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  1. 3/10 thanks to Cersei, Arya and Theon. I felt like they needed someone important dead in every single storyline...Miranda, maybe Stannis, Selyse, Myrcella, Jon, Meryn... and it felt kinda forced couple of times. The North: I was worried it would come to Brienne meeting Stannis. Although I couldn't understand how she just waltzed into the pool of dead bodies unhurt, curious. Also noted "They've stolen all our horses" and then saw Melisandre arrive at The Wall...riding a horse!! XD Winterfell: Well done Theon, just not sure where you two can hide before Boltons as there are just two people not ready to kill you (Brienne and Pod). King's Landing: Nice acting of Lena Headey. Also enjoyed the new Kingsguard moment :) Mereen: How did you get back to the Pyramid alive in the first place xD Also it was a very new info for me that someone had respect for Grey Worm since all they did was butcher them the whole time, showing how not awesome they are? Also, I really enjoy Varys, don't get me wrong, but kinda hoped he would return to King's Landing.... Dany: Great, loved Dany trying to persuade Drogon to get back when he was just like "Mom, leave me alone, I wanna sleep....". Really thought she tamed him? Well, she has a few minutes to find out in her current situation, like five minutes away from death from rape by dothraki...hoped they would end it differently...oh well The Wall: em....so....that's it? They save wildlings, barely escape from White Walkers, he didn't do anything else... and ..just...what? I expected more tension and...that was all it took to make him a stabbing target for like everyone? Eh...and interesting how Melisandre showed up just before that....really....and she is prolly gonna need a shrink soon xD (loved that look though) Sam...finally left for Oldtown after confessing to his Lord Commander he broke his vows in Castle Black....xD Arya: Finally a deserved death, enjoyed her cold look full of hate. And the scene where she got blind....prolly the only storyline I would like to see develop more at this point. Dorne: Well, did they really have to give her that "sweet" moment with Jaime just before the poison started to work? The rest didn't impress me, least of all Tyene's "teasing".
  2. 4/10 This episode unfortunately increased my hatred for the inappropriate changes and mixtures of storylines they've made so far. The Wall: I didn't quite understand how they could leave Hardhome by boat and find themselves BEYOND the Wall...And showing Olly wasn't necessary as we've already seen him angry most of the times. Aliser Thorne and Sam were good though :) Dorne: Kinda meh. Mixing up storylines of different characters again, not much happening. Well, seeing Jamie writing with his left hand was fun. Braavos: Not sure why the Thin Man had to shout several times, Arya is not deaf. The brothel scene was tense but good, at least we now know what a disgusting **** Meryn is. And Arya lying to Kindly man about Thin Man - also a nice moment. Mereen: I was so thrilled to see Dany deal with Jorah. I liked how she expressed disagreement on letting him fight there. I also liked how she accepted his hand....until I realized he has grayscale xD the hell is this supposed to mean?..oh well, this happens when u mix characters too much. Another weak moments for me were "men protecting fragile women" and SoH attacking one or two at a time only...and Dany making it look like she called Drogon somehow. But Drogon killing/eating everything was great xD except...what was Dany thinking, leaving all her allies in the middle of enemies while leaving xD Ok ok, now it is only the North left cannot postpone it anymore. I didn't like Mel looking like she had known what was going to happen in the camp before it happened...also expected a bit more from the big Ramsay plan. Davos and Shireen were just awesome and so sweet (but if she is still contagious, bb Davos). The Stannis Shireen scene as well until....I couldn't believe they were going to let that happen. And making Selyse sound like the better person while being at it when she had blindly followed Melisandre for the whole time. What the...?!? Firstly they made Stannis seem like a nice person and then made him do this? This isn't the Stannis it should be, they ruined him for me and many others. When Shireen asked him if he was not cold, I am convinced he wasn't cause he was drugged by Mel. There is no other reasonable explanation for his behaviour than that. Well, at least the actors played it well. After Hardhome setting the bar so high, I feared the finale would be disappointing, and it mostly was. As a big fan of the books, I simply cannot forgive the producers for what they did with some of my favorite characters. I feel very generous, giving it a 4/10.
  3. Fair point. I do realize that they need to speed it up - and revealing the WW to hundreds of people instead of just Sam makes them more credible, thus easier for the survivors to persuade the rest of the world how much of a threat they are and that there should be something done about them already, until it's too late. Still, I would love the series to be longer, so that they could take their time with these crucial things...
  4. 9/10 This season has been mostly disappointing for me...mostly due to departure from the books. But I must say, this episode was awesome. I enjoyed every minute of it. Tyrion meeting Dany, Reek finally denying killing Sansa's brothers, Arya as Cat of the canals, Cersei getting what she deserves...and then of course the battle. Why not 10/10? Well, I think that the less we know about the enemy, the less he shows up, the more terrifying he is. And in this episode, they basically showed the White Walkers, how they transform the dead into wights....and I feel like there's not much mystery left, since the characters now know what they really look like, what they can do (not saying that's all they can do but still). Plus the super fast skeletons were a bit annoying for me.
  5. 6,5/10 Unlike many others, I didn't enjoy the episode as much - not the first half at least (Winterfell, Castle Black). It was just a big "what the...?!" for me. e.g. I really couldn't see any reason why Jon would leave Ghost behind. The second half kind of saved it for me - I enjoyed the fighting pit scene and King's Landing was nicely done as well (except for Lady Olenna vs. High Sparrow....). And Dorne....well, not a fan of Dorne scenes (mostly due to previous episode) and nothing really happened there, but Bronn was awesome as always.
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