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  1. Khorkalba

    Worst lines of dialogue in the show?

    "There's no time for this" - Jon Snow "You don't understand" - Jon Snow
  2. Khorkalba

    So whenever Arya uses the face of a man...

    I've maintained the opinion for quite a while now that GRRM has very little talent for writing fantasy. All of the fantasy elements in ASoIaF are shallow, derivative, and poorly thought out. GRRM himself has said in an interview that he's only really interested in writing about conflict of the human heart. He's also said that he considers the fantasy elements of his books to be little more than furniture. This is almost the complete opposite approach to a genuinely talented fantasy writer like Tolkien. Please don't mistake this as me suggesting that GRRM is a bad writer in general though. If you remove the "furniture" as he puts it, what you're left with is a very compelling story about the conflicts between characters. I certainly think that his talent for writing characters is far beyond that of a lot of fantasy writers.
  3. Khorkalba

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    You say "our heroes" like we're all emotionally invested in Jon and Dany and want them to save the day. Speak for yourself please. I find them to be two of the most boring characters in the entire series. All they represent to me is the possibility of a very generic and predictable ending, so they're not my heroes. They're the villians of the story i'm following. i've seen enough movies and TV shows where a Chosen hero saves the day to last me a lifetime. I want something interesting and unpredictable to happen in the end, like the bad guys winning for a change.
  4. Khorkalba

    So whenever Arya uses the face of a man...

    I laughed out loud when Sansa opened up the bag of rubber halloween masks. The idea that a girl like Arya can put these masks on and literally become a fully grown man - voice and all - is just beyond ridiculous, not to mention overpowered. It's trash tier fantasy.
  5. Khorkalba

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    ^ I'm hoping for quite a bit more ambiguity than wondering whether Jon will make a good king or whether Sansa can ever trust men again *yawn* (thank god you're not the one writing ASoIaF). A satisfyingly ambiguous ending would be the Others being defeated only after they've wiped out most life on Westeros and completely destroyed all seats of power, including King's Landing. This would raise the interesting question - what now? There's no throne to sit on, and no seven kingoms to rule. How do the survivors start over and build a better world?
  6. Khorkalba

    One last big twist in Season 8?

    The only shocking twists I can think of are: - The White Walkers winning or - Cersei winning Neither will happen though. The show is on course for a very bland, predictable ending. I expect Daenerys and Bran will both die, allowing the show producers to claim that it's not a straight up happy ending. I wouldn't call this shocking though, and it would only be a tiny bit more satisfying than all of the good guys surviving.
  7. Khorkalba

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    And how exactly do you imagine that he'll be persuaded to do this? He banished Melisandre for killing Shireen, so he's certainly not going to listen to her... and I really can't see him murdering a pregnant Daenerys based on something Sam discovers in a book. Bran could potentially have a vision about Lightbringer, but even then it seems completely out of character for Jon to go along with the idea based on a vision. And I don't think Bran's purpose in the story is to spend 5+ episodes trying to convince Jon. It seems far more likely to me that his final act will be to battle the NK and weaken him in some way, either through time travel or through warging.
  8. The writers have blatantly been setting the NK up as a boss fight for Jon since Hardhome, so I can't see anyone else being the one to defeat him. If Bran does face him first, either through warging abilities or through time travel, it will almost certainly result in Bran's death. Though perhaps it may weaken the NK in some way.
  9. Khorkalba

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    Beric's suggestion to assassinate the NK and wipe out his army seems like quite the bold move for someone who puts himself in the role of only a minor servant. We haven't encountered many Targaryens on the show, so the sample size is far too small to draw any meaningful conclusions. If we're going by the books, then GRRM's stance is fairly clear. There have been many Targaryens who share a tolerance for fire or heat, but none of them are actually fire proof - including Daenerys. You can interpret the funeral pyre incident however you like, but I personally don't see it as a sign that Daenerys is intended to be some kind of divine being.
  10. Khorkalba

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    If Jon is special for being brought back to life, then so is The Mountain. And what about Beric Dondarrion? He's been brought back so many times that he must be REALLY special. In hindsight it actually seems rather forced and contrived that everyone is gravitating towards Jon, meanwhile Beric is dismissed as merely a minor servant of the Lord of Light. Daenerys just has the fire resistant trait that some Targaryens possess. As much as the show producers love to exaggerate this for dramatic effect, I don't believe she is actually fire proof. And she certainly isn't immortal.
  11. Khorkalba

    What does the night king want? Theories?

    I think he's a fairly generic evil dark lord with very little backstory beyond what we already know: The CoF created him to fight back against men, giving him the power to turn men into White Walkers. He became hostile to all living things and started raising an army of dead soldiers to wipe all life from Westeros. There is a Night's King in the books with a little bit more of a backstory, but the two may not even be connected. It's very possible that the show producers just wanted a boss for Jon to fight and thought the name Night King sounded cool. Also, I don't buy into the theory that he is in fact Bran, as a result of some time travelling mistake.
  12. Khorkalba

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    What a mawkish and underwhelming ending that would be. I want to see something unexpected, like the White Walkers actually winning. The bittersweet part can be that they retreat into hibernation afterards, allowing the Children of the Forest to repopulate Westeros. Alternatively, if the White Walkers really MUST be defeated to spare the feelings of precious little daffodil viewers, then it should be a pyrrhic victory in which almost all human life has been wiped out (including Dany and Jon), forcing the survivors to live out the rest of their days in Essos or make a very primative new beginning in Westeros with no castles or iron thrones.
  13. In the books, the force that awakens the dead is described as the "cold" that accompanies the Others, so 100 yards isn't much of a problem if the corpses are lying on the surface exposed to the cold, or buried under a shallow layer of snow. 6 feet under solid earth could be more difficult for the "cold" to penetrate to though, not to mention hard for the revived wights to claw their way out of.
  14. Tyrion doesn't have that kind of influence anymore, and there's no way he'd manage to get the wildfire to the docks without Cersei knowing even if he could somehow bribe the pyromancers. He couldn't even smuggle himself into the city successfully without Cersei knowing. I just can't see any plausible scenario where Tyrion gains access to wildfire before Cersei is defeated and killed.
  15. Cersei holds the key to wildfire production, but she doesn't trust Tyrion, Jon or Daenerys and only cares about protecting herself. I suspect that any wildfire that still exists in King's Landing or any that Cersei continues to have produced in secret will be reserved for some kind of Mad Queen moment shortly before her death. This may serve a dual purpose of making the battles against the dead a bit more exciting. Wildfire almost seems like it would be too potent, given how vulnerable wights are to fire. It could completely decimate the Night King's army in seconds.