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  1. wel il give my opinion about this

    -TYRION/DANY: i loved his talk with dany it was for no batter term..human..no big speeches no dramatic lines,exept dany's but il go in that later

    i loved the acting top notch..you could see the pain in dany's eyes when she exiled jorah again..and what the scene gave us is in my opinion a nice character development...in a TV show you lack the iner monologue so you need to show,and this scene did it in my opinion...it showed tyrion as a pragmatic person altough! with a very little grain of idealism....this scene also showed the type of person dany is,a very idealistic one,but who is slowly loosing it,because the sons of the harpy,selmy's death etc.

    ARYA;not much to talk the training goes on.il wait to see tommorow when i hope she confronts trant.im a bit biased ere tough because i never did find her training in the book so interesting either.

    SANSA/THEON;yes theon,i saw the first glimse of theon coming back.loved seeing sansa being more brave trying to get a raction from theon and then....success he breaks,for a brief second nonetheless,but for the first time...as always top notch acting

    ROOSE/RAMSEY:nice scene showing us again the different character traits between the two...roose the strategist,calm calculated,patience...and ramsey,reckless,arogant..but also a bit of tactics,considerably less then roose,but a tiny bit

    HARDHOME; no need to talk here everything was said

    in conclusion 10/10

    any opinions are welcome

  2. In what way are the Boltons any threat to the wall in any form?

    what if he gets news of sansa's wedding to ramsey? would that not be reason enough to go save his sister?

    he already has a wilding army

    so that is what leads to FTW by allister (they have made him a antagonist,to jon,from the start he will 100% take part in it),olly(most likely,but i do see a chance of him WANTING to do it but not go trough) and bowen marsh(they casted him.i see no other reason why else)

    P.S.please go easy on me.new to posting here,tough ive lurked for the past year

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