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  1. I think Danny will fall for Euron. Daario is probably a pre-cursor to show us the kind of man Danny likes. She can't be with Daario as he's just a sellsword but Euron is a KING!
  2. Agreed. Some things are being repeated this season with different characters. The Winterfell battle, peace treaty in Slavers Bay, we're getting Riverlands and Ironborn Kingsmoot from the last 2 books. Maybe DD are waiting for Georgy to catch up a bit?
  3. Not having a go here, Danny did well by burning the feckers! How did her hair not burn though? That shit was lame. I would've loved as she walks out a few strands were on fire and then Danny just puts it out with her fingers - all bow down! Boom! these writers have no imagination.. Pfft
  4. I think GRRM not writing anymore episodes has Been telling already
  5. Because he saw what his brother was doing as Treason. You know the punishment for Treason? Giving up his Heir, the Baratheon heir for what exactly? The man who fed his family leather from old books whilst under siege? Yeah ok...
  6. Nothing to do with the books here, even Show Stannis gave in waaaayy too easy
  7. Especially not for a camp fire and hungry, cold men. The Others taking over the realm and breaching the Wall? Yes, he would but for cold, hungry men? Fuck that!!!!
  8. Haha he has the looks of a man who likey likey the little ones...
  9. I've never had a problem with this show. Everything people moaned about in the past was just 'meh' to me BUT this? Stannis would've let the WHOLE army starve before buring his OWN daughter Shireen of House Baratheon. She's the Baratheon heir for f's sake!! Ridiculous
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