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  1. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    Lewyn woulda beat Lyn’s tail if not injured. How old was Andrik the Unsmiling? Myles Toyne Syrio is an option My list only top 4 in order Dayne Selmy Robert Rhaegar Yohn Royce Oberyn Jason Mallister
  2. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Tywin’s smiling before death

    I bet he smiled when pycelle convinced Aerys to open the gates. Or when Chataya Gave him a king’s hand job
  3. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Tywin’s smiling before death

    “Actual joy” “Men say that Tywin never smiled, but he smiled when he wed your mother, and when Aerys made him Hand. When Tarbeck Hall came crashing down on Lady Ellyn, that scheming bitch, Tyg claimed he smiled then. And he smiled at your birth, Jaime, I saw that with mine own eyes. You and Cersei, pink and perfect, as alike as two peas in a pod . . .” The one time he “smiles” regarding Tyrion. This is telling and very sad “Tyrion glanced along the dais at all the laughing faces. Joffrey was red and breathless, Tommen was hooting and hopping up and down in his seat, Cersei was chuckling politely, and even Lord Tywin looked mildly amused. Of all those at the high table, only Sansa Stark was not smiling. He could have loved her for that” Interestingly Cersei gets a private smile that Jamie likely only received (if ever) before joining KG When she was just a little girl, her father had promised her that she would marry Rhaegar. She could not have been more than six or seven. "Never speak of it, child," he had told her, smiling his secret smile that only Cersei ever saw. "Not until His Grace agrees to the betrothal. It must remain our secret for now." And so it had Another interesting point is the other examples of Tywin nearly smiling involve Rob 1st engaging him and then when someone asks if the westerlings and spicers would actually betray Casterly Rock
  4. One-eyed Misbehavin

    All time Top Fighters

    Good point on the jousting that may be absolutely correct. But I disagree on the anvil V hammer debate. In this particular case the hammer turned the tide of battle. Maekar Could have been just as or more effective in Baelor’s position but I’d lean Baelor for his combination of Mind/Body/Soul. The tourney lance trick is a good example.
  5. Utterly ridiculous and I really don’t mean to be rude to anyone. It’s attempting to make something out of nothing. Then again his whole story is utterly ridiculous or lucky so idk
  6. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Walys birth status

    I’ve enjoyed these books multiple times but never once did I realize that the mover and shaker Maester Walys was born of a Hightower lady. While this doesn’t mean it’s a main branch member it’s still interesting. Do we know/reduced possibilities as to one or both of his parents? I wan know the secret father lol Getting someone else to fight the Targs seems to be the mindset of the Hightowers post Aegon 1/old town burning prophecy Before he forged his chain, Maester Walys had been known as Walys Flowers. Flowers, Hill, Rivers, Snow … we give such names to baseborn children to mark them for what they are, but they are always quick to shed them. Walys Flowers had a Hightower girl for a mother … and an archmaester of the Citadel for a father, it was rumored. The grey rats are not as chaste as they would have us believe. Oldtown maesters are the worst of all. Once he forged his chain, his secret father and his friends wasted no time dispatching him to Winterfell to fill Lord Rickard's ears with poisoned words as sweet as honey.
  7. One-eyed Misbehavin

    How many lowborn POV are there?

    I might have a few small things too add to that. Melisandre is convinced the onion knight would never betray Stannis. Even after all manderley did for him, when face to face he still initially urges Lord Wyman to seek Stannis bc none are more just (paraphrased) That being said Wyman wants his Liege and then would bend his knee to Stannis. So Davos could absolutely be a “wolf man” and never betray Stannis, however given he is the acting hand of the king I would certainly think Stannis would expect Davos to do his duty. (Which is whatever Stannis requires)
  8. One-eyed Misbehavin

    How many lowborn POV are there?

    Agreed. Interesting take on that wolf den piece I’ll have to reread that while keeping that under consideration. Porridge for the deadman
  9. One-eyed Misbehavin

    How many lowborn POV are there?

    No hand of the king title for the legendary onion knight? Lol everyones favorite fingerless hand
  10. One-eyed Misbehavin

    All time Top Fighters

    Certainly not worse than Maekar. If I’m not mistaken He only inferred it was Maekar who dealt his eventual mortal blow as he was holding off multiple Kingsguard. It’s not as if he and Maekar were 1 Vs. 1. I’m going from memory so correct me if I’m wrong but Baelor is undoubtedly held in higher martial esteem than Maekar. I always read Baelor as an Antithesis to Daemon so I agree he probably wouldn’t outright beat him on the majority of their encounters (as Daemon is my number 1-2) but he did defeat Daemon at the Princesses wedding tourney. So he was likely as skilled as any knight on the list
  11. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Character community opinion #1

    I respect that he had his goal in mind at King’s Landing and for better or worse completely acted on his vision and like a true Northman gave up that ridiculous amount of power after such a brief time in order to go home with his new wife. He is the north.
  12. One-eyed Misbehavin

    All time Top Fighters

    I thought of a big one you missed. Your namesake Baelor Breakspear could probably hang with if not outright defeat the majority of this list
  13. One-eyed Misbehavin

    All time Top Fighters

    I don’t like Barristan over Daemon but do agree with your top 5 and even like your top 10. The only glaring omission that occurred was Maegor who was the youngest knight until Daemon I believe and he defeated 7 of the most skilled knights in all of Westeros with some less than ideal team members. He was crushing grown men in melees at age 12-13. I hate to fanboy but Mance is the best black brother acoording to Qhorin who is a legend himself. Brienne can hang with anyone and has an interesting defensive style that would serve her well against high caliber opponents However the Dunk we have seen so far wouldn’t hang with these guys I’m sorry. Perhaps the Dunk that beat an older laughing storm is significantly better. He’s An all time great but not as high on my list as others. Rhaegar had the pure skill to defeat anyone but was undoubtedly bested on that particular day. Daemon Targ despite losing to the traitor Criston Cole in a melee (perhaps a joust as well) the Rogue Prince would never back down from any man on this list. And with his VS blade along with that temper and reputation, I’d never bet against him.
  14. One-eyed Misbehavin

    How much does Mace Tyrell know about Loras?

    From the beginning Loras is referred to multiple times by different people as Mace’s favorite. He probably knows but doesn’t consider it a big deal as his work protecting Marg would be enough to gain anyone’s respect
  15. One-eyed Misbehavin

    Character community opinion #2

    Very healthy appetite. Giving his 2nd son Brightwater Keep is friggin ballsy. But overall not a terrible guy, perhaps the wrong person to pair with Cercei. High garden had it’s shit together coming into KL. No way the Lord of highgarden is a complete moron but he’s also been shown to be a hard liner when necessary but all in all has made decisions and attempted others that prove he’s not the brilliant patriarch others like Tywin are portrayed as