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  1. 156 people gave this a perfect score of 10/10? We are lost.
  2. Right. If you saw a zombie army marching on your home you'd just take your time, have breakfast, look around, bring it up in casual conversation to your family a week later. Please.
  3. That exactly what I expected him to say. When you see the end of the world coming, it's usually the first thing you mention upon seeing someone.
  4. But maybe D&D know the end because GRRM told them and in TWOW there is going to be a flash back about how Loras is arrested for being gay and Marg iis jailed for covering it up. The whole adultery thing will be shown to be a ruse and the genius of D&D will be vindicated once again.
  5. GRRM: Guys, I hesitate to sell the rights to a series I haven't finished yet. You know I take a long time to write these books, right? D&D: Yeah, we know. But don't worry, there's lots to catch up on and we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. GRRM: Ok, I trust you guys will do a good job. Here's how the story is going to unfold... 1 year later. D&D: So George, we did the pilot and it was a disaster. We forgot to include the part where Jaime and Cersei are siblings [true], which made pushing Bran out the window total nonsense. Man we are not good at this. We're re-doing the pilot. GRRM: Uh. Ok. Well. I guess. Just do the best that you can. D&D: Gosh, thanks, George! Oh, we're cutting Lady Stoneheart and Jeyne Poole and Jeyne Westerling and many others. And we're inventing a sassy prostitute named Ros because audiences love sassy prostitutes. GRRM: Right. Uh. Ok. Shit. Well, I guess the books are the books and the show is the show. *sigh*
  6. If the Rains of Castamere (Red Wedding) was a 9, this was a 5. What a disaster.