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  1. Agreed. But until it's confirmed in the books, things like the locale of Lyanna's death are all being guessed at by readers filling in blanks in ways that may or may not correct. We don't have direct evidence on the locale of her death. Like all reading, we are all anticipating potential outcomes and filling in blanks--exactly what we're supposed to do. Exactly what makes reading fun (sorry for sounding like a literacy promo). But none of it is direct evidence or confirmation until we get it in the novels. Agreed on the tree--no idea why that would be tied to her locale of death. But, for now, we don't have direct evidence that Lyanna died at the toj--we have readers filling in blanks (as we're supposed to) in ways that may or may not be right. So evidence for where she dies--toj, Starfall, any other place that might be posited--is still educated guesses and anticipation. Unless someone has presented direct evidence on any of those locales that I've missed. We need the books to settle it. That's the only "real" evidence that won't be readers filling in blanks. Yup.
  2. Yup. Absolutely--especially given how he reacts to finding out her name is gossiped about at Winterfell. Agreed--though other trees of other families do give the local and even basic manner of death for people. So, putting Lyanna's place of death on a tree wouldn't be out of character generally for how Martin constructs the trees. And I have a very, very hard time believing Martin needed any kind of reminder on where Lyanna died. Eye colors of minor and semi-minor characters? Sure. Where Lyanna died? No way. Until we get confirmation in the books, those trees/records aren't "truth" yet--but, as you said above, that doesn't stop their being "canon."
  3. Yup! So far, the appendices and family trees GRRM writes and publishes reflect the "official" record, not always conducive to actual reality.
  4. Precisely--an in-world family tree presenting in-world knowledge (what Ned told people), which may or may not be actually true once the full backstory of Lyanna comes out.
  5. But the family tree Ran cites about Lyanna at the tower of joy is like all the other family trees in the novels and appendices, right? It still shows Jon as Ned's son, right? So, it shows what Ned told people about Lyanna's death, like what he told them about Jon. So, maybe it's telling actual reality. Or maybe it's just saying what Ned told people--and, like other things Ned has told on this subject, it's a lie. So--we really need the novels to confirm.
  6. How? Not trying to be difficult--I'm really curious. GRRM establishes exactly who Dany's attracted to. It's not someone like Jon. I do think they are retrofitting Nissa Nissa into the story. Though what Jon's supposed to do with it . . . not sure. I have theories, but they'd all be really crappy if true. But. . . how so if it's based on who Dany's attracted to? Martin's been showing us this from the beginning. And being consistent throughout the novels. Why bother with all of that?
  7. Right--but that doesn't mean Dany and Jon are romantic and like this. Dany and Jon in the books are attracted to VERY different people: Dany likes violent sociiopaths who kill and conquer. Jon's really not that guy. And the story can be about the two of them without a lot of the stuff the show had them do. Rather like Book Sansa can go save the North with the Vale without becoming Jeyne Poole.
  8. There's still an hour and 20 minutes next time. Fingers crossed the true mysteries are solved!
  9. Well--given that the show melded Val with Dany and Jon with fAegon, seems at least possible that Jon and Val will have sex. I do think he will reject her, though--he's breaking what we hear about the Night's King from Nan, making different choices. But she may reject him first when he reanimates.
  10. Of course not--I completely agree with this. My point was just that we've been shown that Dany's capable of monstrous things. This was much worse--and not inevitable. But it had at least some set up.
  11. In the books it's clear. In the show, I've been afraid they'd have Dany and Jon have pretty, pretty babies and lots of dragons and wolves. Very grateful they didn't do that.
  12. That might be more layered that D&D generally do--but might be an interesting parallel. But Dany's needy--for her dragons and for her lovers.
  13. Very good point--wondering if Bran sent the horse for that reason. Though if Bran really is all seeing, why in the name of all that's holy didn't he warn Jon before this??? Makes me think book-Bran is not comign back to Winterfell. Bringing him back has been ridiculous--he's an incredibly unreliable data file. And that's about it.
  14. Yup--it's clearer in the books. But we've see this for a while--from her consent to Viserys' death and MMD onward. Exactly. The Dothraki loved her--so she fought for them. Then killed in Vaes Dothrak when they stopped loving her. Dany, like Viserys, is desperate to be loved. And like Viserys, will commit atrocities to get it.
  15. Lena Headey is always a star--not quite to the level of Olenna. But yes--even I felt sorry for her at the end. Not enough to wish her well, but to mourn what could have been. Lena's really, really good.
  16. Yup. It makes her feel powerful and thus "better"--it's clearer in the books, but still: they've shown how much Dany likes power. She's been choosing between them for a while. Here's the final choice--a long time coming.
  17. Yup-- Yet another reason I fear D&D will pull a crappy switch of Jon's parentage. Oy.
  18. I'm worried more and more that they are going to pull a switcheroo with Jon's parentage right at the end. Which would be really cheap and crappy.
  19. They did this a LOT better in the books. Showed from the first that she had a choice between "Home" and the dragon. And that the dragon meant power and the world in ashes. Here--they rushed it. But they did show her monstrous side last season with the field of fire and the Tarlys' execution. Dany's not innately a monster--but she's made some monstrous choices.
  20. Ran-- A quick question re: this post to @WeaselPie for clarification. I'm not sure if this is a question that's appropriate for me to ask. If I'm out of line, just tell me. On the Stark tree in the files you all received, by any chance do you remember if was Jon still listed as Ned's bastard son? In other words, was the family tree similar to the ones published in the back of the novels? IE: since you received it in 2008, did it still list Bran and Rickon as "believed dead" like it does In Dance? Thanks!
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    All of a sudden I can't sign out, either. Really don't want to be permanently signed in. ETA: It somehow signed me out after closing down my computer. So. . . .no idea what's up.
  22. Hey, wolfmaid! Just wanted to say I approve of the essays being opened on the general forum. . . am hoping all goes well. Just in case anyone's looking: Essay #1:http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/135656-the-heresy-essays-xyj-prospects/ Essay #2: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/135830-the-heresy-essays-xyj-arthur-lyannaj/
  23. Excellent! And again--fabulous work on all of this, wolfmaid! One question: is there a reason the essays are only labeled by their issue number vs. the title of the theory? It's just a bit harder to track with only the number. . . but if there's a reason for it, no worries.
  24. Won't it be covered under the "Eddard" thread? Is Markg171 only considering Wylla?
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