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    Is Euron working with the Tourmaline Brotherhood?

    I also think quaithe is shiera seastar, as her mother Sernei of Lys, could make herself look much younger. shiera is a targaryen bastard and would support dany. if quaithe is shiera, than euron likely still loves her. Euron famously battled bitter steel for shiera, and that battle can still be going on as the golden company (founded by bitter steel) and euron have both landed in the 7 kingdoms. both euron (blood raven, as in my post above) and the golden company (bitter steel) pursue Dany (supported by quaithe). blood raven defeats bitter steel the first time, so i predict euron kills f(aegon) vi
  2. Eldric Stark

    Is Euron working with the Tourmaline Brotherhood?

    euron's sigil is not the kraken of house greyjoy, but two crows holding up a crown above a red eye. We know that Bloodraven is a targaryen bastard and half blackraven (and an eighth or sixteenth stark). he also is an albino with one red eye and could warg crows. its likely that when he got in the tree with the children of the forest, his warging powers expanded, similar to brans ability to talk to theon. blood raven is the three eyed crow that comes to bran in his dreams. there is a quote from euron when he's talking to victarrion in AFFC that he says when he was a boy he had a dream he could fly and also that when he was a boy he fell from a tower. this is after bran is with blood raven in the tree.i think both bran and bloodraven (Brynden Rivers) are using euron as a vessel, which means euron, also known as the crows eye, is aware of everything branraven can see. its unclear if branraven is using euron as a hostage in his own body or euron is complicit in the situation. hodor was aware bran slipped in his skin. if a captain of a ship can warg, he can see storms from far away and be a successful sailor.
  3. Eldric Stark

    Quaithe Farman?

    quaithe is shiera seastar, imo. her mother, Serenei of Lys, practiced dark arts to make herself look young. Quaithe could actually be very old. shiera was born between 178 AC and 184 AC, making her between 125 yo and 131 yo, but still younger than Bloodraven. shiera's two lovers, Bloodraven and Bittersteel are still involved in the story, as BR is with Bran and Bittersteel's skull is with the golden company at Storm's End. Quaithe being a magic Targaryen bastard would explain why she helps Dany and seems to disappear.