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  1. King_Slayer

    The Puppets of Ice and Fire

    Yeah, generally speaking, I read most of these and then think to myself: "I rue the moment I clicked on you". That was not the case with this one though. Perhaps because this isn't the 47th time I've seen this exact "theory" (I use this term loosely because I look at this as more of an essay) but i found myself disappointed upon finishing this that there wasn't more to start putting crazy thoughts in my head lol.
  2. King_Slayer

    The Puppets of Ice and Fire

    Great job. It amazes me sometimes (all the time) how much their really is to these books. Even after multiple re-reads, you made points I had not realized - mainly the "echoes" from Dunk and Egg's adventures. Some of them I had noticed but you explained them in a clear, thought out and easy to follow manner. Even if none of this is related (which I highly doubt, there has to at least be SOMETHING to the pandora's box you're opening here), it is still a testament to GRRM's talent as a writer and storyteller that we are even having this conversation. Bravo.
  3. King_Slayer

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    The song choices are at the very least more than happenstance. Just the fact that this info made it past the massive edits thee books take is telling as well. Good/sound theory. I guess we'll find out sooner or later.