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  1. Lord Wraith

    What if Lysa Tully birthed her child with Petyr?

    Knowing Hoster throw it down a well.
  2. Lord Wraith

    Secret Targ - possibly crackpot

    I remember... never seen a more wacky theory. What has this fandom devolved to?
  3. Lord Wraith

    Riverlands 2.0

    First off I'm a guy and what would you call it then?
  4. Lord Wraith

    Riverlands 2.0

    Baelish had to be carried up by Blackfish which I read as blackout drunk as he had already passed out in the hall. So he was unable to give consent or gave consent under the drunken delusion that is was Cat. I would certainly call that rape.
  5. Lord Wraith

    Riverlands 2.0

    Baelish gets blackout drunk, Blackfish takes him up to his room and Lysa goes up to "comfort him" aka rape him. Baelish misremembers this as him sleeping with Cat leading to to the duel with Brandon and everything after that.
  6. I have always seen Sansa/Aegon as one of the possible end game. So I'd say that Baelish is aware.
  7. Funny thing is, she really isn't. The only reason she is due to the face that the Lannisters needed a Darry heir to marry to Lancel. There are older female Darry's and their kids that should have inherited by Tywin was being a bro to Kevin so....
  8. Lord Wraith

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    The Ender's Shadow of ASOIAF I'd dig it.
  9. Lord Wraith

    Riverlands 2.0

    Should have just let Baelish marry Lysa after she raped him. Give them Harrenhal as a seat and let Baelish fix all the problems.
  10. Lord Wraith

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    We'll never see it but Varys and Baelish. Just once even.
  11. Lord Wraith

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Well whenever you are ready then.
  12. Lord Wraith

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Go on...
  13. Lord Wraith

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Cat would inherit it, or maybe one of her sons seems the most likely source of action.
  14. Lord Wraith

    Will Sansa bring the Knights of the Vale North?

    Baelish will be taking the knights of the the Vale to the Riverlands not the North. Sansa will just be along for the ride unless she gets kidnapped again.
  15. Lord Wraith

    robb strategy

    Keep the strategy he did until the news of Renly's death, then offer a marriage alliance with the Tyrells.