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  1. I have to sleep therefore I'm going to address the ones i have serious issues with. -Unwillingness to accept the difference between 2 mediums? I had always backed the show; after season 1 they were never truly faithful to the books but the changes never bothered me (even though almost none improved the story) this season though; entire character themes and arcs have been hijacked which is not ok -Unwillingness to accept flaws of the books? The books have plenty of flaws; however the show has significantly more (the only flaw they have fixed is tyrion's meeting with dany) -unwillingness to accept that you know nothing now? I was very excited coming into season 5; 2 versions of the same story? Literally dream come true until I saw what this version looked like; nonsensical at it's best, insulting at it's worst. A huge letdown Oh and the argument about constraints doesn't hold up; why would I have remained a fan for so long when literally everything has been scaled down from season 1? you'd think I'd have taken the many chances to have come my way (and btw it isn't the scale that's disheartenng, it's the little things)
  2. I think the person who should feel the most aggrieved is Ramin Djawadi. His music is the only part that had lived up to the books. While I admit that FfC/DwD needed "fixing", they were much better than season 5. Here's hoping that Grrm gets WoW out before season 6. And D&D start to follow the books again (What can i say, I'm merciful. I don't want this show to crash and burn)
  3. I'll tell you why. It's that same word that everyone is taking about now;TRUST. If you are going to undertake an adaptation of such a beloved series, you are taking on the trust of all it's loyal followers. And that feeling of trust had been broken this season. Also i don't get why season 5 haters are labeled as show haters. We only started hating this fanfiction when it became fanfiction.
  4. Gave it a 5, then read the first page of comments and changed it to a 3 ☺ On the bright side, now i can totally see the show as fanfiction. Probably not gonna watch season 6 if WoW doesn't come out before that (sigh)
  5. I know right it is sickening just stop it already!!!!!
  6. This. Stannis maybe a hard man but he is fair and knowledgeable to boot. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this here but why doesn't Stannis know about the Dance of the dragons? This is an event that every child in westeros knows about! Good and they have found a less sucky way to do this exposition?
  7. After a good week and an excellent week comes another.... I don't think there are words to describe how awful this was. An episode managed to be horrible without the winterfell storyline? I am once more on the verge of quiting the show. Stannis has suffered from the worst case of character assassination in the entire show. As someone pointed out before he likely won't be present at the wall if Mel does burn Shireen. This was completely against his character and horrific. Arya's arc should have concluded instead been dragging on for another week. Completely anti-climactic. Dorne was supposed to be all about fire and blog this week instead we got nothing. Alexander Siddig is being completely misused here. The entire seasons storyline has been for nothing. The big scene was anti-climactic. No one lifts a finger as she climbs onto the Dragon? Why? This was maybe worse than episode six I'm giving it a 5/10. Rest in peace my hopes for the show.
  8. SyShaRa

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Pretty stellar episode all in all. Hardhome was every bit as incredible as it needed to be, so was the dialogue between dany and tyrion (big surprise there). All the rest, cersei, arya, sansa, theon was great. The one scene that bothers me is the Bolton scene. They have written themselves into a corner here I believe. In the books, Winterfell is crowded with guests and the presence of a secret serial killer makes it all the more important that Bolton finishes Stannis off quickly, before he himself becomes a target. But in the show, Roose is completely right to sit behind his walls and using Ramsey's impatience (book Ramsey would never suggest that) as a device to engage Stannis in open war feels a little contrived for me. Anyone agree?
  9. SyShaRa

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    I would say that most of the criticism is justified (some of the changes have been horrendous). But yeah this is the first legitimate case for criticizing George. This scene or its equivalent should have already happened in DWD.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Well done! Well done! Too many times this season I have been bemoaning stylistic choices that have been detrimental to the story but THIS is one change that has paid off big time. This is what DWD should have provided us with!!! More importantly, how cool was the Night's King? George this is why when you have awesome characters you should use them. Stark staring down Stark/Targaryen? I'll take that over anything else on this show any day of the week!