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  1. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    all of those
  2. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    Couple of small things When I think Arya I think Survivor or Self-Aware but that maybe bc I already associate the Starks with tragedy/trauma Is Cersei still a narcissist despite her having thoughts of Tywin’s “approval?” I really like the Pod/Persistent connection and the Sansa/Ladylike as well
  3. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    These are very good
  4. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

  5. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    Theon- Pathetic Ramsay- Sadistic Arthur Dayne- Legendary Asha- Ass-kicker
  6. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Did Rhaegar have dragon dreams?

    I’m pretty certain Daeron told dunk his dreams were different and came true (paraphrasing)
  7. One-eyed Misbehavin

    The Sphinx is the Riddle

    Yes he is. His name is Jon Snow. Part dragon part leader part Northman. He is The riddler in that he got aemon and Mance’s baby’s king blood away into safety while literally hiding in plain sight as the riddle. There’s a quote saying “dragons riddling with sphinxes” (Future Dany/Jon deal?) Aemon only insisted on Dany so Jon could get a dragon (although he obviously believes her to be the ptwp) , the dragon must have 3 heads and Aemon knew he was too old so he kept Jon’s ID secret while trying to save the world. Alleras is referred too much with Sphinx for me, seems classic GRRM
  8. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    This made my day better
  9. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    My only problem with Doran working with Dark star is that Dayne seemed certain that killing Myrcella would be the best course of action in his opinion. Unless he went rogue I don’t see his ideals aligning with Doran Lady Nym may have more tricks up her sleeve against Robert strong than we think. Hard to catch a guy that doesn’t use the bathroom or eat offguard though I completely agree with you that the intellectuals will have just as big of a role as the “Warriors” in the upcoming war
  10. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    1. Actually if I had to guess Obara’s most likely surprise destination it would have to be old town . But I could see the reach also 2 Agreed this girl won’t let anyone else smart/get the best of her Obara is always the common comparison to Prince Oberyn however my vote is Sarella or.... 3. Lady Nym the assassin who wants 4 lives I agree she must cool her jets 4. Idk about this one lol 5. I disagree call me shallow or whatever but I’m picking Arianne in a millisecond at Faegon’s age
  11. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    Is Aegon a spanker? Or will Elia outjoust him? Sarella is deadly and Nymeria don’t give 1 or 2 f****
  12. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    I literally agree with everything. I’ve actually never seen that about Pate’s poor choice of words. Very nice!
  13. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    My anxiety medication got the better of me. I suppose I meant a new outside opinion from a fresh face but that would assume she is heard/confirmed by a POV while also telling the truth..... but you’re absolutely correct, I got too fancy
  14. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    TWOW Sample Chapters included I’ll stick to the elder 5 bc I don’t have a blue’s clue about the younger 3. Obara- Well she is chasing the “most dangerous man in Dorne” but she’s got some pretty good back-up in Areo Hotah still I see 1 or both dying at Darkstar’s hands. Can’t decide which one though Lady Nymeria- On the way to King’s Landing to join a disastrous small council that is filled with border enemy reach members. I think a new POV of KL could be very refreshing and better capture the “big picture” I think she lives more than most people I’ve seen but she could be in serious trouble when the Myrcella news reaches Cersei. Nym is driven by revenge and wants to straight up assassinate her enemies, KL is a tough place to get your justice at. Tyene- With Nymeria but in an effort to infiltrate the Faith and win over the High Sparrow. If Lady Nym is in the hot water of KL then Tyene is in a boiling pot. The high sparrow has no issues with torturing people for info and seems like a common sense intelligent person, it will be very difficult and very dangerous for Tyene to succeed. It’s hard for me to see Tyene making it out of KL. I’m not even sure if she will be posing as herself as a septa or as a random septa so I’m not the most informed. Hopefully someone can clarify and add more. Tyene does have 1 thing going for her, at this time both she and the high septon hate the same person (Cercei) Sarella- The younger 2 are such wild cards. Sarella is cool with Marwyn who is the ultimate wild card. I think Sarella will believe Sam and thereby be forced to adjust her strategy and end game. I can totally see her researching and later spraying Obsidian arrows with deft precision. Elia- I know what you’re thinking and yes I’m terrible with these predictions but bear with me on this one I have been seriously considering that rather than Arianne, Aegon falls for Lady Lance. We’ve literally seen 1 Dornish princess passed over by a Targ for a more tomboyish horse riding lady and I think this would add lateral thought on Faegon’s character and be a cool move overall for the Dorne storyline What do you think will happen to the sand snakes?
  15. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Which single character’s action was the most shocking for you?

    I think the bolded is a great observation and personally find it usually true. For the underlined I also completely agree with this and thought it would have been great.