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  1. i agree....was really hoping he wouldnt be involved...yes he hates jon but he is a stickler for rules and not even at castle black in the books. Seems dumb...if he wants to be Lord commander so badly this is a pretty stupid way to go about it... how does he know it wont happen to him someday
  2. totally agree ...there are many parts of jons story that are pointless if he just stays dead now.....it will suck if that happens
  3. i was so upset when i read this but ive decided i dont believe it... .there is just too much that doesnt make sense. And he didnt say he wont be in season 7! Idk but have to hold out hope i think...why make such a big deal through the entire show about his parentage etc and then just cut us off ?? Will be stupid if he is truly dead
  4. i think i agree now....time for Stannis to go...i cried watching this episode which has never happened before....and Brienne being the one to do it would be fantastic
  5. good! I really hope he does.....love Davos and he is surely too good a man to look past this appalling event
  6. would totally love that!! Cant wait to see Davos' reaction when he finds out
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