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  1. You would rate episode 8 above hardhome, rains of castamere, and blackwater? and even the door? interesting
  2. Are you by chance Robert Baratheon? He was the only one to negatively talk about Rhaegar and believed he kidnapped her. You can choose to believe that. Most of us disagree.
  3. She was scared for her life cause the baby was Rhaegar's out of love, and she was afraid she would lose her son because of Robert. If anything, I think this helps support the idea that Lyanna loved Rhaegar and they actually got married.
  4. My mistake on Varys. Just saw the Tyrell ship in Dany's fleet.
  5. Better season than 5, but this season really only had 3 good episodes in my mind. The Door, Battle of the Bastards, and this finale..it was a good finale. I hated the final shot of it being Dany..once again. Jon being crowned KITN would've been an amazing final scene.
  6. I think Lyanna was giving the name of the babys father tbh.
  7. Am I the only one who was hoping this season would end with the Night King taking down the wall?
  8. 8/10 - SEEING MANDERLY OMGGG Not a 10/10 cause of Dorne and Varys teleporter back in full action I see.
  9. I feel bad for those that continue to tune in every week and hate it. When Weeds got bad imo after Season 3, guess what I did? I turned it off. I never watched an episode again. Now I know Weeds doesn't have a bunch of books and fandom like ASOIAF does,but stop frustrating yourself and tune out at this point. There are obvious issues with the show and I point them out. I try my best to not let it get to me. I feel bad for those that need to cry about there being no snow on the ground in Winterfell for example. Some people are just miserable. For those that rated it a 1, I am sorry that you felt that way. If you watch every week and rate it a 1, perhaps you should watch another show.
  10. Sometimes the whining is warranted and with good reason. Not today.
  11. People are never going to be happy. I understand the show isn't what it once was, but it was a great episode. Those that truly hated it, I feel sorry for.
  12. 9/10 - liked it, not perfect, but it was the best episode of the season.
  13. 3/10 - so much jumping around and lots of garbage. Dany just appears outta nowhere huh? Arya after being stabbed I guess can go around jumping everywhere. Blackfish getting an off screen death was so garbage. They botched the entire Siege of Riverrun, gdi. This episode gets a 3 because the preview for next week was the best preview for a GoT episode I can remember.
  14. I gave it a 7. Glovers disappointed me, and still no manderlys? Arya story still sucks and the iron islands still sucks. The return of the hound was expected, but it was cool to see him find some sort of happiness and the brotherhood takes it away from him. Hound is back with a vengeance. Oh and the blackfish is still a bad ass. kings landing still sucks sadly. last thoughts: lyanna mormont 4 prez. and no broken man speech? grrr
  15. Its official: this show needs the North in every episode to keep it interesting. The north is by far the most interesting story (with brans too of course, but we needed jon and davos and sansa this week)
  16. Danys been making the same speech for like 5 years now though...
  17. 3/10 - that was pretty piss poor. It gets a 3 because Benjen Stark was cool as hell. That was legit the only good thing this episode
  19. Let people vote the way they want and stop crying. Book snobs really do cry about everything
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