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    What's it like where you live?

    I had lived in Nicaragua and from what you are saying about the Perverse saturation of Religion, I do not recommend this country. I had lived in Costa Rica and I believe that if you do like the outdoors, then this is the place for you. Costa Rica is beautiful, biodiverse, beautiful beaches, volcanoes, rainforest. The whole deal. No army, no war, I lived in a $170K home and it had a river right outside plus 3 acres to the house which was already big. The 1 US dollar is right now 534 Colones. I highly recommend you at least try it. I had lived in Italy, Florence to be exact and although a beautiful country, full with history and iconic cites You might not like it because as stated above Religion is still eminent and it is more expensive lifestyle. I have visited and lived in many other countries but I believe you should follow zelticgar advise. Research the places you might like and visit them for a week or so and see which one is best suitable for you. At the end though "Home is not where you are born; Home is where all your attempts to escape cease" Naguib Mahfouz Good Luck....Buona Fortuna!!!