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  1. essosi watch

    Lem Lemoncloack is secretly...

    Lemons participate in Arianne's group, too. There is the Dalt guy from Lemonwood. His family is a bit like the Daynes: the knight and his brother, who is also his heir. Andrey - from andros, it means a man, manly Deziel - desilio means I jump/leap There is something Daynesque about the Dalt family. There is also the Dalt boy, with unspecified relationship with the rest of the Dalt family.
  2. essosi watch

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    I think the purpose of these books is to make readers think and ask questions. From those questions one can later judge what answers reader has already found.
  3. essosi watch

    What to ask GRRM?

    Ask if Ollo Lophand, Roro Uhorys and Pretty Pia are relatives. See the reaction. Seriously, I'm not kidding.
  4. essosi watch

    Dissecting Names

    Now when you mentioned Durran, every time I hear Argella Durrandon, I think of the hardened clay in Minecraft. I just can't help myself. The name just evokes it. I have been suffering with this crossover for a while. "The wolves can be only tamed with bones." There is this purple-eyed dragon. Wolves. Squids. Rose. Ocelot. Bat. Spider. Zombies. There is Alium. The last update had Trident and Turtles, not to mention Cod, Parrot or Seaweed. Next time I expect deer, comet and dwarf.
  5. essosi watch

    Dissecting Names

    Yes, him too. There is also another Ossifer. Ossifer Lipps in Alayne sample chapter. Now, Ossifer Plumm died while having sex with his wife, Elaena Targaryen, one of the maidens from the Maidenvault. The second Ossifer, Lipps, was flirting with Myranda Royce. Myranda's husband died while having sex with her. Myranda's sigil looks like a moon in prison. Moon, a symbol of woman. Moon in a prison, maiden in a tower. A husband having sex with his bride and dying. Elaena and Alayne. Suspiciously similar occurrences, don't you think? ETA: Royce is an old name derived from the word rose, as someone said before.
  6. essosi watch

    Dissecting Names

    A couple of things I found interesting. Delena cancerides - crab spider. Genus Alister - king parrot. nanus - Latin word for a dwarf. Ossifer means Bonebringer.
  7. essosi watch

    Dissecting Names

    A couple of Latin words. Draw your own conclusions. areo - to be dry, thirsty; dried, withered argilla - white clay aenus - of copper/bronze mellarium - beehive mellis - honey dorcas - antelope, gazelle daemon- demon, evil spirit ruben - red anguis - a serpent, snake, dragon anguilla - an eel rego, regere - manage, direct, rule, guide balaena - a whale barba - a beard, whiskers barathrum - abyss, underworld cissos - ivy liana - twining vine laena - woolen cloak leno - brothel keeper, pimp obaro - plow up otis - Otis tarda, great bustard varix - vein varicosus - full of dilated veins velarium - covering (over a theater) cohors - attendants, staff, court, retinue, bodyguard volantis - flying, soaring alium - genus Alium. Garlic, onion, leeks... alius - the other. And of course, Davos is worth to see. Like, seriously.