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  1. Interesting take on the mystery of Lem Lemoncloak. I however still believe that he is Rhaegar's former squire Richard Lonsmouth.
  2. I disagree about the timeline of events but agree on the Ashara being the Fisherman's Daughter. I think the romance between Ashara and Ned started at the Tournament. Then Ashara goes to Dragonstone and Ned goes to the Eyrie, plenty of time to correspond and maybe even meet up once or twice since its only a boat ride away. I think Ned was planning to bring Ashara to his brothers wedding with the intent to get his fathers permission to marry her. Then everything went to shit. Ned and Ashara flee North on the Fisherman's boat. They capsize and almost die. That combined with the grief of losing his father and brother leads to Ned bedding Ashara. This parallels Robb at the Craig after hearing news of the his brothers death. Ashara and Ned reach White Harbor and secretly marry in the First Man tradition. Then Ned goes to Winterfell to collect the troops and heads south to fight in the rebellion.
  3. I imagine Cat had Southron Ambitions for her daughters so would have been putting a veto on a Northern match.
  4. Lord Wraith

    What was the plan if House Targaryen died out?

    Without the Targs and the dragons I'd imagine the kingdoms would resplinter into the various regimes they were before the conquest.
  5. Lord Wraith

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Marchers are known as some of the best archers in Westeros. Still I thought Marsh was a name that would belong to a Northern House in the Neck.
  6. Agreed we could have certainly gleaned something interesting from them.
  7. Lord Wraith

    Minor/offscreen characters you want to see more of

    Harras "The Knight" Harlaw
  8. Lord Wraith

    Great Houses - Valyrian Steel Sword Names?

    Greyjoy had a Valyrian Steel sword, Nightfall. Somehow it has ended up in the hands of House Harlaw, maybe something to do with the intermarriages with the House. Martell: Sunspear is a bit too on the nose as a name although a Spear might be preferred to a sword, not to mention cheaper. I would call it Unbroken. Baratheon: Stormbreaker would be a badass name for a badass sword. Tyrell: Silverthorn Tully: Insert some kind of Fish pun here. Arryn: Talon
  9. Lord Wraith

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    Very nice catch. Indeed puts the scales back in her favor.
  10. Lord Wraith

    References and Homages

    Glad to see other fans of Dune. Faceless Men are so close to Facedancers it hurts. I wonder if Weirwood paste or Shade of the Evening has an properties of spice. Other than seemingly granting or improving ones powers.
  11. I prefer my theory that the Quentyn sent to Essos is not the biological Quentyn Martell but a kid from the Water Gradens raised to give the Yronwoods.
  12. I'd say if you just read the first 2-3 books then R+L=J seems obvious but the hints Martin keeps dropping in later books could point in several directions. Personally I am about 70/30 on R+L=J. I would like it to be N+A=J.
  13. Lord Wraith

    Nymeria is poised to return

    I am sure the Shadow Tower has no issue turning a blind eye to the indiscretions of some of its members. Also not knowing Val's age has always made theorizing about her hard to me. Also the Weeper is noted for stealing daughters, maybe Denys stole his daughter and this is just the cycle of revenge going on and on...
  14. Lord Wraith

    Nymeria is poised to return

    Interesting notions... do we know how long Denys Mallister has been on the Wall? Maybe could have fathered her on a Wildling who brought her back to the Wall in a parallel to Mance's backstory. However he can't keep a girl on the Wall so sends it to his nephew? I have always believed there is more to Val than meets to eye and this is an interesting new direction.
  15. Tywin is certainly a good justification why his kids are such a mess. Also she was absolutely brutal to baby Tyrion as well. Only if you want to??? Sansa Stark was a 13 child who knew very little of the world and Cersei is a full grown woman playing the game of thrones for her own benefit. I don't think Cersei deserves a "bad fate" but she is certainly making one for herself. Jaime is on a path of redemption and Cersei seems more on a path to madness. Things could change but I wouldn't bet on it. There isn't anything wrong with empathizing with Cersei but I certainly don't have to like her. Yup it was the POV as well that completely turned me off her character. Being Robert's wife couldn't have been fun and no doubt there are sympathetic aspects to her character. Trying to be a powerful women in a world ruled by men can't be easy for her but her POV shows how spiteful, vindictive and evil she is becoming...