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  1. #teamNightking

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Well, it's not like the Dothroki will happily feed the Westerosi with their beloved mounts. Haha I think the most realistic scenario is 80-90 percent of the Dothroki when confronting the cold cold winter and the lootless/un-rape-able dead army, turn southward and/or eastward... This isn't their fight and they are not loyal to Danaerys in the same manner which the unsullied are. Yes, she killled all their Khals and yes she can't be burnt. Is that enough to hold them?... I think not.
  2. #teamNightking

    Season 8 Predictions?

    100k Dothroki horses. Trick is to get them butchered and eaten before they become horse-wights ; )
  3. #teamNightking

    Tyrion the peeping tom

    It couldn't possibly bring more harm to her campaign than his season 7 advise already has... Might even help her.
  4. #teamNightking

    What does the night king want? Theories?

    It is my understanding they have been waiting for another long night and decades long winter that only rarely happen? I think their primary mission is and has always been destroy the living... At some point I theorize if they could have been shut off by the CotF they would have done so... Maybe the night King wants what any other King wants. Increase his lands and expand his kingdom... And that we have never seen a female walker there might be some sexual frustration involved as to why he's so angry and never seems to smile. Maybe he wants nothing more than to take over the southern lands and turn all the living dead... Sit down on the iron throne in the end and flip off Westeros (and the viewers) with a grin. Fade to black, roll credits.
  5. #teamNightking

    Season 8 Predictions?

    I have this fear that next season will open with Beric helping Tormund out of a lake somewhere safe from the destruction of the wall with no explanation.
  6. #teamNightking

    Weis and Benioff are missing the point of Robert`s Rebellion

    It makes all the difference. The show screwed up in not accurately following the book here because the relationship that followed in both book and show is that they fall in love. So I agree with you here. My point is it's not the fans' fault if they embrace the romance when both the original story and the show clearly contain the romance. I think it unlikely the majority of fans would protest on principle the developing relationship between Dany and Drogo because of the way it began in the show. In addition many are book readers and it is easy to just ignore the show's mistake there and just look past it. And not debating the right or wrong of it, I'm sure in both medieval times and the GOT world, Danaerys wouldn't be the first to be married off in an arranged marriage to discover later they have developed feelings for the other person. Hell I'm not even sure why I'm commenting on this, this Danaerys storyline, book and show, is not my favorite. They could have cut everything between the wedding and the arrival on Dragonstone and ida been ok with that
  7. #teamNightking

    Weis and Benioff are missing the point of Robert`s Rebellion

    However it came to pass I'm certain in the books also Danaerys grows to have intense love for Drogo. This makes the tragedy of his vegetative state and her smothering him so much more painful for her. She was Drogo's "Moon of my life" and he her "Sun and stars" That's from GRRM... He developed that romance story line.
  8. #teamNightking

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    One reason which, is that unlike Danaerys Cersei has no qualms about using fire... Wiping out Margaery and the Tryell nobles, and all her opposition in Kings Landing, really solidified her claim lol clever girl
  9. #teamNightking

    Tyrion is not smart. Every desicion he makes is wrong.

    Yes! Because in this brutal world crazy gets you way further than both logic and niceness. Cersei understands this. When your people fear you, when they know you just don't give a sh*t, the people obey you. At least until the people have had enough and the people finally kill you. Haha #fleabottomrebellion Rise up!
  10. #teamNightking

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    I think basically her real claim is that she sat on it and no one has had the balls to knock her off of it yet.
  11. And the Night King shall raise him and seat him at his right hand as Hand of the Night King. Lord Wight finger!
  12. #teamNightking

    Season 8 Predictions?

    How doth thou killeth that which already be deadeth?
  13. Well said. It served a valid purpose.
  14. #teamNightking

    Night King appreciation thread

    Well... It already is a used model with some minor wing damage and interior scuff marks.
  15. #teamNightking

    Season 8 Predictions?

    It has lost its way. What made ASOIAF so unique in the books and in the early seasons of the show was, yes it had some fantasy, a little magic...whatever, but it wasn't about that. Those things were background and tertiary. What was center stage was interesting characters with complex moral dilemmas and excellent dialogue. It was dark and gritty and realistic. It never pandered to the audience and if it seemed to, there was a slap down soon to come. Now? I feel if Jaime is safe in his life preserver plot armor, all the favorite characters are safe; but none of us are safe now from stupid plot devices in order to lead to the ah ha gotcha moments and the typical fantasy tropes. Dragons are center stage now, resurrection, magic... Bran and the Night King, visions and prophesy. And maybe this is also the fate of the books as the story progresses....to some degree But give me the intrigue and plots of yesteryear any day over immortal Jaime, capture a wight plans, and omniscient robo Bran flakes. Sigh