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  1. Just bought the book, unlike GOT, I won't read or watch anything about the show before I finish it. So I guess I ll be back soon...
  2. Where do whores go?

  3. Ooops! I forgot, plz :bowdown: GRRM bring on WOW to wash out some of these non sense in this S05 :bang: . The Truth, only the Truth and All the Truth.... :wideeyed:
  4. 9/10 Cersei! Cersei Cersei! it takes something to play a scene like that. what a flnally... I am happy with that end, Simply Amazing!
  5. I had shivers when I was reading the pit episode in the book. So I had great expectations and I was so excited to watch it on the show. The finally and last scene was great, I guess this is why it is called a SHOW. All the twists and changed from the book (some really laughable) on the other hand made the all thing a BIG disappointment for me. Some people just should not be on that pit. It is as simple as that... :(
  6. I started with the TV show. I saw the first 3 seasons in one go. I could not wait for S04. So when I learn about the books, I started my reading and it was a REVELATION and a none stop reading. Before the S04 even started I was done with the books, so the best of Both World. Just Read it!!!
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