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    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Does Tyrion know about Jons "rebirth"? Or was it only a "i don't know, so ask him yourself" when Daenerys asks him, what Davos ment?
  2. Marlom

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    In Season 4. LF told it Sansa. Valonquar Theory: No. It's just a book theory. Was never mentioned in the show.
  3. Marlom

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    There will be no Night's Watch at the end of GoT. ;-)
  4. Marlom

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    It is her first winter. She never saw how the North really prepares for Winter. What she said is just logic. Nothing magical or high complex if you use a little bit of your braun.