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  1. T and A

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Believe whatever makes you happy.
  2. T and A

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    The best answer on this whole topic. But you won't change the minds of people here.
  3. T and A

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Come on, that is just plain stupid. Now people are just forcing it... It was stupid to even think that it was D&D's idea to put Bran on the throne. They hated that character. But now some people just sound desperate, which looks pretty sad.
  4. T and A

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Isaac has stated that D&D told him two things coming straight from GRRM: Hodor, and him being King. So there you go...
  5. It is not about religion. My problem is, that putting Bran in charge, is a chheezy cop-out of the philosophical and political dilema of being a good ruler, given the limited capacities of the human nature. By making Bran a King, he just bypasses the problem, and does not give an answer. Sure, he obviously does not have a definitive one, no one does, since we are all humans and captured by our limited rationality. But to say that the best ruler is an all-knowing deity, is not an answer at all. Yes, we know that Einstein. Thanks for the cake.
  6. It has definitively changed the way, how I view the books. GRRM allways spoke, that he was not pleased with the way of how Tolkien wrote in LotR that Aragorn "ruled good and wisely" and how he allways wanted to know what that means. Turns out bis solution to this unsolved dilema by humans (which obviously can't be solved), is putting an all-knowing semi-deity in charge. No shit Sherlock, who would have guessed that?
  7. T and A

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    Whenever you read on the internet "worst...ever", stop reading further. It is just a brainfart, with no meaning or thoughts behind, whatsoever. The ending was bad, no doubt about it. But to state that it was the WORST EVER, just states the very limited mind of someone, or, it states that that person simply has never seen anything else before, and it is his first show to actually watch.
  8. So, we reached the stage of "bargaining" ?
  9. T and A

    So what was the third "oh shit" moment?

    We don't know it and we won't know it (except a miracle happens and George actually manages to finish those books). They have said, after Season 7, that they won't tell, what is from George and what is not. They have, however said, that the third "Holy shit Moment", that George told them, will happen at the end of Season 8. However, they wont tell anymore (as they did with Shereen and Hodor) which moment in specific that is. You have to guess. Or not.
  10. T and A

    So what was the third "oh shit" moment?

    Eh...no, they have said, that they will include this moment at the end of the series. We will, however, never know what it was for sure, since they have also said this season, they won't tell what is from GRRM and what is not. But the moment is definitively included. But if one uses his brain, it is pretty clear that it is either Danny going nuts or Jon killing Danny. Or both, if they view that as one storyline.
  11. Yeah, once again, you are mixing books with the show. Most of the "claims" you make, have already been adressed within the show itself. Varys never tried to help Viserys in the show. Varys allready has comited to Tyrion that he felt gulity for Aerys II crimes, but was to afraid to intervene and tried to save his own ass back then. He also said, in Season 7 that he had tried to convince himself that he "only pointed to the traitors" but tried to convince himself all this time that it was not him who pulled the trigger. In that scene, it is obvious that he allways knew, it was of course also his fault. In Season 1 there was only the discussion with Illyrio under the Red Keep. Sure, the showrunners could have gone with the plot of book Varys from there, but they didn't. And at that meeting, nothing was stated between Varys and Illyrio, that wouldn't be plausible, with Varys being a man of the realm, nor did that conversation state, that Varys was a Targaryen supporter. They were just speaking, that the Lion and the Wolf are about to get dirty and that a war was no good at that time. But from this conversation alone, as a show, you can go anywhere without further informations. Even that Varys is an agent of the White Walkers. Maybe stop mixing book plot with show plot, when discussing each?
  12. T and A

    Who is the great other?

  13. Varys in the show only cared for the realm, the smallfolk, and how to maintain peace. He never cared for Targaryens in specific. He only choose to support Daenerys, because he thought she might be good for the realm. He has said that to Tyrrion in S05E01. As soon as he started to realize who Daenerys was (albeit poorly written and executed) he changed sides to Jon. That was his story in the show. It was rushed and badly written at the end, but that was actually his story.
  14. T and A

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    1. R+L=/=J 2. Rhaegar is still alive and is [Add here a living character name] in disguise 3. [Add here character name] is Howland Reed in disguise 4. The 3EC is secretely working for the Others 5. Rhaego is still alive and is doing... 6. Literally any theory about Sheira Seastar 7. Tyrion/Jamie/Cersei is a secret Targaryen 8. Hotpie is not the PtwP
  15. T and A

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    GRRM has allready revealed that mystery, for all who want to know it, on his notablog.