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  1. Glad to see other fans of Dune. Faceless Men are so close to Facedancers it hurts. I wonder if Weirwood paste or Shade of the Evening has an properties of spice. Other than seemingly granting or improving ones powers.
  2. Daemon Sand gives Arianne a line about Darkstar being more of a "viper" that Oberyn ever was. We know that Doran is the grass that hides the "viper". Possible foreshadowing of Darkstar working for Doran Martell? I'd like to think so.
  3. Likes the new forum look. Shame we lost so much forum data.

  4. Also was doing some Darry research and found this.   Outside, she found song of a very different sort. Rymund the Rhymer sat by the brewhouse amidst a circle of listeners, his deep voice ringing as he sang of Lord Deremond at the Bloody Meadow.   And there he stood with sword in hand,   the last of Darry's ten...   And red the grass beneath his feet,   and red his banners bright, and red the glow of the setting sun that bathed him in its light,   "Come on, come on," the great lord called,   "my sword is hungry still."   And with a cry of savage rage, They swarmed across the rill...   The Battle of Bloody Meadow is a nickname of the Battle of Tewkesbury.  One of the decisive battles of the War of the Roses.
  5.   Not sure but certainly could be. Good catch.
  6. This is excellent, I will certainly reference during my current reread.
  7. Not a spoiler I have no idea what they are planning to do. This season confirmed that for me.
  8. Still healing I guess. That would be a hilarious final shot for the season. Grey Worm sits up... where is everyone?
  9. Dear gods Littlefinger not the hero the North wants but the hero the North needs... :cheers:
  10. Yea no. Joffrey was played by many better players and is far worse than Stannis. Not sure what books you are reading. At least Stannis to trying to do the right thing, even if he is wrong. Agreed.
  11. Maybe Targs are the only ones allowed to get Deus Ex Machinas in the show? None of the other characters seem to get them.
  12. Thanks. Glad to be here.
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