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  1. T and A

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    1. That was not a mic drop. Not even close to it. 2. The majority of the readers do care when it comes out or if. And by now, it is a big IF.
  2. T and A

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    There are a lot of reasons for the delay. We should not simplify the problem so easy. I am not on board with the "GRRM does not care" but I am definitely not on board with the people who deny that there is a problem and attack people online (behind closed doors infront and safe through a keyboad). First, as some have allready made the case, GRRM writing style. This "Gardener" aproach, is not helpfull when writing world building epic fantasy. If you don't know your outline and just wait and "see" where your story goes ahead, you are gonna have some major problems. As we can obviously see. Second, the massiv story that ASOIAF is. It just takes much more time, then writing a lets say Dan Brown book. Also the POV struckturing makes it much more difficult. And also that those books are 1000+ pages long. Combine this with problem Nummer one, then you know why he takes that amount of time. Third, the rewriting. He stated that he sometimes throws hundred of pages that he has allready written away and restarts writing. The biggest "problem" is (althoug not for him but rather for the delay of the book) his financial indipendency. He earns much, much more money with HBO and the rights to ASOIAF then with the books. So he is in no hurry position. The argument that he owes us nothing, is trivial and redundant. Obviously he owes us nothing. But that can be said about every free born human. Even for a sports team. That does not mean that this makes him imune for critics. It is the right of every reader to speak out that they are not pleased with the way GRRM treats his work or his fans.
  3. T and A

    This book is quite boring....

    Let me say it this way (my opinion): If this book would be the first book of the series, there would be no second book. You can take AffC completely out of the series, and nothing would be missed for the plot. You could add everything important that happens in this book (amd there is really not much) as a flashback of the different POV's in the fifth book and you would have spared 1.500 pages of reading and 5 years of writing. So to answer the question of the OP: yes I personaly thought AffC was boring too and boring was the nicest Word I could find to describe it.
  4. I pray to the lord of light that GRRM knows where the story ends by now. If not, we are screwed. I tried to explain myself, and maybe I did not made that clear enough. If not, I apologize. What I mean is, that Benioff and Wise (I meant them when I was referring to HBO) know exactly where the story will go, and how it will end. They know the overall plot, or the general storyline, if you will. But of course, since the books are not done yet, they don't know the exact path between two given points, not to mention the dialogs. So they will have to fill these paths by themself. But they know where the path has to lead. And of course I take it for granted that GRRM does not change the plot completely in the meantime. And for the sake of us readers, I hope he does not. Otherwise, the only solution that we are gonna see to this beautifull story will be the Show Version. And that would be tragic, although I love the show. But he has actually said in many Interviews, that he knows the endgame of the main POV's, although not that of all the minor characters. And at this point, you just have to believe him. If not, well then, every discussion is obsolete I am afraid.
  5. Dragon Ball Z is the bummer :D. OK. I get your point. And I totally agree with you on basically everything you said. The show could of course take a totaly different aproach and even (although I don't believe it for a second) come to a total different conclusion. That being said, it still would be the decision of the showrunners. That does not mean that they don't know where the story will go. The diferentiation after season 3 from the books are rather logical and were also described by David Benioff: Book 4 and 5 are not a very good material to visualise on TV. Book 4 for example concentrates on rather minor characters, without the usual suspects. While for some (excluding me) it is fun to read, it is not fun to watch. It gets really boring on TV. The regular (non book reading) viewer does not want to watch that. Some friends of mine who have never read the books but love the show, say that they hate it when the show concentrates on Briene, the hound etc. They want Dany, Jon, and they want Tyrion, Tyrion, Tyrion :DD. So I fully understand the decisions that were made after Season 3 and 4. But that does not mean that the Showrunners are not in contact with GRRM. They still know whats about to happen. They said last year, that they could write the last episode of the story right now if the want to. Long story short, your and mine opinion are not that apart as you might think. We just meant different things.
  6. Believing that the show and the books are gonna end the same, is indeed just believing which can't be proven until the last book comes out. BUT, believing that HBO has paid GRRM millions of dollars, and started a project that lasts for years, without knowing the exact outcome and without being in interaction with him all the time, is the stupidity I was talking about. He has signed a contract and is in charge for it. HBO is a proffesional big corporation that does not make such mistakes as to start a show based on the books without knowing what is going to happen. What if he (God forbidden) dies in the meantime? As for the number of stupidity: it was a refernece to Dragonball Z :).
  7. The stupidity of this post....it's over 9000.
  8. T and A

    Critical Reviews of ASOIAF

    Thank you very much for the detailled analysis. I don't agree - at least in some points - with the blogger. I just need a differentiated and unbiased analysis of ASOIA. If I would write it, there would not be anything negative to write. And that is the problem. I am a Fan. The only point where I agree with him is the storypath. While the first three books were at the point and straight forward, the last two books were mediocre and lost in detaills with a lot of subplots that were subversive and not necessary for the plot.
  9. Hi folks, I was interested to know if someone knows some good critical reviews about the novels. I found this one, which is actually really good in terms of literacy and comparison to other books: https://matthilliard.wordpress.com/2010/08/14/a-song-of-ice-and-fire-by-george-r-r-martin/ Do you know any bettter reviews or some reviews that you think were good and most important: objective (e.g. no fan review). I am actually writing an essay about fantasy books and especially fantasy aurhors and I am doing research now. What do you think about the review above? I hope there arent' other threads with this topic. If so I apologize.
  10. T and A

    Small Questions v. 10105

    The death of the stag and the wolf in the First Bran Chapter in AGOT is in my opinion symbolic for the death of the old Generation, thus Robert and all his Brothers (the Stag) and Ned and all his brothers and sisters (the Wolf). But the difference here is that the wolf has children that survived while the stag had none. This difference is crucial and beyond the simple fact that the Stark-children needed the Direwolfs. This is forshadowing and in some way prophecising the dynasty of the two familys: the Baratheons are gonna die out while the Stark family will survive. Robert is dead, Renly is dead and Stanis is gonna die in the next book and none of them will have children who can carry the family name (Stanis daughter will die in the next book to). Robert thought he had children, but of course he didn't. Renly didn't neither. So here you have it. That is the picture George is showing us in the first book in his very first chaper after the prologue.
  11. T and A

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    I recently visited GRRM "Not A Blog" and found this conversation betweeen him and a User: User: "Good to hear you enjoyed the Con and KC. Epic parties sound perfect!! Is there any chance you will attend "Con of Thrones" in Nashville next June/July?? Attending my 1st Con there next year, how perfect to see the man who wrote my favorite saga." GRRM: "Afraid not. I am not taking on any new cons until I finish WINDS... just worldcons (of course) and appearances I have already committed to (often years ago) like Tucson and Mexico." Note, that the Guy asked if he will visit "Con of Thrones" on June/July 2017!!! GRRM Response is that he won't, because he won't visit any convention until WINDS is finished. So either I misunderstand GRRM, or he doesn't get WINDS finished before June/July 2017!.
  12. T and A

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    I couldn't watch the episode till yesterday. But it was imposible to stay unspoiled due to the internet. The Sansa-Thing was even on Google-News. So I thought the Sansa Scene must be the most discusting thing that ever happend on Game of Thrones. And that means a lot for this show. But then I wached it yesterday and I my only Thought after the episode was: What?? Thats the big Rape??? This was the most discusting scene? Are you fucking kidding me? First of all, this is Ramsay we are talking about. He is a sociopath. What have you ecpected of him? Giving Sansa a Massage? It would be very unrealistic characterchange if he had acted differently. Second of all, Sansa has on the Show the fAria Arc. It was clear that this would happen. And last but not least, this wasnt even Rape, in the sence of Westeros. Sansa is married to Ramsay, therefore they must have sex on the first night. It's not considered Rape, only because she doesnt like her new Husband. P.S. The (Show) Sex Scene between Danny and Drogo was much more discusting. And everybody thought they are a perfect couple.