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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    I gave the episode a 7. I think the cast did very well. I would say they are all excellent actors and that definitely helps this show a lot. The scenes with Cersei were amazing. Just like how I imagined them in the book. Tough to bear and showed her breaking down at the end perfectly. Arya was good. A little overdramatic. Like others have said, I am not sure how many times Meryn Trant was stabbed before he finally died but it seemed a little ridiculous. It was a little too gory for my taste. The battle of winterfell was very lackluster in my opinion. All that build up for nothing it seemed. You would have thought Stannis had never been in a battle before with the way it looked. Brienne popping up out of nowhere in the middle of a battle to find Stannis seemed a little odd to me. Interested to see if he survived though. Dorne was ehh as usual. Like others, I feel that Dorne this season didn't live up to its expectation. I at least wanted a 'Fire and Blood' speech from Doran Martell. I felt like that speech in the book really tied the entire Dorne series together. It also gave the Sand Snakes more usefulness. The show did nothing with that except have them kill Myrcella and leave Trystane in the clutches of their enemies. For the watch I felt was the seasons shock value. Most unsullied were probably so shocked and frustrated they did not even realize that this mutiny seem to come out of nowhere. Thorne was just presented as a straight bad guy and ruined his shades of grey aspect. The sign 'Traitor' seemed super cheap to me. Was the letter Jon read the infamous Pink Letter? Will we ever find that out? All in all it did give the season its shock value but I felt it could have been done much better.
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    How to indicate "spoilers"?

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    Official Testing Thread

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