vader's lightsaber Kylo will fight both Luke and Rey in the climax an Luke will die. Yours?
  13. Ok to that I say look at this season where because they skipped so much from AFFC/ADWD in S5 they had go back and put it in in S6, Jamie/Brienne in the RL, a Second battle of Ice with Jon in Stannis' place, the BWB returning, and Euron
  14. I'm sorry but I don't see "producing a Stark/Bolton heir that could have been looked on more favourably by the north" worth pissing off the crown which again is an important point in the books Jenye was just "silk dress" to "legitimatize" his new rule that the crown knew step by step was gonna go down while Roose real power came through the threat of killing hostages in the Twins and the might of the crown backing him. So cutting that out and making this marriage be the hopes of where his power will come from while pissing off the crown just looks foolish on Roose's part and trying to fit a square peg in a round hole on D&D's part
  15. The problem I have with the "North is war tired" argument is that Roose and Ramsay through S4-S5 kept foreshadowing a North uprising against them and at no point in Jon's tour were we given a "we're just tired" argument. On top of that having the North be worn down makes Roose's decision to marry Ramsay to Sansa make less sense as he did himself more harm than good having the Northerns joining Stannis makes his decision to screw over the Lannisters a bit more understandable