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  1. I think if they wanted to sell the 20 men thing better they should have made the storm more visibly worse. Like can't see your hand in front of your face from blowing snow...sell sword sentries are huddled around fires for warmth not paying attention. Ramsay's Rambos strike just before dawn in white camo with lots of oil and combustibles and in groups of 2. Totally believable? Better than what we got. Or hell, just show that Mel did it, Ramsay got lost on the way. Hmmm maybe thats why the tents burst into flame with no one around? Oh, it wouldn't have hurt for a couple of them to have been killed or captured either. But hey, it's Ramsay...someday, he shall sit the Iron Throne! Well at this rate of success anyway.
  2. While I have no answer for many other things in this episode that made me scratch my head, most of the pit scene I am alright with. Dany and her advisors simply made a tactical error of underestimating their enemy and just how many Sons of the Harpy there are. They provided way too little security. You can see unsullied stationed among the crowd, and probably enough for any normal drunken fight or disruptive brawl, but not enough for a mass coordinated attack. I think ultimately Dany and crew thought the peace was going to hold via the marriage solution. The Sons had apparently rejected this but didn't send the memo. The spears were likely picked up from dead unsullied which didn't happen right away. The spears were thrown at the dragon rather than Dany as the dragon was burning people alive and Dany was just standing there and could be dealt with later. In other words the dragon drew the aggro (mmo players will understand). The Sons of the Harpy are more of a pissed off group of wealthy arisocrats than a band of seasoned warriors or super assassins, they had what weapons they could sneak in. How they snuck the masks in I don't know. Honestly I had more of a problem with Jorah man handling Dany while having gray scale than anything else.
  3. I agree with this. It made no sense to me at first but on a rewatch it did. Anyone without a mask is basically fair game as they are a supporter of Dany and peace. It was a way to wipe out and terrorize the opposition. Also I can even justify the hesitation to rush the circle of unsullied as the Sons of the Harpy are not trained fighters nor soldiers nor even likely have anyone giving orders in battle. Was it perfect? No. But I did bump my rating from a 5 to a 7 after a rewatch. I think being pissed off about Shireen burning made me more hyper critical of everything that came after.
  4. 5. My concern for this series is the writing appears to be getting more and more lazy, with little explanation for how or why plot points came to be, even when (or especially when) they don't make sense or don't seem likely. At the same time the writing it is based on is anything but lazy, creating such a stark contrast. (No pun intended) In particular in this episode, if there was reason for arriving on the north side of the wall, as in Jon didn't want wildings running amok on the way to castle black, a little dialogue goes a long way to explain that. Disappointed in Arya being the most obvious assassin ever and I thought the pit scene was underwhelming. Why so few unsullied were there for security? They had better things to do? Not nearly enough! I hope a lot of the unanswered questions are addressed next week like what happens to the queen's advisors and is jorah just an idiot to touch dany or want to intentionally give her gray scale? Or maybe targs are immune but would he just take that chance? Just like with the Hardhome battle it is the small things (like not rowing for your life back to the ships) that baffle me as to lack of attention to detail. And dorne is just a total waste of scene time.
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