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  1. #teamNightking

    How would you have ended it?

    After seeing Daenerys go all crazy Jon Targaryan decides he will sacrifice his own desires and do what's best for the 7 kingdoms. He flies off on (a not stupidly dead) Rhaegal and rallies the 7 kingdoms to claim his throne. He returns and lays seige to King's Landing. Rhaegal and Drogon battle each other above the city. Rhaegal is no match for his brother and is wounded. But Bran wargs Drogon just in time and takes control of him. He then burns Daenerys' forces including Greyworm with Drogon as Daenerys watches helplessly from on the back of the dragon. (Karmic justice) Drogon crash lands as Rhaegal lands nearby. Drogon is still under brans control. Jon draws longclaw and drives it into the helpless dragon's brain as Daenerys pleads for mercy. Jon takes the throne and sentences Daenerys into exile in Essos. Gendry Baratheon becomes hand of the king in honor of Ned and Roberts past friendship. Bran now is somewhat insane due to the dragon dying while being warged. Bran returns to seek the children of the forest to help heal his mind. Sam becomes Lord commander of a new Nights Watch in case the wildlings ever become a threat again or a new Night King arises. The wall is rebuilt. Jon grants the North, Dorne and the Iron Islands independence. Flash forward before end credits roll... Daenerys is with a child in Essos. Jon's heir. She is holding a dragon egg in her hand and looking to the west. Queue up Game of Thrones "part 2" lol. Or something like that
  2. Having reflected upon season 8 a bit since the finale I have come to a conclusion as to what pisses me off the most about this burning dumpster of a season. I previously sat through literal hours of filler during the course of the entire series. Meaningless filler, stupid filler, bad pussy filler and all the rest. But when it came to the final season? It was just hurry hurry, rush rush here's your sloppy ending where not much makes sense and really important stuff happens off screen. And what does happen is mostly stupid and clearly serves to make the ending happen sooner and wrap it up post-haste. It could have been great. It should have been epic. It ended up niether. And the final season ruined the entire series for me. Won't rewatch it. Won't recommend it. Actually I'm going to try to forget about it. And that's a shame. And now this forum will slowly die. The show will be forgotten. Someday maybe fans will have an ending in book form. Possibly not. But I suspect time will not be kind to D&D and that regarding their roll in ruining the ending of what was one of the entire world's favorite TV shows... the Fans, like the North, will remember.
  3. #teamNightking

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    With the girl also getting executed: even better.
  4. #teamNightking

    Daenerys: Analysis of psychology and foreshadowing

    I guess she just decided she'd prefer burning their their hearts and minds rather than winning them.
  5. #teamNightking

    Tyrion: No Longer the Smartest Guy in the Room

    Let's not forget his failure to remind Daenerys of the existence and danger of the Iron Fleet when she "forgot". Apparently he "forgot" too?
  6. I think there's a more insidious reason they have mishandled Ghost. This way if they get accused of fan service they can point to Jon and Ghost and say, "fans? Clearly we don't care about the fans at all, let alone serve them!" Sneaky clever.
  7. Wait a sec.... Would a double shock be like a double negative and cancel itself out and in the end we get not shocking at all? Of course it won't be shocking...because it'll be horrible, exactly like everyone is beginning to expect.
  8. #teamNightking

    Tyrion: No Longer the Smartest Guy in the Room

    In order to write smart characters the writer has to also be smart.
  9. #teamNightking

    Anyone else kinda rooting for Cersei?

    If basing who should rule on who's the most competent leader, Cersei wins hands down. Daenerys, Jon, and going back further even Stannis, Ned, Robert.. Queens Hand Tyrion and others (Little finger etc): All idiots who probably shouldn't command a platoon let alone 7 kingdoms. But it's ok. They'll suddenly make Cersei do something stupid and lose, so we can be surprised. Yay!
  10. #teamNightking

    Daenerys and Jon are over

    I think a lot of it is there seems to be zero chemistry between the actors. It feels forced and unbelievable like much else in the current show.
  11. #teamNightking

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    I could easily see it going down this way if Daenerys is about to kill Sansa. Or she goes totally crazy. Wouldn't like it. But I can see it.
  12. It would be the son of the former King thing.
  13. What I'm disliking most right now is what this show has become. The books were maybe a little more complex than they needed to be but were special because of it. And they were...smart writing. The show is simpler than it needs to be and is suffering for it. It's been dumbed down to a near insufferable degree. Nothing is explained. Little makes sense. Character development apparently either abandoned or characters assassinated. Dishing out equal parts fan fiction and fan trolling. Everything is about surprises and fake outs. It's like they just wanted to be done with it and move on to other things. If this is all the end to GOT we ever get I'ma be pissed. It had been better were it never made. /Endrant
  14. Maybe he went to Faceless Men School in the off season?