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  1. WalkinDude

    Verizon says this site is compromised

    Hi, I have Verizon FIOS and when I attempt to access the forum, Verizon alerts me that this site has malware. I'm assuming it's a false positive as I've been coming here for years and check this site almost everyday from work without issue. Just wondering if anyone knows why Verizon might be flagging this site.
  2. WalkinDude

    Lady Dustin and Rickard Stark's Southron Ambitions

    Why do people think Rickard ever would have married his eldest to a Ryswell? They weren't one of the top tier houses in the North, and had little to offer. Sounds like a jaded woman who like all highborne, wanted to climb in position, and allowed herself to be seduced by the wild wolf, who from all accounts, got around. Every other major family in this story was marrying other members of the lords of the seven kingdoms. But somehow, this instance with Brandon and Catelyn is somehow special? Barbrey Dustin is telling the story from her point of view. No more, no less.
  3. WalkinDude

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    Fair enough. I didn't do a very good job articulating what I meant. It's a fantasy series. Enjoy exploring it and thinking about it in any way that makes you happy. I'm just acknowledging that PJ is "shunned" by the majority of posters. I personally think it's due from jealousy as Preston is no more informed than a lot of the people here. Just a lot more people listen to his ideas, and some resent that. I personally appreciate what I consider his more intellectual review and consideration of the series compared to the fan fiction posts. That's all I was trying to say. We all have our crazy beliefs that may be at odds with the majority of others. To your points about Tyrion, I stand corrected. I had never looked up at that Johanna was in King's Landing the year before Tyrion was born, so never understood how Aerys could have magically impregnated her in CR. I still find it a hard pill to swallow as Aerys went out of his way to offend Tywin, so why not brag that he slept with Johanna to further shame him. Though there are a million reasons why he may have hid that if it were true. But your comment actually reinforced my original point, in that I appreciate a more scholarly approach (your very brief argument for Tyrion's paternity being a good example) to reviewing the text and precedent versus just pitching whatever random idea enters our head. Apologies.
  4. WalkinDude

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    I find PJ's way of trying to understand the text much more intriguing than the 99% of posts that revolve around "What would have happened if Ned stubbed his toe before...." The guy is making an informed attempt to solve the alleged puzzles put before us. Granted, I'll be the first to say I think most fans overestimate the level of hidden motives in this story, and Preston takes this to the extreme. But his opinions are a lot more interesting than the complete nonsense some fans post about Mance being Rhaegar or Tyrion being a secret Targaryen. Not a shred of evidence to support either of those (BUT TYRION HAS DIFFERENT COLORED EYES! HE MUST BE A TARGARYEN), yet how many people waste time discussing those.
  5. WalkinDude

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    The suspension of disbelief to accept that no one every suspected Jon was the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna is already astounding. Ned arrives home with his sister's bones, who everyone believed was kidnapped and raped by Rhaegar, and a brand new baby and no one bats an eye. That the Dayne's were involved in a coverup of sorts too, yet were stupid enough to risk the chance of naming the heir to Starfall "Ned" (yes, I know it's really Edric) is just too much. Did that mad king joke around and call Jamie and Cersei "Waters" or "Hills"? Something happened at Starfall with Ned. I don't know what, nor does anyone else. I hope we learn more about House Dayne in the next book. But Preston wants us to believe that Jon is the son of Brendan and Ashara and was conceived in the black cells of King's Landing, Dany was born at the Tower of Joy, and afterwards Ned took Jon back to Winterfell to raise Jon as his bastard. Meanwhile the Dayne's somehow got Dany to Viserys and were able to convince him to tell a story about Dany being his sister. That's a lot to expect of an 8 year old Viserys. Not to mention that such actions would be a direct attack on Robert and the Iron Throne. We can understand why Ned would lie to protect Jon if he was Lyanna's son. But to risk his family being executed to hand over his "niece" to a crazy 8 year old Targaryen and rob Ashara of her son so he could raise Brandon's bastard in the North is just too much. If Jon is the son of Ashara and Brendan, why lie? He's already called Jon a bastard. How is him being his bastard of a random serving girl a better story than Jon is the bastard son of my dead brother? Meanwhile Varys was unable to learn of this great baby switch for 15 years?
  6. WalkinDude

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    I'm a Patreon supporter of his. Have been for around 18 months. Dany isn't the daughter of Rhaegar and Lyanna because the timelines don't match up. I know Preston has gone over this, and he just dismisses the timeline saying that Jon was several months older than Robb and no one realized it. It also doesn't answer why Viserys would lie to her or even keep her around. He even blamed her for not being born early enough to marry Rhaegar. Now Targaryen's have been in to some weird shit, but I can't think of any fathers marrying their daughters. But that's not the primary reason. We know that before Martin allowed HBO to make the show, he asked D&D who Jon's mother was. He was satisfied with their answer. The show has answered this question (not going to say how due to the show spoiler policy), but if they gave him an answer and followed through on that answer, you have to accept they answered Martin correctly. That means Lyanna isn't Dany's mother. Sure, Planetos has regressed in some way because the magic that once built the wall and was responsible for so much else is all but lost. But that doesn't mean that the "magic" was from some ancient alien civilization. It can just mean (like so many other of Preston's arguments on this topic) that magic was limited in who was taught and that certain agents (the Maesters, the faceless men) worked to eradicate the limited few who had access to arcane knowledge. Instead, Preston ignores that Martin said this was not a Sci-Fi story or part of his 1000 worlds, and continues to argue that the source behind everything is advanced alien technology. He has a lot of great videos and I really enjoy most of them. His Dorne series is spectacular and the best out there. He's certainly more informed and able to put together well crafted videos probably more than any other YouTuber out there (save maybe Alt Shift X). I just think he's barking up the wrong tree on this one and would do himself a service if he accepted he was wrong and tried to come up with a solution based on the text.
  7. WalkinDude

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    I've watched every video of his. He's a firm believer that Planetos is a post-apocalyptic world and Valyrians, COTF and the Others are all genetically engineered. Glass Candles are advanced technology left over from an ancient alien race. Same as Valyrian Steel. I appreciate what Preston does for the community, but he refuses to let go that this world isn't the remains of some super advanced society and still argues that Dany is the child of Rhaegar and Lyanna. He's too committed to his ideas and won't abandon them even when it's obvious he's wrong.
  8. WalkinDude

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    I re-watched all 4 parts last night, and while it's intriguing, it just doesn't seem likely. Brown Ben Plum is liked by Dany's dragons and Tyrion and Ben comment it's because of his Valyrian heritage. Preston goes on to show that Brown Ben couldn't have the Dragon-X gene because his mother was Dothraki, and simply chalks it up to Brown Ben secretly feeding the dragons bacon. A convenient excuse without any book material to justify his claim. It also requires an unlikely probability of Martell or Hightower genes to be re-introduced during the time of Aegon V to give the gene back to the Targaryen's. When you add in his theory requires you to completely dismiss any Stark blood to involve warging, it just doesn't follow with the story. Wargs are north of the wall. Warging is tied to the First Men and Children of the Forrest, and Preston discounts all of that. If the warg gene and dragon-X gene are interchangeable, you might as well just call them the same thing. And we have no evidence of Targaryen, Dayne or Hightower's warging. That seems to be a trait unique to the North and First Men. We also don't have any evidence of some Stark, Blackwood or Bracken ever riding a dragon. That seems to be a trait unique to those of old Valyria. I give him props for working out the flow chart and it's great people look at it this way. But Preston based most of his radical theories on Sci-Fi and Martin specifically dismissed this last year and said ASOIAF is fantasy, not Sci-Fi. It ignores that as the dragons died off, so did some sorts of magic (The Wall still stands and the Weirwood net wasn't impacted, nor were The Others). Are we supposed to accept that magic in this world is limited and due to a few Valyrians having a mutant X gene? Magic of some kind is at work here, and Martins has said once you explain magic, it ceases to be magic. There's not going to be any flashback where we see Aliens landing on Planetos and altering proto-Valyrians. That's the direction PJ is going, and he's been proven wrong about this by the Author.
  9. WalkinDude

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    It's intriguing, but removes the need for the book in Old Town and doesn't explain what Aegon V was doing in Summerhall. Nor does it explain why other people in the past 150 years were unable to hatch any dragons. i know he tries to assign a gene to every Targaryen born to make his idea work, but the idea that no one but Danerys had 2 Dragon-X genes in 150 years just seems too unlikely. Not to mention the sacrifice at Drogo's pyre played in the role of Dany hatching her dragons or that the dragons died off as they were birthed weaker.