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  1. Oh damn I seemed to have missed a hot Stannis discussion earlier today. I would just like to add though the biggest problem I had with his ending arch is that his book arch at the time is directly tied to the red wedding fallout and to change it the way they did undermined foreshadowing in earlier seasons. Case in point the “great battle in the snow” he saw in the flames at the end of S2. His fight with Ramsay was a 10 minute route, the BOTB had no snow, and it makes no sense for it to be the WF battle last season because why the hell would Melisandre be getting or showing Stannis visions of a battle he has no role in? Also the politics of Northern lords makes no sense. In S5 none of them (unlike the books) help Stannis because they are too proud to help a Southern which results in Ramsay beating him because Ramsay knows the terrain. But then in S6 they give Jon and Sansa the cold shoulder because they are too cynical to beat on a losing fight. But back in S5 the first half of the season saw LF, Stannis, and even Roose himself build up Stannis as the favorite to win. So why doesn’t Smalljon or Glover think to jump onto the side everyone says is the favorite to beat Bolton in order to have influence in a Stannis controlled North? Also if Smalljon hates the wildlings so much why didn’t hand Rickon over to Stannis you know the guy who just stopped a wildling invasion of the Wall that would of threatened LH? Oh and he had Mance executed. You’d think that would earn Stannis some good will with the Umbers but no. They didn’t help D&D need Stannis on his own so “20 good men” could work and then they reject the Starks so they would be the underdogs in the BOTB. So the lords are ultimately too proud to help Stannis but too cynical to help the Starks. Rant over
  2. There have been a lot of thoughts given on why Bran becoming king in the way he did was utterly ridiculous and felt unearned. I myself have shared a lot pf the same feelings but it wasn't until rewatching the last council scene that it dawned on what the real problem is. He leaves the small council to go find Drogon and let them run the country. So he doesn't have any real interest in ruling and instead leaves it to the council to do it. You know who that sounds similar to...….Robert Baratheon! It hit me like a lighting bolt but the story has gone back to square one with a king who doesn't have any real interest in running the country which is how this whole mess got started in the first place. So after all the misery Westeros has gone through they get stuck right back were everything was in season 1 and nothing has truly changed. Which is horrible storytelling and why it causes such a problem narrative wise
  3. If you guys knew George was going to have Bran win the game why didn’t you guys give him some more important things to do?
  4. I’m sorry but Daenerys always had a very clear moral code about being gentle and fair to peasantry. Nothing throughout the show hint or showed she would was somehow faking this position nor did anything that happen to her in S8 justify going from “blood of my enemies not of the innocent” or locking up her dragons because Drogon killed a kid to straight up nuking a surrendering city and burning little kids alive
  5. I was never a Dany fan but I don’t know how anyone with straight face can argue that her heel turn in the last two episodes wasn’t one of the most horrendously botch events in tv history. I’m sorry but what she did to the Tarlys or her general harshness is execution style is not “foreshadowing” for her going pure mass murdering insane.
  6. I can see Bran winning with the idea he uses his powers to manipulate things which the show kinda vaguely hinted at
  7. The problem is as the show showed back in S5 with Sansa as Jenye that D&D have no problem giving side characters quests to the main cast so this raises the questions what is a spoiler and what is just D&D checking off boxes. Like Arya killing the Freys. Is that a George thing or is that say LSH endgame and they just shoved Arya in. An if so what is Arya’s training building to? Is there a battle of the bastards or does Stannis beat the Boltons and they just gave it to Jon? Also how much of Faegon’s plot did Cersei steal? Same with Yara and Victorian. So quite frankly we don’t know how much the books got spoiled until we get the books
  8. Am I alone in getting a bit of a Rian Johnson "we subverted your expectations" Last Jedi vibe from this episode? Oh you thought a bunch of the characters were gonna die? Surprise only a handful of side characters did! Think the WW are gonna be the big baddies? Surprise! They lose at WF and it's actual Cersei that's the big bad guy
  9. As someone who doesn't have a twitter profile and it seems Cogman responses to you. Can you please ask him about the Northern Lords not being at the wedding 

  10. Are you going to watch Season 6?

  11. You know D&D I'm not a Dany fan but I wouldn't completely rewrite her story to make her evil then kill her before she does in the books because that is mean to George and to Dany's fans
  12. Am I the only one who thinks Stannis will fake his death to trick the Boltons but Melisandre will think it was real and burn Shireen to revive him so after he "red weddings" the Boltons he discovers his plan killed his child
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