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  1. What's your favorite chapter from the second book? And why?   I'd just like to see some opinions in comparison with my own.   Personally, my favorite chapter from this book is Chapter 56, Theon V.      It's a fantastic psychological chapter that adds a greater depth to the complex character of Theon Greyjoy. He is a POV character that I've found I first disagreed with most, if not all, of his actions. He is troubled, and blinded by a certain ambition and desire for respect. This chapter really exemplifies that. It starts with dreams plagued from the guilt of killing "Bran and Rickon" consuming his nights. Asha finally arrives and offers Theon an escape from his follies and he refuses! I found that fact astonishing. There is no happy ending in sight for Theon except for that offer. Her words to Theon make you realize just how unsuccessful his attempt to be "Prince of Winterfell" really was. And then, if you read the books first, it is revealed that he never even killed Bran and Rickon. Gut-wrenching reveal. He killed the miller's boys and framed them as to not seem a fool for letting his captives escape which is folly because now all of the North is furious! Among other conflicts. All in all, huge fan of this chapter on a structural and emotional level, with beyond exceptional character development for Theon Greyjoy.   I recommend of reread of this chapter, if not the entire book, if not the entire series.    If you clicked this topic, thank you. If you read this entire post, I thank you twice. 
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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Anyone realize we might get to finally find out if Serio Forel is alive if Arya confronts Maren Trant