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    Daenerys and how many languages she speaks

    I have my own little theory that the languages are something like indicators of character's political preferencies or something like that. Like, when you say, "we speak common tongue" when you have the same opinion or when you agreed on something with someone. It's quite clear with Viserys, who didn't bother to learn other languages except of High Valyrian. Imo this signales his allegiance was only to House Targaryen. I tend to think that everytime it's mentioned that a character speaks for instance "High Valyrian", it's in fact supposed to mean that they are asociated with Targaryens. I'm only not sure if it means their political allegiances or their origin/ancestry. But I'm quite convinced that the languages are a parallel or an allusion to something like that. I have reasons to think that "speaking Ghiscari" means Blackfyre allegiance. One thing, though. We have to keep in mind that the characters themselves are parallels of someone else. Like in the scene with Tyrion and Aegon learning Ghiscari. I think it's an echo of past events. Tyrion represents "Lannister". Aegon is "a possible king of uncertain Targaryen descent". They work together to achieve some political goal. Then the Lannister complains, "you need a bee up your nose to speak Ghiscari properly". I think this is echo of Beony Beesbury marriage with Frey (Lannister ally) and naming their children after Tywin's family. And the Targaryen wannabe king rolls eyes but goes along anyway. So, this is to say that, except of actual storyline, the mentions of particular languages are there for the purpose of creating parallels/allusions/echoes of past events.
  2. essosi watch

    Faith of the Seven and a god with multiple personalities

    As for their septs. Recall the mummer's companies that Arya encounters in Braavos. It was The Ship, The Dome, Blue Lantern and The Gate. Now check what the wiki says about The Great Sept of Baelor: it's an impressive domed structure... and that "during the reign of King Aegon I Targaryen, a sept for the smallfolk of King's Landing was made in a sunken cog in the Blackwater Rush, while the High Septon in Oldtown sponsored a grander sept atop Visenya's Hill." Think what you want. I take it as a purposeful parallel. The Ship is that sunken cog, meant for smallfolk. The Dome has more poetic offerings, meant for nobility. The Blue Lantern could be Hightowers (blue blood and lighthouse). I'm not sure about the Gate. Everytime I come across "a sept" in the books, I read it as "mummer's playhouse". Like, in Catelyn's chapter: ...For her sake, Ned build a small sept at Winterfell...". And "The Great Sept is rivaled only by the Starry Sept of Oldtown and the castle sept of Highgarden." Well, the Highgarden sept would fit for the Blue Lantern. Hightowers of blue blood with their lighthouse. We Light The Way. Yeah, sure. And in the TWOW chapter Mercy I found a little gem that fits this little theory of mine.
  3. essosi watch

    Faith of the Seven and a god with multiple personalities

    Faith (feɪθ) n 1. strong or unshakeable belief in something, esp without proof or evidence
  4. essosi watch

    Genetic coding- 100% real world or fantasy for literature?

    My knowledge of genetics is similar to Septon Barth, so arm yourselves with patience please. Will you for a moment consider this option? Imagine for a moment that Targaryens are not the same race as humans. They look similar but they are not the same, I mean, they are different species of humanoids. If you remember Ibbenese, they could be different species too, I think. What would happen if individuals of such species tried to crossbreed with people? Wouldn't their problems be similar as Targaryen problems with children, stillborn, malformed, born premature?
  5. essosi watch

    Ariana Martell and Arys Oakheart: A love story?

    I should clarify myself I don't say Rhaegar and Arianne are paired. My Lady from Dorne is Ashara Dayne. Arys Oakheart is imo inversed and slightly changed version of Ashara, sister of Dornish Kingsguard. Arianne represents Rhaegar. This chapter throws some light on their relationship, most likely one-sided.
  6. essosi watch

    How much does Lyanna Stark look like Margaery Tyrell?

    Exactly this. I tend to think that in these books, every sentence has its purpose. Renly's seemingly pointless plot is there bc reader has to realize that someone from the Reach remembers well what Lyanna looked like, and that they not only saw her once but this person had to be in contact with her at least for some time and they were old enough at the time to remember her.
  7. essosi watch

    Ariana Martell and Arys Oakheart: A love story?

    Warning! This is just my own private crackpottery. I think all these Arys and Areo storylines are here only because they are inversions/echoes/parallels of past events. I don't expect them to make much sense or have any exceptional depth. The titled chapters are Under the sea. Under the sea, the smoke rises in bubbles, and flames burn green and blue and black. In The Soiled Knight bubble we have these ingredients: A princess, a knight from the Reach, a girl who would become a queen, sexual relationship where one uses the other. Inverse these and we would get: A prince, a lady from Dorne (from Dorne bc in this chapter Arys muses how unlikely is for Oakheart even be in Dorne and how there is longtime enmity between Oakhearts and Dornishmen), a girl who was the Queen of love and beauty; sexual relationship, probably one sided. Throw these in a pot and you have a rebellion stew. In The Princess in the Tower bubble we have: The same princess unwillingly in a tower. Her father ignoring her and letting her stew in her own sauce. Servants wouldn't talk to her. Books are boring. She fasts until Areo Hotah brings her to her father. Now imagine this: The same prince as before, willingly in a tower, ignoring his father, letting him stew a bit. The prince wouldn't listen to servants nor lords who would try to impress him with feasts. You know, opposite of fast. He is more interested in books. Finally The Captain of Guards arrives and persuades the prince to meet his father. Sounds familiar? So I would not expect the characters in titled chapters to act like the POVs we are used to bc they are the smoke bubbles botched to rise slowly to the surface from the inverted green and blue and black flames.
  8. essosi watch

    House of the Undying truths?

    It was already mentioned a couple of times that the "black-barked trees whose inky blue leaves made the stuff of the sorcerous drink the Qartheen called shade of the evening", the trees that grew around the House of the Undying, are an inversion of the weirwood trees. Now the weirwood trees and the paste made of their seeds and sap are able to enhance the gift of a greenseer and through the weirwood trees a gifted person can see events from past and future. IIRC, these visions are pretty accurate and considered true. Now my question is: If the weirwood visions are accurate and true, and the black barked trees and the shade of the evening are supposed to be an inversion of the weirwood and the weirwood paste, isn't it possible that the visions induced by shade of the evening are false or lies or at least inaccurate? The warlocks in the House of the Undying stress repeatedly and overemphasise the "truths" Dany will find there but her dragon attacks the warlocks and destroys their palace of so-called truths. On the other hand, Bran's beast doesn't seem to have a problem with the children of the forest or Bloodraven or with their cave. So I have this suspicion that the visions in the House of the Undying may not be that reliable as we think. I'm not sure what exactly are they or how to interpret them but I tend to think they are dangerously misleading. Thanks for reading and feel free to tear this to pieces, I don't mind to be corrected or reminded of something I'm missing.