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  1. The best answer on this whole topic. But you won't change the minds of people here.
  2. Come on, that is just plain stupid. Now people are just forcing it... It was stupid to even think that it was D&D's idea to put Bran on the throne. They hated that character. But now some people just sound desperate, which looks pretty sad.
  3. Isaac has stated that D&D told him two things coming straight from GRRM: Hodor, and him being King. So there you go...
  4. It is not about religion. My problem is, that putting Bran in charge, is a chheezy cop-out of the philosophical and political dilema of being a good ruler, given the limited capacities of the human nature. By making Bran a King, he just bypasses the problem, and does not give an answer. Sure, he obviously does not have a definitive one, no one does, since we are all humans and captured by our limited rationality. But to say that the best ruler is an all-knowing deity, is not an answer at all. Yes, we know that Einstein. Thanks for the cake.
  5. It has definitively changed the way, how I view the books. GRRM allways spoke, that he was not pleased with the way of how Tolkien wrote in LotR that Aragorn "ruled good and wisely" and how he allways wanted to know what that means. Turns out bis solution to this unsolved dilema by humans (which obviously can't be solved), is putting an all-knowing semi-deity in charge. No shit Sherlock, who would have guessed that?
  6. Of course you cant see it. 2/7 of the story is not done yet. Do you know how much plot hapened in the first two books? FEAST and DANCE are bad examples, because literally nothing happend plotwise. But the earlier books had a lot to tell.
  7. Nicolaj and Gwendoline talking about, who will be King at the end, back then when promoting Season 7. Gwendoline bets it is Bran. Nicolajs reaction to that is just hillarious Nicolaj: The three eyed raven???? That doesn't make any sense!
  8. The logic you are using regarding who will be King at the end, even though thought out pretty well, is completely flawed. You all start to think about lineage and legacy. And you continue to play the game as it was played before. After the war against the Others, the continent will be unrecognizable. Probably half of (If not more) the population in Westeros will be dead. Westeros will be devastated by the wars it had to suffer: Five Kings, ,(upcoming) Dance, (upcoming fight for Dawn), (upcoming) fight against Daenerys Army. It will change the whole game. After all of this is set and done, GRRM won't just write a story about who has the most valyrian blood to sit him on that throne (which also will not exist). Bran might be the crucial figure in the fights to come. He might be the first King to be elected, because he will be the most important figure to secure humanities survive. Think for a moment, you really think, GRRM is writing this whole epic fantasy, just to sit at the end and start "well, lets see, he is a quarter Targaryen, he is one eittth Targaryen. Well he is an Andal. No, wait, he is one of the first men". That is not what is going to happen.
  9. I don't believe that for a second. Even before the show spoiled it. We will see if Winds come out
  10. He neither did in the show. Meera literally states it "Brandon Stark died in that cave". The artist formerly known as Bran is the 3ER, a being with the conciousness of all the 3ER existing before him.
  11. I don't believe that. I wished it were true though. That would be the only way to ever get Dreams in our hands.
  12. Funny, I put that Quote of George here, to state that the Author won't give anything away from the books, nor how much the show differs from the books, he is planing to write. Yet, it leads to a discussion to exactly that
  13. Just for the lols: If you had to guess how many manuscript pages GRRM has written, what would you guys guess?
  14. He made it vague, on purpose. He obviously won't spoil his books. But he can not act as if nothing from the show is from the books. And he can not act as if everything from the show is from the books. Hence, Yes, No, Yes, No....
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