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  1. “The three coming out of the tunnel would be Jon and Jorah and Tormund. But the amount of logic we’d have to bend to get Jorah up to the Wall and get him to leave Dany’s side right before [the events of the finale]…there’s no way to do that blithely. And Jorah should have the noble death he craves defending the woman he loves.” Ha, so they ARE concerned about logic in the show. They could have fooled me with what they did the last few seasons.
  2. I've seen this a lot and I have have one issue with it. Would more time and episodes have helped? Yes, yes it would. Would more time and episodes helped with D&D at the helm? Nope, nope it wouldn't. How much time has been wasted the last several seasons with pointless filler? How many times did we watch Arya get beat up with a stick and not progress? How much of the last episode was slow walking with solemn characters? How many wasteful added storylines like Greyworm and Missendre's love affair were added while important plot lines were cut? How many important scenes in general happened off screen because they can't write a compelling story? The biggest offense to this in my opinion was a couple seasons ago they had a few scenes with Tyrion, Missendre and Greyworm in Meereen where they actually talk about how they have nothing to talk about . The issue was that D&D are not good at writing stories and did not have a clue what to do with the characters, and more time and episodes wouldn't have turned them into competent writers.
  3. So much this, how many times did you hear excuses to the writing that are summed up to "it'll get better/it'll be a bigger twist" The two that come to mind that I heard plenty of are Arya did actually die/is till in Bravos and that's Jaqen H'ghar or the waif impersonating her in Westeros. Or my personal favorite Baelish didn't really die like a bitch he is really an agent of the faceless men and that is a different one pretending to be him so he can still be an agent of chaos. I would always reply to these that if you needed to make up a worse story that makes even less sense to justify the bad writing, chances are it's just bad writing and you need to admit it. Season 8 was the avalanche end of the snowball effect that had been growing for several seasons.
  4. I think the prequel will be well received by the people still saying GoT has amazing writing. The prequel will not have to worry about having any of the stuff that separated GoT originally from what you normally see on TV. You know a deep story with layers and interesting characters. It will be all spectacle with a basic story. They won't have to worry about being compared to a more intriguing story like GoT did so they already know they don't have to put much effort into it. We know that they will make sure their is an abundance of nudity and sex scenes, that every character needs to make a funny quip, there will be plenty of dick jokes, and the dialogue will equal to a kid that just learned what swear words are as the writer. Plenty of cock and cunts thrown in. As long as they can dazzle the people that still defend the poor writing they are going to make money off it. Personally I have no interest in any spin off series seeing what HBO put out when they had no source material to work with. Why would I want to watch a whole series that they are making up on the fly? And I am in the boat that is especially confused why they would even focus on the Long Night when the Night King is apparently a bitch.
  5. So one of Sansa's main reasons to get the Norths independence (by the way I don't dislike this happening, just the how it happened) was because they sacrificed tens of thousands in the shortest night battle. - Sansa who kept an army of the Vale secret and let thousands of Northmen get slaughtered because she is "super smart" and wanted to surprise everyone with the fresh army. - The Vale army who also fought during the battle of the short night and lost tens of thousands (who knows how many troops were lost in any army with what the show does, but if Sansa can make up numbers so can I) of troops during the battle defending Winterfell, the North and Westeros. - So shouldn't the Vale be worthy of their own independence for sacrificing their men to not only liberate the North from Ramsay but help in the battle against the undead?
  6. To add to that it was offered, because all the people are gone and the lands are open for the taking. Then a couple scenes later, Bronn is Lord of Highgarden the most profitable land left in the seven kingdoms and is in good shape to provide food and money to the capital... Highgarden is in control of the Reach. So which is it, broken and empty or populated and prosperous? Not keeping the story consistent from episode to episode or even scene to scene has been what D&D do best.
  7. I think they vary are alive. It shows them running then looking back as the wall to their right the starts collapsing. Then keeps collapsing to the right all the way out to the ocean. The whole wall did not collapse just that section, I think the last shot of them was for us the viewer seeing them out of danger.
  8. I know this probably isn't a popular idea, but I don't think Myrcella is dead. When the sand snake grabs Bronns hand I think she gives him a vile of the antidote. And is a lewd comment and a bite on the ear really enough to get Bronn frazzled. Or was the look of confusion because she slipped him the antidote? If not, I know its nitpicking, but it shows a lack of understanding of his character no matter how small of a moment. Won't really know till next season, but I'm probably reaching here.
  9. So we never actually see Myrcella die. Does anyone think when the sand snake grabs Bronns hand and pulls him in for the ear bite that she slips him an antidote? He does give her an awkward stare after, and a guy like Bronn doesn't seem like the kinda guy that gets flustered with a crude comment and ear bite.
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