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  1. This is one the best takes on the whole Southron Ambitions which includes Rickard.
  2. Barristan Selmy: Lord Commander, the man, the myth, the legend. Brynden "Blackfish" Tully: Excellent battle commander, years of experience Lyle Crakehall: Big, tough, and strong. Harras "The Knight" Harlaw: A seriously underrated badass. Also IB knight a rare enough thing. Daemon Sand: Trained by Oberyn nuff said. Also gives some hope for bastards across the realm. Robar Royce: Skilled fighter from a good house. Loras Tyrell: Young, beautiful, talented. Good PR. All skilled knights from good families. Brienne I would give command of the Gold Cloaks and let her whip that organization into shape.
  3. Interesting take on the mystery of Lem Lemoncloak. I however still believe that he is Rhaegar's former squire Richard Lonsmouth.
  4. I disagree about the timeline of events but agree on the Ashara being the Fisherman's Daughter. I think the romance between Ashara and Ned started at the Tournament. Then Ashara goes to Dragonstone and Ned goes to the Eyrie, plenty of time to correspond and maybe even meet up once or twice since its only a boat ride away. I think Ned was planning to bring Ashara to his brothers wedding with the intent to get his fathers permission to marry her. Then everything went to shit. Ned and Ashara flee North on the Fisherman's boat. They capsize and almost die. That combined with the grief of losing his father and brother leads to Ned bedding Ashara. This parallels Robb at the Craig after hearing news of the his brothers death. Ashara and Ned reach White Harbor and secretly marry in the First Man tradition. Then Ned goes to Winterfell to collect the troops and heads south to fight in the rebellion.
  5. Marchers are known as some of the best archers in Westeros. Still I thought Marsh was a name that would belong to a Northern House in the Neck.
  6. Very nice catch. Indeed puts the scales back in her favor.
  7. Glad to see other fans of Dune. Faceless Men are so close to Facedancers it hurts. I wonder if Weirwood paste or Shade of the Evening has an properties of spice. Other than seemingly granting or improving ones powers.
  8. I prefer my theory that the Quentyn sent to Essos is not the biological Quentyn Martell but a kid from the Water Gradens raised to give the Yronwoods.
  9. I'd say if you just read the first 2-3 books then R+L=J seems obvious but the hints Martin keeps dropping in later books could point in several directions. Personally I am about 70/30 on R+L=J. I would like it to be N+A=J.
  10. My money is on yes, need to help confirm that heel turn.
  11. Early in Winds I'd imagine... can't wait to see the look on Stannis's face. No doubt helped by the Reader, who gave them the helpful hint.
  12. I wonder what Euron will hatch? A sea dragon, a kraken, a leviathan?
  13. Falconer: Mindtraveller It reminds me a lot of Bran's arc. I travel over high mountainsThrough deep valleys and forestsCrossing great riversIn search of knowledge of the godsFrom far beyond place and timeI hear a whispering wind,It tells me to strive onThrough the horizon of my thoughtsI am the mindtravellerMy quest is man's destinyTeach me secret holy spellsAnd the wisdom of the elderlyGazing into my mindEntering my soul.Is there not a secret to unfold.(Here I have advices to be told)I am the mindtravellerSeeking wisdom of yoreI am the mindexplorerStriving to know so much moreSpirits of history fill my soulWith divine old wordsI am on the right trackOut of the haze I'll emergeI reach unknown cronersIn the back of my mindNever been here beforeStill I recognise it all.I hear the whispering voicesClearly all around me,Echoing in the valleyWhere magic intellect dwellsFinally I can see the blindNot knowing why they exists,I hear laments of nature,Where led the path we missed?
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