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  1. It’s divine punishment on our fandom for unleashing Nick Fuentes onto the world
  2. Kinda random but someone on the freefolk reddit that just like in F&B the show and looking back it does seem to be a miss opportunity by the show to actually give these two some type of relationship prior to the conflict.
  3. The biggest political convenience is that there were powerful people/houses who’s support Aegon III needed throughout that at one point or another supported Aegon II so declaring II a usurper and by extension those people and houses traitors would make things awkward
  4. It is true that there are key differences between the two (Henry II probably didn’t feel the same about Stephen that Aegon III feels Aegon II considering Stephen didn’t murder Matilda in front of Henry lol) but the grander point does stand that for Aegon III/Henry II it was politically convenient to let sleeping dogs lie on this issue
  5. It is important to remember when discussing the topic of why Aegon II was allowed to be viewed as rightful king in the history books is the Dance is based mainly off of ”The Anarchy” and Henry II for a variety of reasons let the history books list Stephen as the rightful ruler over his mother. So the reasons Henry let that happen (not reopening old wounds and her bloodline ended up ruling anyway so she’s the real winner) are likely the same reasons for Aegon III letting his his uncle get listed over his mom
  6. Yeah it still boggles my mind why they went this route with Aegon because the in the writers interviews people like Sara Hess said they wanted the audience to feel bad for Aegon when it comes to his upbringing. So why go with the most unflattering version of him you could?
  7. I dunno there was the scene when they were kids were Aemond indicated he wanted to marry her and a few scenes that shows he’s annoyed with Aegon’s cheating
  8. With the change to Luke’s death I wouldn’t be surprised if they have Aemond be the actual father of Aegon’s kids thus when B&C happens it will send him over the edge leading to the RL genocide
  9. HOTD keeping of the GOT tradition of the best episodes being the ones GRRM write. Great stuff
  10. Wait so if Sara wants Aegon to be viewed sympathetically then why put a lot of the mushrooms gossip in? You could of just made him a Bobby B/Tyrion style drunkard womanizer over an actual rapists who watches baby death matches and still been in canon with the book
  11. I can buy that explanation a bit but the problem as others alluded to us that scene was shot as a triumphant badass moment that didn’t care about the small folk deaths so it’s not too much of a stretch to see those comments as the writers actual thoughts
  12. Also even as an off the cuff remark makes no sense because how can you say “civilians don’t water” in a story that dedicated a big time to Aemond committing war crimes on the civilian population of the RL and one of the most critical/consequential events is going to be a peasant riot/uprising?
  13. Oh wow apparently the writer of episode 9 was interviewed about the ending and had this to say about the dead civilians https://i.redd.it/4l2296gzncu91.jpg
  14. To me the problem with Rhaenys killing the peasants isn’t that it is out of character and in many ways you can use it as an example of how the main cast cares little for the locals thus building to the riot but that the show doesn’t really draw attention to it. Honestly this reminds me of the Man of Steal controversial end fight which was shot to look like this badass showdown with Superman and Zod throwing each other into buildings and stuff while huge chunk of the audience went “Wtf Superman is murdering a bunch of innocent civilians”. (While obviously a bit different controversy as Superman entire personality is about helping civilians while Rhaenys doesn’t). But grander point being both were shot to look like a badass action piece with its consequences being notice by viewers
  15. I’d argue it’s less defending the greens (because they suck in the books too) as much as it’s an objection to painting this as a good vs evil fight because the blacks do so many reprehensible things later that to paint them as “the good guys” will give the show tone issues later on
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