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  1. I'm worried more and more that they are going to pull a switcheroo with Jon's parentage right at the end. Which would be really cheap and crappy.
  2. They did this a LOT better in the books. Showed from the first that she had a choice between "Home" and the dragon. And that the dragon meant power and the world in ashes. Here--they rushed it. But they did show her monstrous side last season with the field of fire and the Tarlys' execution. Dany's not innately a monster--but she's made some monstrous choices.
  3. Yes! I forgot--in addition to melding him with fAegon, they also just tossed Lady Stoneheart into the mix, saving a bit of her for Arya's melding. It's character stew. Especially since we have Jon seeing the old kings coming out of their tombs in the novels. And it's nothing like D&D. I still am annoyed by the fact that the dead "growl"--silent death is so scary in the novels. Amen! I do like that they flat out admitted the NK's immunity to fire was a "why not?" move. Transparency is a virtue--and it explains a lot of their writing and plot choices. Yup. And all the book set up with Nan's tales. And the echoes of the Night's King with the Smiling Knight and even Drogo. They just flattened the NK out, made him into a movie monster, and bam! Anyone could take him out then. No need for the stuff about "all men must know fear" or "justice" or "our way is the old way" or any of the rest. Arya's badassery is all that's needed. sigh.
  4. Question: NK raised dead from the battle and dead in the crypts. So: where were Lyanna, Brandon, and Rickard? Rickon? Completely Headless Ned? The newest crypt corpses just get to sleep in? Did I miss them in the darkness, or did D&D not include them because they didn't want to pay the Rickon actor any more money?
  5. His purpose is tension with Dany--obviously. That's why they melded him with fAegon and melded Dany with Val. Real answer? No idea what they intend to do with him. Or why/how his being undead himself was remotely helpful to the plot/purpose/etc. Big resurrection! Little show.
  6. Ran-- A quick question re: this post to @WeaselPie for clarification. I'm not sure if this is a question that's appropriate for me to ask. If I'm out of line, just tell me. On the Stark tree in the files you all received, by any chance do you remember if was Jon still listed as Ned's bastard son? In other words, was the family tree similar to the ones published in the back of the novels? IE: since you received it in 2008, did it still list Bran and Rickon as "believed dead" like it does In Dance? Thanks!
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    All of a sudden I can't sign out, either. Really don't want to be permanently signed in. ETA: It somehow signed me out after closing down my computer. So. . . .no idea what's up.
  8. Hey, wolfmaid! Just wanted to say I approve of the essays being opened on the general forum. . . am hoping all goes well. Just in case anyone's looking: Essay #1:http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/135656-the-heresy-essays-xyj-prospects/ Essay #2: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/135830-the-heresy-essays-xyj-arthur-lyannaj/
  9. Excellent! And again--fabulous work on all of this, wolfmaid! One question: is there a reason the essays are only labeled by their issue number vs. the title of the theory? It's just a bit harder to track with only the number. . . but if there's a reason for it, no worries.
  10. Won't it be covered under the "Eddard" thread? Is Markg171 only considering Wylla?
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