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    [Spoilers] EP609

    Or it is intentional. I know the book bias is strong amongst somewhere but the show isn't a wreck as implied by hardcore book fans. I approve of the show doubling down on the actually important characters and cutting away the fat aka lesser characters. Only big crime is Gendry still being mia.
  2. Sardorim

    [Spoilers] EP605

    Great episode. Feel bad for Bran and while Meera is a good fighter she only won't be enough... I think it's time for Benjen Stark to FINALLY return! ...I can dream.
  3. Sardorim

    [Spoiler] EP604

    Loved the episode. Only bad thing was how quickly they killed off Osha....
  4. Sardorim

    [No Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Love how she used the poison... Maybe Tyene made it? Funny how Tyene taunted Bronn by saying he wanted a nice woman but needs the bad... Yeah. Seems like Tyene will have a future in the show as she's the only one that really seems to be standing out from her sisters. I assume Stannis lives... Would be sad if he was killed off as such as he's the the rightful King.
  5. Sardorim

    [No Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Hah, I loved how the Jon could do nothing but watch as the dead were revived. Tommen not eating... Not good. Now if he dies there will only be Cersei. Can the Iron Throne survive an angry Cersei who has nothing left? Especially if Jaime cannot bring their daughter home?
  6. Sardorim

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Sam already has been doing whatever she's wanted and places her safety above all else. I also doubt Gilly even know what the game even is.
  7. Sardorim

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    I don't see what the issue is with Tyene. Remember the character who was cut. Tyene clearly is taking elements of that character into her own. Furthermore Tyene set out to kill Bronn when they fought, she only changed her mind after when they were conveniently put into cells across from each other than Bronn proving interesting to her (His fighting skills are pretty great too, so he humbled her when he beat her). Thus the poisoning wasn't pointless. Furthermore, Tyene seducing and saving Bronn most likely means she plans to try and get him wrapped into a plot of hers later. As for "never leaving Dorne", well... They never said Bronn had to die. For all we know he is convinced to betray Jaime for a bigger prize by Tyene and then retires into Dorne. Tyene seducing Bronn had a purpose too, it was meant to force the poison to work faster. Had Bronn not had his blood pumping the poison would have taken much longer to start affecting him. This is a departure from the books, sure, but it's far more interesting for Bronn's character that's for sure. I also don't see the point in all the fuss about Sansa. Clearly she's taking another minor characters role and she's desperate, furthermore it would be cheap if Theon turned so easily. Now she knows she's alone and has to take things into her own hands and I'm sure the pay-off will be glorious when the season ends. My only issue with the episode was the almost rape scene which was followed by the victim immediately bedding her "savior" after tending to his wounds. It simply rubbed me off the wrong way. - Long term viewer of the forum, I didn't decide to register till recently.